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Quick question: Does it have ‘automatic’ functionality as in you set it up to paste the contents of the “name” and “short description” fields on a button click? Doesn’t work by itself, does it? Gracias!

The module works : 1-select the categories of products to apply the SEO 2-put the predefined params or custom text in each meta. (predefined are product name, description, category name, etc) 3-apply the seo to all selected products

de nada :P


is it possible to create the following variable, it would be great: {cat_name} => name of this product’s category

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thats is not the product default category? you can select these now

I get this error:


Property Product->meta_description is not valid at line 887 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

881. 882. $message = $this->validateField($field, $value, $id_lang); 883. if ($message !== true) 884. { 885. if ($die) 886. throw new PrestaShopException($message); 887. return $error_return ? $message : false; 888. } 889. } 890. } 891. ObjectModelCore->validateFieldsLang – [line 301 – classes/ObjectModel.php] ObjectModelCore->getFieldsLang – [line 643 – classes/ObjectModel.php] ObjectModelCore->update – [line 529 – classes/Product.php] – [1 Arguments] ProductCore->update – [line 425 – classes/ObjectModel.php] – [1 Arguments] ObjectModelCore->save – [line 269 – modules/rsiseo/rsiseo.php] RSISEO->postProcess – [line 123 – modules/rsiseo/rsiseo.php] RSISEO->getContent – [line 805 – controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessCallback – [line 1045 – controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcess – [line 171 – classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run – [line 373 – classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch – [line 54 – admin/index.php]

What should I do?

I think it did the job, although the exeption appeared.

Product meta keywords are not appearing..

send me bo access trought support

Hi Shacker, Thanks for the help on the other mod (presta speed). 1. On this mod, can I change the prices for many products at once? 2. Do you have a youtube video explaining how to work this mod I still dont understand it so much.

Thanks David

hi, this is not for change prices. This mod add friendly url to all products in selected categories with your own rule (like: product name+category+price in the url for example)

Yes I understand that.I thought it can also add prices. I just wanted to know. Do I need to add the description myself for every product or does it put it in automatically for you?

yes, you can add prices. If the product have description, you cna use in the seo, if not, you cant see in the meta tags

Hello, Your module crashed my site. My version of PrestaShop is I identified the problem: it’s your override classes. I deleted the file “ObjectModel.php” your module creates in “override> classes and my site is back online. This file causes an error 500 makes inaccessible the front and back office prestashop. Can you fix it? Thank you.

Thank you.

Hello, Did you solve the problems mentioned above? Thank you for your reply.

hi. i cant replicate on any of my servers you bug. Can you send me your site access to check it?

Hello, the problem is: your module caused the crash of my site when I uninstalled it. I deleted all traces of your module on my website. I do not want to reinstall your module if it still causes a crash. Your module has two problems: - It causes a crach when you uninstalled it (fortunately I was lucky because I found the file created by your module that caused the crash By removing the site worked again.. - Then your module converts alphabetic letters with accents in html codes, which lengthens the text lengths in meta tags (and this causes exceeding the maximum length of text recommended by Google, which will penalize my website) If this is normal, so it is not possible to work properly with your module. My site will open in a few days, I have to find another solution because it is not reassuring. All installed third-party modules work, I work with the original template prestashop. My version is Maybe the problem is that my site contains letters with accents? Best Regards.

Good Evening,

You sent me the entire module on my personal inbox ( I have not received a single file in php …

Best Regards.

It would be easier to send me the corrected full version. I have completely removed your module on my website.

I found another SEO module that works perfectly on my site. I think your module is not suitable for my version of PrestaShop. I’ll never know why. Too Bad. Thank you for trying to solve the problem. Best Regards.

Hi there guys, today I just bought your module, everything goes good, but why it makes   istead of space in title and content meta too.

Thanks for helpin me.

send me your email and i send the update


I have 20 000 product on my shop, is it possible to generate meta for each product ?

Thx Fred

Yes. this apply the pattern to all products in the store. For huge amount of products, i recommend to do selecting some categories at time

Warning in Zeile 382 der Datei /var/www/vhosts/ [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

get this error if i try to save, can you help me?

ho. do you select categories in the module?

We need to add a few additional fields to our product page. Once added would it be possible to modify this script so we can use these additional fields when creating meta data, title and description?

Thanks. I will get in touch once we have created the additional fields. Please send me your email address.

if you were to select {product_fields} to use in the meta description – does it select all product features or can you pick and choose which product features should be used?

yes, must select all

Hello, i have this error [PrestaShopException]

Property Product->meta_description is not valid at line 954 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

949. } 950. 951. $message = $this->validateField($field, $value, $id_lang); 952. if ($message !== true) { 953. if ($die) { 954. throw new PrestaShopException($message); 955. } 956. return $error_return ? $message : false; 957. } 958. } 959. } ObjectModelCore->validateFieldsLang – [line 295 – classes/ObjectModel.php] ObjectModelCore->getFieldsLang – [line 688 – classes/ObjectModel.php] ObjectModelCore->update – [line 556 – classes/Product.php] – [1 Arguments] ProductCore->update – [line 445 – classes/ObjectModel.php] – [1 Arguments] ObjectModelCore->save – [line 384 – modules/rsiseo/rsiseo.php] RSISEO->postProcess – [line 224 – modules/rsiseo/rsiseo.php] RSISEO->getContent – [line 867 – controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessCallback – [line 1116 – controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcess – [line 178 – classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run – [line 367 – classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch – [line 58 – admin/index.php]

ok i did it

i have a lot of problem now with your module i lose a lot of meta keywords and descrption ????

im on it. the meta desc waws more text than allowed by prestashop. im working to solve it

Is compatible with prestashop ??

me conindi yo, el precio que puede mostrarse es el wholesale price, que esta en la tabla products asi como el price, el tax es calculado aparte, eso si ya requeriria una modificacion mayor del modulo

o sea no aparece el precio final ? pfffff

podemos hacer la modificacion pero llevara mas tiempo, ya que hay que reprogramar el modulo


Tu producto puede modifiar/agregar alt text y title para las imagenes de productos ya existentes?

De ser así lo puede hacer masivamente y producto por producto?

hola. lo agrega a todos los productos de las categorias seleccionadas.

Hi! Just a quick pre-buying question. Is your module able to support the following:

1. Category Page Meta Titles that follows the Category tree, like: Women | Dresses | Evening Dresses | MyStore.COM (without the room category Home)

2. Urls for non-unique name of subcategories like:

- /women/shoes/ – that will display products from Women/Shoes;

- /men/shoes/ – that will display products from Men/Shoes; (not displaying from Women/Shoes because of duplicate url slug of the subcategory)

Thanks! Martin

hi, no, its only for products, not for categories. regards

merhaba , modülü çalistirdigimda ürün fiyatlarida kendi kendine degisiyor. Bunu nasil çözeriz.

Hello, I run the module product prices change on its own. How do we solve it.???

your module working.but product prices are changing.

your module working.but product prices are changing.

but this module dnt change the price, dont have any code to change prices

Please help.

If we update Title, Description, Keywords, more than one category Page goes to 404 page. currently we have more than 100 category. Also Keywords are not display in page source code.

send em a pm with admin access and ftp please

IF we add price in keyword my product listing page price are “0” and when we delete seo meta then not remove. what i do….??

i reply above

Sorry I don’t gave you access it’s my clients site. Can you please help me any other way. If you required i send you screenshots….

Can’t do much with screenshots. maybe team viewer?

Hi, does support work? I wrote a few days ago and no response

Unfortunately, it did not work, I did a few tests and nothing

Halo! what’s up?

i reply in the support request