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Presales question: Does Pretty Routes provide a feature to show where we are today on a map?

Hi there, no unfortunately that is not an automated feature. You can do this, but you’d need to enter it manually. Thanks!

hi the short code [route-map map_id=”123”] does not work. my post id is 123. please fix or refund

i have a JS error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘bounds’ of undefined

Invalid or no map_id specified.

Hi there, it shows that you have not purchased this product. Are you sure you’re using this product, and the latest version?

hi, zoom level not working even if auto or manual on wordpress version 4.9.5

Hello, please send me a private message (via my profile) and I will send you an update that should address the issue. Apparently it has not been added to the files here on CC yet. Thanks!

still waiting for the update..

We are currently investigating this issue and working on an update to PrettyRoutyres and You will receive a notification for when those are live. Sorry for the frustrations!

Presales Question: I’m looking to effect a feature as seen on Will your plugin be able to achieve this? Are you also open to customising the plugin to satisfy my requests?

Hello! I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right example via that link. Do you mean the “Planning a trip” interface of taking the user through that process? Unfortunately that is not supported in our plugins, but let me know if that’s not what you’re referring to. Thanks!

Yes, Exactly. That is what I am referring to.

Ok, sorry about that but as mentioned that is not supported without custom coding to the plugin. Thanks!

Pre-sales question: Does this plugin support GPX and/or KML route files?

Hi there, no unfortunately it does not. Sorry about that!

hi there i have an issue with the map not translating into english? parts are in their respective language and its frustrating me now! i even purchased mapifyitpro to see if that sorts the issue but just makes it worse by not even showing a map when creating a route in the backend!! please help

Hello, do you mean it’s not translating from English? It is all in English so it should be in that language by default. Please clarify and I’ll try to help. thank!

No the map is part English and part other languages depending on their location? Like Japan is in Japanese and so on, if I can have an email I can send you a link to the site whilst under construction? Then you can see it for yourself? Thank you

Hi there, ah yes I see what you mean. The mapping API has this built in and it unfortunately cannot be changed. You can however add labels to clarify the street names and other details


We have problem with “Invalid or no map_id specified.”. Shortcode: [route-map map_id=”231” height=”500” width=”700”]

Could you help us?

Hi there! The version here on CodeCanyon uses a different shortcake. Are you referring to the pro version? If so please submit a ticket via our support system and we’ll have a look. The link can be found at the bottom of our site:

pre-sales question : can this plugin automaticaaly draw routes on post using two custom fields as departure and arrival points ? could waypoint(s) be used via custom fields too ?

sorry I forgot to say ‘thank you’

Hi there! While this works somewhat like you describe, you must build the routes directly in the admin. They can not be submitted on the front-end by visitors id that’s what you mean. You can enter waypoints in the admin and the routes will automatically be rendered. Hope this helps!