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fourkan Purchased

Tried to submit support ticket and there was Mysql error, so i emaild 4 days ago but still no answer can you help please?


fourkan Purchased

Still no answer from you?

Sorry we did not reply over the weekend. Please check your email.

Any update for the module yet? the module hade issues that supposed to be fixed.

Hi, you often claim there is a new release coming but the promises given aren’t fulfilled. Do you have an upcoming versions soon? I renewed my support for 6 month but no new version was released at all. I will wait this time until you have a new version.

Hello, Please email me at contact@onasus.com to get the latest version prior to its publication on Codecanyon. Best regards, Onasusweb


mbacik Purchased

After 8 months Onasusweb did not fix the issue I reported on day one of my purchase so the plugin not working at all. I regret, that I did not open dispute with paypal during first months to get my money back.

Hello, Sorry I did not come back to you. Please contact me as soon as possible at https://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact . I am quite open and willing to help. Best regards, Onasusweb

Hello, I just bought this module as I want to improve my SEO. But I don’t get what shortcode is and do I need to replace by other terms? I really do not get it. Some times {shop_name} what do I do with it.

See: https://www.screencast.com/t/xn3a7WJQV

I read the document still could not understand what I have to do.

Hello, Thank you for using our module. I sent you an email few minutes ago. Please email me directly. Best regards, Onasusweb

Where is Cron parameters user guide ? Module have only old old documentation for 1.5 prestashop

Hello, Thank you for using our module. The documentation related to the cron job setting is available from our website at https://www.onasus.com/prestashop-seo-module-user-guide-part-3/ .

Feel free to contact me to found our more. Best regards, Onasusweb

Is there an ETA for a new version? I use 1.7.1, and hope you soon will release a workable version :)

Hello, Thank you for using SEO Manager. For your information, the item is already compatible with PS 1.7.x as there is no change on the database structure. A new version is under test. Please email me fromhttps://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact. Then I could sent it to you for test. Best regards, Onasusweb

Hello after install your module my categories pages are down, too many redirects error…. I need your help to fix it ASAP. because my site is down just now.

I found the issue, your module has added a blank space at the end of the rewrite value, example: “category-name” has been replaced by “category-name ” I’ve changed back to the value without the space and now all works fine. I have a mass edit tool and I’ve solved this issue in 15 minnutes, but is important that you fix it, becasue can be and big headache for other people.

Hello, I will reply to your email. Many thanks. onasusweb

the “Bonus-Module” – “seowebmasterverification-v1.0.0.zip” doesn’t not work on prestashop 1.7!!!!!!! Do you have any update to fix it??

Hello, Thank you for using our module. Please email me from https://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact to get the last version. Best regards, Onasusweb

Hello. I have the error message ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when I activate friendly URL. Also, in the description you wrote you said you support mass generate friendly URL but your website is not clear about that function. Is there a way to contact you


1/I think that this information (SHOP_NAME) should clearly stated or implemented. 2/Where is the list of complete short code available? 3/What is the function Product and Category friendly URL mass generation wich cannot be found on your website 4/When I click on my product category i still got the error message above, despite uninstalling completely your plugin and/or updating the version. It is very annoying. Can you please provide a proper solution

Pourriez-vous fournir une réponse adéquate à mon problème? Vous semblez ne plus répondre à mes requêtes

Je fais de mon mieux pour vous répondre.

Je vous demande un accès temporaire pour résoudre le problème des liens avec les pages catégories, et vous venez juste de dire non. Je ne sais plus comment vous supportez rapidement.

Je vous ai déjà envoyé plus de 5 messages par mail. Je pense du coup que vous ne lisez pas les instructions que je vous avais déjà envoyées. Et vous continuer par poser des questions pour lesquelles les réponses se trouvent sur notre site.

Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c’est d’installer la dernière version que je vous ai envoyée et de relancer le module.

Pendant que je prépare une réponse par email, vous postez une autre question sur Codecanyon.

On tourne en rond. Dans ces conditions, je vais arrêter de répondre à vos questions publiques et vous demandez de vous faire rembourser.

J’espère que vous comprenez.


You do not Answer Tickets I Have sent in http://helpdesk.easyretailmanager.com

I cannot use “Prestashop SEO Manager” properly because of the 2 problems as below:

1- In the configuration page of this module at top right corner of the page the “turning Icon” is turning all the time and does not finish turning

2- By make changes the “submit Bottom” does not work.


I am sorry I didn’t support you. I wa snot able to reproduce your issue. As I have already emailed you hours ago, please apply for a refund at codecanyon.net.

Best regards,



What about this problem:

By make changes the “submit Bottom” does not work. It seems it soed not work for Product pages Description

Best regards,

Please don’t pretend that I did not reply to your private messages. I cannot discuss with you on 2/3 channels. I will no longer reply to your public comments.


i would like to know what is the licence of this module, it’s says “Open source”, is that MIT, GPL or OSL ?

thanks a lot

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our module SEO Manager for Prestashop. Well, it means that thème is no encrypted code like spyware. The license terms that apply to our module are the ones defined by Codecanyon. Find out more about the 2 main license types at codecanyon.net. Best regards, Onasusweb

Hi good afternoon,

I just bought your module for prestashop and i try it sometimes with different combinations without result.

Can you check where is the problem?

If you give me one email i can create one temporal user for the website and ftp.

Hello, Thank you for using our module. Please email me at contact@onasus.com and I will be able to support you. Best regards, Onasusweb


JACKHILL Purchased

Hello, I bought your module SEO Manager and it is impossible to work with it, the meta don’t show or the result is not what i wanted…and it has been more than one month, i sent many messages for help to the support, after one month no any reply Feel very disappointed.

I am sorry to hear that you fill left down. please send me an email and I will sort it out


JACKHILL Purchased

Hello, i want to thank you for solving my trouble. Happy and can work finally with the module. Thank you so much Regards

We are glad you could get on using our module. Good luck with your business and Prestashop.