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cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you! :)

Check also presentation on designrazzi: Prestashop Modules

Hey thank you!

Can we hook it to specific Category Page?

Short answer: yes. Long Answer: it depends. Prestashop doesn’t features hooks specific to different categories out of the box, and it’s quite obvious. But if you’re a developer, you can place specific custom hooks on category.tpl and then hook from my module, since it supports custom hooks too. Just put something like {hook h=’nameOfCustomHook’}, with some logic to show only for one category (> then you can use other custom hooks for other categories). Then on the module’s configuration page just create a new ‘group’ and write nameOfCustomHook on the relevant field. Done.

About the (almost) ‘new’ custom hooks way:


Keep in mind though that you don’t need to add any php code like the article says: my module doesn’t need it. Just put you tpl tag and save its name on the module’s config.

You’ll find a pdf manual it/en in the module’s zip.

Keep in mind that if you’re a developer you will also be able to freely customise the flexslider options, styles and eventually tpl output. you could also switch to a different slideshow library.

IMPORTANT FOR ALL USERS: I’ve just added links to the English and Italian manuals on the product description, so you can have a look before buying!

I want to ask a question. Whom I can do this?

Hi, thank you for purchasing, you can ask here.

Hi, could you please show me a demo?

Hi! Sorry for now I’s not possible for me to host a demo installation :( If you have some other question though, I’m here.

stratboy, I wan to purchase some BannerUploader module. I’ve read manual of your module, it seems this module is what I need. But I need to see a demo.

Ok sorry, currently it’s not possible :(

NEWS FOR ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE USERS: a new version of the module will soon be available. Will have several new features and improvements, above all: a smart banner link setup (both web and email link with mail subject and mail body), image live refresh on upload, a greatly improved backoffice interface, more usable and full responsive!

NOTE: v2.5.2 is going to be released within 24h: it will correct some v2.5.1 bugs and will have updated documentation.

v2.5.3 is out! This is very stable and tested and with a lot of little new things. Enjoy! P.s. I’m also working on multistore support ;)

v2.6.2 is out! Now with full MULTISTORE support!!! Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: v2.6.3 is under validation and will be available in 24h I guess. It includes an important bugfix on file uploads

v2.6.3 is out and it can be considered really stable so please upgrade :)

Shortly a new video preview will be available.

The video preview is available!

It’s Perfect!

Good! :)

is it compatible with prestashop 1.7?

It’s not tested on 1.7, so currently I’d say no, as stated in the tech specs. It could, but I do not recommend it on 1.7 especially for production websites.