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Hello sir,

I’m interested in your product, however, I have one question, to what extent its customizable? I want to use it to track donations not packages. is that possible?

regards, ALi

Hello, no I don’t think so.


Hi Man,

Im waiting the license code, how many days to receive?


Hi Shagshag,

I’m interested in your product, but I need to know how it works exactly, if it sends the emails to customers automatically after update the tracking number, if it can update the status, etc. Is there some kind of see/test some demo?

Thanks in advance!

Almost forgot! Does it work with the latest PS version (

Hi JLeonrp,

- Yes the emails with tracking numbers are automatically send to the customers.

- Yes the status can be modified after an import. You can choose this status (most of the time “Shipped”) in the module configuration page.

- No demo yet but I am working on it.

You can find others informations about this module here :


Is the module compatible with PS ?



yes it is.


In regards to the email sent. I assume that we set a URL in a template email? In my case I would include a URL to a page on my site that has a tracking function. Does your module include the email template or does it use one in the App? Also with Multi-Store, can it use a different email template per store as the information and style would differ?



with a really long delay. The module use the email template of Prestashop called “in_transit” with the title “Package in transit”. This template can be modified in the Translations tab of Prestashop and can be different for each store template.


The module can be used with several delivery services ? (DPD, EXAPAQ, Mondial Relay for example)

This module is independent of the delivery service, it does the same things that if you have filled the tracking number in the order page manually.

So yes, it can be used with several delivery services.

Hi l have prestashop is it work with this version prestashop?

I think you do not want to sell. If we buy, there is a problem standing by for months ? :) interesting

Hi, well that is a fair statement to make :-/. I’m not very active on codecanyon comments. That said, this module has its own support center, and I try to answer as fast as possible on it.

About your question: I have tested this module with Prestashop, it works and I make update so if you found a bug or want a new feature, please contact me.


Thanks alot.

I am trying to understand the import header field (Something).

What is this middle column for the example shown in the Wiki?

Something Foo Bar

Is that like the customer’s name that is ignored?


the module works with Prestashop with sending e-mail.

About the example, the import file can have as many column as you want but the module will read only two. This example shows a file with 3 columns but only the first and third are used by the module. So yes, that is like the customer’s name that is ignored.


How about to latest version v1.6.0.14

Can I get my last question answered?

live demo please…

Hello, The module is not working for me. After I upload a CSV file, nothing happens. I tried to write to you in your support system, but I received the error: License number unknown. Waiting for the reply.

Hello there,

Thanks for your great module. And if it is available to add the order reference code to identify the tracking.


Very beautiful