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When i try to locate adress i get the following message: Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED

Purchased this plugin a couple weeks ago and still waiting on support to let me know how to get it to work. I can place the points but a route does not appear as shown in the tutorial. He sent me the “Pro” version, but that has the same problems – except that a straight line route does appear when I click “offroad.” I assume this is an issue with Google’s new rules, but with no word from the developer, I’m starting to wonder if I should look for a different plugin. We really like this plugin and will wait a bit if needed – but it would be nice to know the issue is acknowledged and being worked on.

Hi there, if you read through them thoroughly, you’ll see that the proper method is included in the link I sent. Within the text there is a specific tutorial on this: https://kb.yoast.com/kb/generate-set-google-maps-browser-key/#generate

The notes in the original link are specific to Mapify, but include the above link as well. You need to set it up as a Browser Key and go from there.

Ok. I’ve added the API options in that link and it appears we are good to go. I guess I didn’t pay attention to that API list at the Yoast link before because it appeared to be the how tos for a different plugin… Thanks for your help.

No problem.

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I have uploaded 12 routes on https://road-to-freedom.com/google-maps/ but now the first 2 routes are not visible anymore and some points are not connected anymore. What is going on?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there. Have you recently added another plugin, or updated to a new version? We’ll need more info like that as we can’t guess on what happened unless we know what you’ve changed. If you’ve updated to a recent version, note that all plugins using Google Maps’ API now require a google key. Here is how you can generate one: https://mapifypro.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/225022048-How-do-I-generate-a-Google-API-Key-

Hello, No I have not added any other plugins or updated. I just added two extra routes today to my map, but now my first and second route are not visible anymore. Maybe 12 routes is too much?

Oh I see, yes Google limits the amount of routes per map unfortunately. Sorry about the confusion there.

When i try to locate adress i get the following message: Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED.

I create a route and says: Distance: <invalid route> Duration: <invalid route>

Please Help me with support, I need this very quick. Thanks

Hi there, I’ll need wp-admin to have a look into this. Can you create a ticket here and provide your login details? I’ll have our new tech support agent take a look. Thanks!


Done, I’ll be waiting the support, thanks

Great, we’ve received the ticket so we’ll go from there. Thanks!

Hi, i don’t understand if this plugin allow to create offroad routes? Thank you

Hi there, yes it allows off-road via connecting waypoints with a straight line. Thanks!

Hi! Off road routes are a feature of our pro version only. You can check that out here: https://mapifypro.com/product/prettyroutespro/

Off road routes are created by connecting waypoints as needed, but they can be placed anywhere on the map. They can be combined with on-road routes as well. Hope this helps!

What’s the status of the “max 10 routes on 1 map” issue from Google? In the image of this plugin on the “item details” page it says “unlimited routes on each map”. Is this true at the moment?

Hi there! Google does indeed limit the amount of routes unless you upgrade to there business plan (I’m not sure what they actually call it). I will update the description to be more clear on that but unfortunately without the plan it is limited.

I added routes with Pretty Routes, how to add the map with the routes on the site

thank you for your support.

I tried [route-map] without id, I always have nothing that works

Hello, i buy Pretty Routes Pro and MapifyPro. I can do some roads in panels pretty roads parks I can not get the map on my site, can you thank me thank you

Hello! Feel free to leave a support ticket and we will get back to you on our pro versions: https://mapifypro.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

I do not find how to add itinerary of Pretty Routes to Mapifypro ?

Hello. Only PrettyRoutesPro is compatible with MapifyPro.

Hello yes I bought PrettyRoutesPro and MapifyPro.

Ok, documentaiton can be found in the account area. You’ll find a dropdown menu there that links to all documentation. Thanks!

Plugin is not working with most recent version of Wordpress… please advise.

Still waiting… Do you need me to resend the WP-Admin access??

I know this is outdated but we have since updated the plugin. Please be sure to update. Thanks!

I don’t see the updated plugin. I have version 1.3.2 and that’s the version that downloads here if I click the “download” button. What am I missing??


smudgy Purchased

I too have been been experiencing issues with the Pretty Routes Basic plugin after the latest Wordpress update. When I create a new route I cannot get it to follow the most direct route from point to point, even when waypoints are very close together. This is making it impossible for me to render routes along a chosen path.

I’ve also logged a request with the Mapify support page.

Sorry for the frustrations here. As with all updates to WP, they can cause conflicts, but we are working to resolve them asap and will post an update soon. Thanks!

Hello, I would like to save the phpadmin table of pretty route, what is the name table to save

Hello, I’m not sure I understand. Also please note support is only offered to those who have purchased the plugin. Thanks.

I change server, I would like to transfer the database pretty routes. What is the database name to retrieve

Hi again, please note support is only offered to those who have purchased the plugin. Thanks.

hi i have one question can i build a map with a hiking route and get direction does this work do you have a detaile how to use this plugin specialy with google api , another plugin i spent money on dont work at all .

Hi there, you would need a combination of MapifyPro (our core plugin) and PrettyRoutesPro. With this combination, you can add off-road routes/paths (PrettyRoutesPro) but also provide directions to the general area (which is a MapifyPro feature). The 2 plugins can work together on the same maps in order to achieve this. You can check those out here: http://www.mapifypro.com

We also sell these 2 plugins in a bundle to save you cash: https://mapifypro.com/bundles/


Hi. I purchased this as you could create multiple routes, but I want a route via train which I’m sure it says it does. How do I do this? This is one of the main reason I purchased this plugin.

How do I add waypoints as well, as it is stated on the plugin that you can use waypoints, which I find very deceiving.

Hi there, you can indeed use waypoints (It’s clearly explained in the documentation) and multiple routes. Nothing I’ve listed is deceiving. In any case, I have issued you the requested refund.

Hello! How to change the scale of the map? Default Google map scale: http://clip2net.com/s/3LNl99H Are there settings in the admin panel? Thank you!

Hello! In your map settings, there is a map lower on the page where you specify the default zoom level. Simply zoom on that map to the level you want to display on the front-end and save it, and you should be good to go. Thanks!

Hello! Does not work … in the admin panel scaled, but the page does not work… http://clip2net.com/s/3LRSU3X

Hello again, we are looking into this now and will get back to your shortly. Thanks!

Hi, i think i will a mapify pro bundle (mapify pro-pretty routes and kmz pro and crowdmap plugins). i will use them to create custom routes maps for biking and hiking including a small natural region, in a single web site with two languages. i wonder if the users can search for different routes in a certain map filtered by slopes, distances or points etc. thanks.

Hi Rana, I’ve responded with a solution, please check the email I jsut sent :) Also i’m not sure what you mean about upgrading. Do you mean how many websites can you use it on? Feel free to let me know on the email I sent and I’ll clarify.

hi, i mean update. how many updates can i make? is my update option option unlimited for a single site use? thanks. good work.

Ok thanks, you can update it as often as you like for the extent of the subscription. There is no limit on updates within the 1-year period. After a year you need to renew your license (note that this is in reference to MapifyPro only). Hope this helps!