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hello,is it possible to compare the link, if there are some same name, the system would automatically add a tag to the link by the end of it. Such as

In fact, if I have a small product catalog, I could compare all the products one by one so that I could avoid there are no doubled link. But if I have more than thousands products, this work would not be possible by human beings.

in case of huge catalog you can use {-:ean13} in end of url which will solve this issue.

Presale request.

Can you please add to the item presentation some images of how the admin/settings area looks like. With prestashop modules a live website’s not quite enough, I would recommend demo admin area locked only on the plugin settings.

It will for sure enhance the trust in the plugin and decide on spot that this what I might need as a buyer.



Thank you for taking interest in our addon and we do appreciate your feedback. Our team will soon add new screenshots.

Thank you

The licence it’s for only one site or can be used by more websites?

Hi, Thank you for your interest in Pretty URLs, if you are using one PrestaShop with multi-store enabled than its ok to use one license otherwise you have to purchase separately.

hello, how id is removed from a sheet, it works on categories, cms … but not on the product sheet

I obviously wrong setting an item because I have messages and it does not work:

Keyword “{id}” required for route “product_rule” (rule: “{category:/}{rewrite}.html”) Keyword “{id}” required for route “category_rule” (rule: “{rewrite}”) Keyword “{id}” required for route “layered_rule” (rule: “{rewrite}/filter{selected_filters}”) Keyword “{id}” required for route “supplier_rule” (rule: “supplier/{rewrite}”) Keyword “{id}” required for route “manufacturer_rule” (rule: “manufacturer/{rewrite}”) Keyword “{id}” required for route “cms_rule” (rule: “content/{rewrite}”) Keyword “{id}” required for route “cms_category_rule” (rule: “content/category/{rewrite}”)


It seems like module was not installed correctly. can you please log a ticket at so we can assist you.

Thank you

I see the demo, and there is structure like {category}{subcategory}{productname} can i make customisation of this?

because in store we have more the 5 subcategory so the result is veeery long url wich is not good for seo.

Hi, Yes sure you can only use default category OR no category URL at all just product name. Thank you

somehow your module throw error in admin panel – module not found for controller=AdminPPreferences controller=AdminManufacturers sent you support request but no reply so far

Hi, Our support team replied you on 26 September but didn’t heard back from you. Please communicate with us on support system. Thank you

cant find the email – for now i didi a little investigation and noticed that faults are causes by “404” string paramater in url – i remade Ticket then


Can you please tell us ticket ID you recently created?

Thank you

Hi! I’ve bought your plugin and have a problem, when user want to subscribe to my newsletter. He receive subscribe link which looks like that – and it redirect the user to 404 page, not to the page that should say – “You’ve been subscribed”

I’m starting my shop next week. Waiting for fast feedback


We are sorry to hear that you are having such issue, can you please create a ticket at so our developers can assist you asap.

Thank you

Thx I’ve allready created oticket for that issue, but without resposne. What is approximately time of resposne ?


Support replied you twice, please check your spam folder.

Thank you

Hello, the support is unreachable Hello, I have a blog on my e-commerce and errors references me 404 because of URLS


Can you please retry creating a ticket at Do let us know if you are having difficulties.

Thank you

Great !! GLWS

Thank you

Hello, I want to know if it works for both product and cms pages or only for products? Thanks!

Hi, Yes it works for products, cms pages, categories. Thank you

Can this module change category URLs to the same schema as the beginning of product URLs? ie: with parent categories and no ids?

Thank you for taking interest in Pretty URLs, it only supports Category Tree URL for products but not for category urls.

Its not Works with 1.7 ?

Hi, Yes it does work with PS-1.7.x

Make sure you do clear Cache in Advance Parameters → Performance after module installation. But Here is Error Controller not found Back to the previous page


Please create a ticket at and our developers will take care of any issue.

Thank you

I open Ticket but not one reply yet.

Hi, Support did replied you on 2 June, please check your spam box also. Thank you

hi, is this module same as on addons[dot]prestashop[dot]com? what is the last version of this module if I purchase here? I’m using PS 1.7.2

Hi, Thank you touching base with us, yes we also sell on addons and its the same module. Latest version is 2.0.0.

hi, I’ve purchase the module, but its still 1.9 version

Hi, Please create a ticket at and our team will help you.

Presale question,

1. Does it work with PS1.7?

2. How does the URL look like after the plugin for products and categories in PS 1.7?



Thank you for your interest in our module, yes it does support PS-1.7 and removes IDs also Attribute IDs from URLs.

Check our demo here: