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Hello, do i need to buy the theme of transformer and also this module, so that i can set up the theme like transformer. now i am using Panda theme.

So, does it mean that if i use visual composer + Visual Composer Addons For Transformer Theme, then it will become more easier to set up the theme like transformer? and it will also the same thing happens when i sue Visual Composer Addons For Panda Theme ?

Yes, :) 100% , We will made a video soon to show how easy for transformer theme. to edit

ok, i will wait for the next month. i will buy first your Visual Composer. Thank you..

Hi, i just purchase but i dont find the 1 click 30 seconds demo install.

Did you saw there is a folder called dummy-data there you will find 13 demo. import theme from visual composer content any where. Did you install visual composer first?

On your documentation it appeats this step: #3. Import your desire demo zip file to look like your demo, where do i import it ? Is not clear if it should be imported on appereance themes like any other theme or on a different place.

Hello, Sorry inform you , you may understand wrong. We made home page and footer not the header. I need your regular theme headers hook system.

Ok ,where can i find info to make the header as on that demo? The transformer docs dont tell you and there is no video of that specific demo.

Please go to your transformer theme documentation there is was mentioned. Just just follow there doc and video to build the header. If you have difficulties for the header you need to contact with the transformer theme author.

We can give support related to our module.

Hi, is there any chance to vela theme specific addons will come?


Thank you for the inquiry. It is not possible because we have only plane to do top selling theme Warehouse, Panda and Transformer. Those theme author give us permission to do that. You can asked your theme author to build addons related to vc from there theme. Or you can order a service from Envato studio to build specially for you. :)

Hi, I bought transformer templete, do I also need to buy “Visual Composer: Page Builder for Prestashop” as prerequire to use your plugin? Or I could only buy your addon?

Yes you need visual composer as that add on is child add-ons of visual composer.

Do you plan any updates for future?

If transformer theme add any element then we will add that or fix bug if any one report.

good afternoon, It is compatible with prestashop and 1.7

when you take out the version 1.7

I need to have the template to use transformer ??

Yes, you need transformer theme and also visual composer with this addons to work


I try to install this module, but the system can not install because we need jscomposer before. How to install jscomposer before?


Yes you need to install visual composer first.

I bought this product: codecanyon-17212324-prestashop-visual-composer-addons-for-transformer-theme.zip, but, What other product do I need to make it work?... Prestashop say “You need jscomposer”. I have Prestashop 1.6 + Transformer updated. Thanks.

I’m trying to sign up for https://smartdatasoft.zendesk.com, but the confirmation email does not arrive.

I am working on the personalization of the web, and I have noticed that there is an error in the ordering of the modules.

When an item is added to “DisplayRightColumProduct”, it is actually added to the central column, taking into account that we usually have left column: where are the photos, central column: short description, and right column (if enabled, for additional items ) ... I find it impossible to add an element to this last column, because when I select “DisplayRightColumProduct”, the element is presented in the central column.

Please open ticket in our support via email support[at]smartdatasoft[dot]com , it will open your ticket. we will look that in our regular support hours


I bought the template transformer, and now the this plugin bought Can not install and gives error should i do something else?stall and gives error

Did you purchase visual composer which must need first to work this addons.


I would like to purchase Transformer theme but I would like to ensure this addon for it will get update for 1.7 in the future. Do you plan to add PS 1.7 support?

Yes, we have plane to update in 1.7 but Prestashop 1.7 need to stable first. Once Prestashop 1.7 become stable we will release 1.7 update of visual composer.

good afternoon, Sorry for the inconvenience, I want you to explain to me a little more about what this module is for?

Good Afternoon I am very interested in your module.

But I have a question: In the product description I would like to place a red notification below the product stock… http://bit.ly/2ixilD2 That’s possible ? Can I place it in the place I want?

I would also like to know the following: Is it possible that this text comes out in a general way in all the products that I have inside the store ?? And could filter it so they do not come out on specific products ??

I explain: I have a general rule for the whole store: – for the purchase of 6 products, there is an offer of 14.44%. (And I want that text to appear on all store products to inform the customer).

When I create promotions in the store, there are 1 or 2 specific products that rule will not apply. If the rule does not apply to those specific products I would like the text also not to show those products

That’s possible??

please do not post same question again and again

Hi, With other account we were bought a Transformer Theme and this VC plugin. But when I try to install VC i get this messeges:

transformeraddons : Przed zainstalowaniem tego modułu, musisz najpierw zainstalować ten/te moduł(y): - jscomposer

In easy interpreting thats mean: You can’t install this module, because before You must install this module :)

It’s kind of wird ;)

Could You help – In package of themes and VC there wearen’t any other plugins. Thanks in Advanced


Yes you need themes transformer + vc plugin for prestashop + addons vc for transformer :) Do not forgot to view our video from YouTube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhdrbjositBNjo1mRv2kTdd6AvOP13YH9 how to work with this addons to save your tons of time.


Sorry for my questions again and again :) We were buy VC plugin, for the first look everyting goes right.

But in module panel we get a alert: Something went wrong,Visual Composer Addons For Transformer Theme Module isn’t hooked into vcBeforeInit. Please click here to fix this problem.

When I click to FIX it, i got:

Nie masz uprawnień do konfiguracji tego modułu (You haven’t access to configuration of this module).

Something went wrong,Visual Composer Addons For Transformer Theme Module isn’t hooked into vcBeforeInit. Please click here to fix this problem.

Module were install with first Super Admin account, and there is now other profile with bigger rights.

In theory everything works fine, but this alert isn’t desirable :)

Your purchase history show you didn’t purchase our addons. If you are valid customer , please open ticket in our support system our team will investigate that.


Works on a Prestashop


Right now not. It need to update visual composer first in 1.7.+

Will it work on 1.7 now that vc is updated to be compatible with 1.7?

Yes it is compatible in 1.7.x . our last update work also in 1.7.x

Is this fully compatible with PS 1.7? Will it be updated anytime soon?

Our team is working on update. Hope soon it will ready.

Cool. But is this fully compatible with PrestaShop 1.7?

Just wondering here, why is there no option for me to set the title of one of the blocks ?

It’s quite annoying since we normaly tailer the title for each block to show what kinda products is showing.

Please contact suppprt I will investigate and provide you a updare.


ibrio Purchased

Hi, how can I insert template transformer modules in using visual composer transformer?

You will find videos in your youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/smartdatasoft

When I uploaded the zip file and installed it, the back-office reminded me the transformeraddons cannot be installed as I have to install jscomposer. But what is jscomposer? I haven’t found this stuff in modules search? Anyone can help?

This is a addons of visual composer. So to use this you need visual composer first

You never answered my question. Is this theme full compatible with PrestaShop 1.7?

Because it’s not working for me. ....

I cannot get this module to work on my PrestaShop store.

It hasn’t been updated in a year and a half.

Is this an abandoned project? Because all I keep getting are promises that this module will be “updated soon”.

Do you have a time frame for when this new update will be?

We have no plane to update transformer this addons 1.7 because transformer theme owner is going to add vc in there theme pack.