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I have recently instaldo module in PrestaShop and inserting the short code in a product or a product not memuestra interprets the code and the short code on the web, that it is due?


on the other hand and tried to open a ticket on our website and I found it impossible to find where you have to open


I’m in the plugins section of the forum but can not find how to create a post as I have to do?

Just bought, registered at support forum, but not accepting license code…

Hi there. Just trying to use it… uloaded zip, but no module to install.

Install via FTP

OK, thanks.

He instalado el modulo y ahora al acceder a modules muestra el siguiente error: Fatal error: require_once(): Cannot redeclare class slider in /var/www/vhosts/biocosmeticalasninfas.com/httpdocs/modules/ag_viewhelper/classes/FactoryCodes.php on line 21

No le entiendo…

Remove third-party modules

sigo sin entenderle, que modulos quiere que borre??

and even the link to the Support doesn’t work !!

I was not looking for a forum, I was looking for a support from the author as it is written in your product description :

item support includes:

Availability of the author to answer questions Answering technical questions about item’s features Assistance with reported bugs and issues Help with included 3rd party assets

Ah , something else, : where it is written : “Video instructions for creating your shortcakes” ==> where is that video ? There is no link

the way you answer to YOUR CLIENT is just….catastrophic !!

In the documentation, open your eyes already http://take.ms/y4i4Q Thanks

Nice Application


Do you have any BO demo?

Hi . BO DEMO ?

The shortcodes work like in Wordpress. Same principle, but I cant enter html rich data in the accordion. As soon as I copy and paste text in the accordion, the shortcode itself, is translated to html tags and then you see all shortcodes + content on the frontoffice as plain text.

How to add html text to the accordion?


We have hacked our Prestashop 4 times. Your theme modules are updated and are safe?

Do not know which module is, all we know is that we hacked through a module. We have all updated with the latest version of Prestashop. We are advising all developers to see if any of its modules.


Do you have any specific arguments to write it here ?

The support doesn´t work. I can install the modulo. I have just bought it 4 days ago. I can have the money back or the developer are going to help me ?

What it is mean Clean? I have some modules that i need for my bussines. I can´t delete it. I need all that i have. SO the result it is that i can use your module. I wish but i can´t .

Hi. Please use clean prestashop . Thanks

I cann´t use your module PLEASE give me back the money ? Thanks.

Hello, I have installed it by uploading the folder ag_viewhelper.zip and after installing it. Do i have to do something else? When I write the code in a CMS page it just shows the code and do not show the buttom.

I installed the module and now in backoffice I get blank and the following error: PrestaShop ™ – 0.147s Contact / Bug Tracker / Forum / Addons / Training [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file: /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/modules/ag_viewhelper/classes/codereplaces/block.php: Can not declare class block, because the name is already in use

You must have valid license to create new topic in this forum. Support period has expired ? I prefer the refund, please, I’m in a hurry and it’s one mistake after another. thanks

Have you test it on prestashop 1.7 ?

is it possible with your plugin to add CMS articles with shortcode inside the description of a product?

my idea is to create a list of ingredients, each one with seperate cms article and then add them in the description easily something like below:

“This delicious meal has been made by using the following ingredients” cms-item pepper [cms-item tomato]

Hello , is this plugin compatible with this theme: Warehouse – Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 theme ?