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Pre-Buy-Question: Can I include unique featured products for different CMS Pages?

You can us Visual composer which is more flexible that short code

Your module can’t work with your blog. Your condition is wrong :)

It was compatible, our huge no of customer used that with our blog. Send me your fixing in email. We will look that issue. If need we will marge our upcoming release of smartblog.

Hi, We spent time to fix this bug. Ieiazeles my client will ask for a refund of the module. Can you refund him ? Following this, we will send you the fix by email and make your customers happy :)

Thank you for your time to sped to fix that. Asked your customer to open ticket in codecanyon they will refund you.

We do not need your fixing. If our customer report any things we will fix that.

hello sir, i’ve problem , represented with “D” letter at text editing box options cannot showing sir,


Please follow our documentation, there we have solution how to show D button if missing

is that normal or what should i do

Yes, it is normal our shortcode modified the tinymce to load smartshortcode plugin

Hi, nice job ! a have a small problem to integrate a block(short-code) in my footer, where can i post a ticket support ?

Here you can post a ticket with your problem http;// did you saw our awasome module visual composer more powerfull than smartshortcode

Hi, I want to try your DEMO, but there is no letter D showing? BOth on FF and Chrome

May be that is delete or disable by some one.

How can I enable it. I want to see how the gallery is working. Thanks!

Hello, can I share from social the posts with this module?

It is possible to add social post in the module. You can build some kind of addons for our another great module visual composer and use in your any place

Does you module allows to see the buttons style the look and feel of buttons or only has a drop down to select buttons numbers ?

Try to look this module it is more powerful than shortcode

Use test drive to see visual composer in live.

that looks cool too but can be mroe complex to use does it allow to view button look when click on button?

Yes, there is drop down of the button. VC is the world leading Drag and Drop wordpress’s Prestashop version.


lutek1 Purchased

Shop with 13.000 products i’m getting error when trying to add Content Anywhere: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1429392 bytes)

I cant use Content Anywhere module.

Hello. Smart short code do not work large no of product. You have huge no of product. So content any where loop made proble. You can use visual composer it works unlimited product in content any where.

Hello is there any demo for backoffice?

Thank you

Try to use this module which is more powerfull than shortcode

hi thank you for your awsome module but why when i upload the module to my site it caused this in meta description field

It must not happen. We have tested and our all user used that. please check your other module may have problem .

i think you didn’t face this problem because you test it in prestashop with one language but try to test it again with multilingual you will see it when i tried on my local host with one language it works very well but when i add a new language i faced this problem

No Our module is used in both language and we have over 1000+customer on this who have multiple language. It is well tested. Extended your support and open ticket with your site information . we will investigate that.

It is compatoble with prestashop and 1.7 ??

Hi, May i know how can i add a new hook which is not included to predefined hooks list to the smartshortcode module?


It is not easy to do you need to modify many files.

Good morning, It is compatible with prestashop and prestashop 1.7 ??

Yes it is compatible with but we have no plane to update. You can look our visual composer which do same things but more powerful than this one. Visual composer will maintain future update.

Does this work with AdSense scripts? I just added tabs to my product page with the code and they dont seem to be showing. The tab shows but nothing in it.

You can use visual composer which help to put html or js.

Is that another one of your add-ons? Unfortunately I already paid for this one and it does work as thought. I will have to probably hard code the AdSense script now.

Yes, that is js usage things. Prestashop short code is developed for some other purpose, not to insert js and css in page. You can add that by edit your js file from theme

I bought your module a year ago (version v2.3.0) and now after upgrading to presashop does not work perfectly. I would like to know if there are some upgrades and if I can download the latest version. Thank you

Please open ticket in our support system with your site information, do not forgot to extend your support if that expired

Good Afternoon I am very interested in your module.

But I have a question: In the product description I would like to place a red notification below the product stock… That’s possible ? Can I place it in the place I want?

Please check our visual composer , we are no longer maintain update of shortcode.

You many need to build custom plugin for your requirement.

Where do I find the visual composer? That requirement would create it in the visual composer? How long would it take to create this requirement?

You need to pay for that . for custom work contact our support.

Pre-Buy-Question: Can I insert the Testimonial Slider on the homepage?

Please look our visual composer for more advance work.