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Very interesting. Can we also split test prices? For digital products that don’t have stock concerns, can the algorithm help determine the best pricing level based on conversion rates?

Any plans for a WooCommerce version?

Thanks and good luck with sales.

You can use different price calculation algorithms for each products and yes, we have one algorithm wich uses conversion rates to determine the best product price.

We’ve planned a port of this module to the mainly eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce :)

Best regards!

Any word on a WooCommerce version? I have a new site I’m working on and would love to incorporate these features.

Dear DanielBurns,

WooCommerce version is planned but we won’t release it at least in the following six months. We’ll contact you when port is released or even we can make custom modifications wich fits exactly your needs. If you are interested, please contact us: info @ prestanitro . com

Best regards, PrestaNitro

Will it work with the new version 1.6 when ready ?

How will it work with Quantity Discount / Specific prices?

We’ve tested on 1.6 version and It works perfect. 1.6 core has only little changes respecting 1.5 core.

Generally, specific prices are relative to base price. If you are applying a 5% reduction to base price, you won’t have problem. But if you are usign an absolute value for an specific price, for example, base price is 150€ but for customer group 1 price is 140€, in that case smartprices won’t replate customer group 1 price.

So, if you are using specific prices, you should work with relative reductions.

When do you release version 1.6?

The module is already adapted to Prestashop 1.6

Not updated in Software Version…

It’s already fixed : )

Sounds interesting. - does it also work with product combinations ? - does it allow changing stock quantities directly in the pricelist (Smart Prices menu) ? Thanks

-No, actually the module only work with products. -No, but we have another module that allow you change the stock, status, price and other things directly in the list: http://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-product-list/6964149

Hello, I have a trouble installing it on 1.6 it doesnt displa me anything on the module panel. but when i go to my FTP i can see it install well ! So why i cannot see it on the MODULE admin BO of my prestashop ?

Answered by mail

Hi, prestanitro. Which are the available algorithms in the module? Do you plan to add some more in the future?

Thanks in advance.

Hi moy2010, actually the module has he following algorithms: -Time of last purchase -Time between sales -Stock coverage. -Abandoned carts

You can see them here: Live Demo 1.5: http://demo.prestanitro.com/admin5482/ Live Demo 1.6: http://demo16.prestanitro.com/admin0107 User: demoproductlist@prestanitro.com Pass: demodemo

-Yes we plan to add some others in the future but don’t know when, if you want us to add any specific algorithm please send us an email to info@prestanitro.com.


Well, all I can think of is a clics/sales ratio algorithm, prestanitro. This would be specially useful if the customer chooses the option to boost sales rather than the profit.

Thank you for your feedback! we will take it into account in subsequent versions.

This module can be use for products with attributes? Or is it possible to add this future?


Hi dadashali, yes the module can be used with products with attributes but the algorithms only take into account values by product. This feature is not actually planned to be include but if you are interested contact us in info@prestanitro.com

I bought your module and want to ask why loading logo does not stop rotating? And the other dropdown menus in admin panel are not working.. Talk about this, see screenshot:


Please send us an email to info@prestanitro.com to check it.

Best regards Raúl

Hi I’ve sent an email to info@prestanitro.com with my shop details but have had no response. Please can you look at the module on my prestashop site, the pricing algorythm is not working. Also similar to last post, loading logo does not stop rotating.

Please could you tell us of wich mail you sent the message? maybe the server marked it as spam.


Hi I’ve just sent you an email with this post and my licence details. If you don’t receive can you let me know. Cheers Richard

Received, thanks.

Hi, Prestanitro. I sent you a message trough the support form regarding some issues with the cron URL and the general funcionality of the module :).

E-mail responded ;)

Is this module compatible with Prestashop

I already replied your email ;) It is compatible.

Thanks and best regards.

Hi, Can i active sales field on this module?

Sorry, i don’t understand your question. Please send it with more details to info@prestanitro.com. Regards


I want to add the wholesale price of the product and looking for a module that automatically calculates retail price. Is it doable with smart prices?


Hi georget 777, this module recalculate the prices automatically using pricing algorithms, we have another module that is more like the module you are looking for: http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-improved-product-list/6122087

Actually don’t have this feature but we could adapt it to your needs, if you are interested please contact us in info@prestanitro.com.

Best regards

Hi, I have interest in this module. But your Demo site for 1.6 is no more available. Could you update demo link or send me an email?

Hi bythebeads,

Sorry for the delay we don’t see your comment until today. The demo site is working now. Please contact us in info@prestanitro.com if you have any problem.

Best regards

I need such module. Is this module compatible with current PS V. BR

Yes the modyle works perfectly in this version. Best regards

Dear team,

How do I see the demo for this module?

I login to demo 1.6, it only show Advanced Product List, I can’t add or edit.

regards, vic


Please log into http://demo16.prestanitro.com/admin0107/ with this data: user: demosmartprices@prestanitro.com pass: demodemo

Best regards,

Hi, This module show all products of shop while some of them are not activated (disabled). Is there any way to fix this matter?

Please contact us in info@prestanitro.com to check it.

Best regards,

Hello I am using prestashop cloud, do is work with it? can it be used to change prices on time basis ? for exampl: set price to certain value at night and another value at day thanks


Yes the module works with this version.

Sorry but actually the módule doesn’t include any algorithm to modify the price based on time.

Best regards,