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hi friend, is this compatible with 1.6.1? ty! :)

Hi buddy. Yes

Hi there we have discussed point below copy and pasted in comment some time back. Is there a possibility for such feature in this module

commnet posted some time back ….......

I have read thru comment and seem I can activate this module for certain category and also for certain product. I am not sure but is it possible by You to add feature where where say group visitor or customer group login they should see this module “Request Info” and should not see Price and Add to cart button. Where as other group which are allowed to see and buy product from these category should be able to see Price and add to cart with or without Request Info button. Need this only for certain groups and certain category only. different group different category.

commnet posted some time back ….......

I have your free module. But I need this to work at group level.

1) Let say I have 10 categories out this 5 is available to all customer and remaining 5 for special group. As if now I have hidden these 5 categories for group only member from these group see them when they Login.

2) But I need all 10 category to be shown

3) 5 categories open to all should show price and add to cart button for all customer and 5 categories(for group members) should show request info button (Price and add to cart button hidden)

4) 5 categories for group members price and add to cart button should be shown when group member Login so they can order and for remaining NON member only request info button (price and add to cart button should be hidden)

If you can combine your two module into one provide group level access as requested above it will be great. I will wait for your next update hoping that this feature is included in your module. Hope is a good thing.

Hola, ¿guarda el modulo las conversaciones con los clientes en el BO? ¿Es posible añadir la opcion de que el cliente añada un fichero cuando solicita informacion? gracias

pues lo mas probable a fin de año

¿Lo de poner boton en vez de deslizar ya es posible ahora? Gracias.

si, desde el modulo lo configuras

Hello Shacker,

I’d like tp know if when the store administrator receive an email sent by your module he gets product information (product name or id) too.


yeap, comes with the product name

Hello, Does the module now work with prestashop1.6.1.2? And also where do i download the free module to hide product price and does it support prestashop

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

yes, works on it. hide price too

Hello, Can you also make your module to allow sellers/vendors receive requested information via SMS on their mobile phones? With this, you will need to add sms gateway providers.Meaning that as you add the seller email, you also add the space for mobile phone to receive notifications via sms. But this option of SMS notification, there should be an option to enable sms notification or only email notification.

It is just a suggestion as many people are not always online but yet they are always with their mobile phones. Think of it and help us develop it. You can say a module with that option you sell it at extra few dollars and people will buy it.

The sms notifications requires a paid service. prestashop cant send sms without a service

Hello, Thanks for your reply.But what do you mean when you say it requires a paid service? Because all i know is that you may need to integrate in an sms gateway like routesms and others that allows to send bulk/single sms. Please help me to understand what you mean with paid service

Thank you Ronnie

I dont know a free service to send sms trough prestashop. All services are paid ones to send sms

Is anyway google recaptcha ( I am not robot) can be used instead of swipe captcha

if you can adapt it yes, the module dont includes google recaptcha

Thanks for your reply I cannot do it by myself as I have no Knowledge of programing. Is there any way you can include this option in module so people will have option to use google captcha or slide captcha. this is just a thought.

we try to add

es compatible con 1.6.1.x ?? no tiene problemas con el fancybox por ejemplo?

si, es compatible y no da problemas

Hi there,

I case if you add option to use google recaptcha to module please leave a comment here that it has been added I will first to purchase.


Hello, I have a multishop with several sellers and one seller per shop. Seller receive message from client ?

each shop can have 1 email to get the messages

Hola, lo tengo instalado en mi Prestashop 1.6.1. y aparece en algunos productos y en otros no. Son exactamente iguales los productos por dentro, pero no aprece el módulo. eje: (no aparece) si aprece

pasame fp y lo arreglo

a qué mail te lo paso?

ya lo arreglamos

Hola Shacker, ¿Cuando tienes pensado actualizar el módulo? ¿Que novedades tendrá? Gracias.

esta en nuestra prioridad, primero el prestaspeed , csv import y luego este


Is it possible to customise the form (add fields or change fileds names)? Also, I need to know if it’s possible to show a Thank You page after form submit. Thanks!

hi. nop

Hello, There is an option: “Click here to view this item”. Is it also possible to add a picture in e-mail? Thank you.

hi.we add in next update

Hola, no me sale el botón en todos los productos, qué puedo hacer? muchas gracias

Hola. pasame por PM el admin y lo reviso, y en que url no sale

I have sent you 2 emails but havent got any answer. This module is not working on my shop and I need fixing.

i replied time ago

Hi. I didn’t get any answer regarding my problem. Can’t get the phone number received in the email with the infos asked by the client. The Request phone field is checked in the Customization page. What is the {variable_name} for the phone so I can insert it in the email tpl field? Thank you.

i juste tested and get it working on demo. The variable is {tel}

Thank you, that did the trick. You should mention all the variables in the plugin documentation because the email tpl for languages didn’t include bydefault the variable for Phone number {tel} and I tried with {phone} without success :) .

Thank you.

Hi. Wich email template do not include the tel?


pcmarkt Purchased

Hola que tal, una pregunta en la pagina dice que esta la version 3 pero yo cuando descargo solo me da la version 2.1 tengo que pagar aadicional por la actualizacion ?

enviame tu email y te lo pasamos


pcmarkt Purchased

hola me mandaste el prestaspeed y el que te comento es el Prestashop Request Info


ERALION Purchased

I can’t run the plugin on a Prestashop 1.7, the button supposed to open a form returns a 500 error (fresh install)

please send me admin and ftp access in a PM