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Hello! The module is working without stats enabled?

Possible to change panel language to Arabic or French?

Our module support multiple languages, you can translate it easy

Thanks for the reply,but i can’t see the option in the demo,does it have to be in pro version to see the options?

my mean is you can translate it in your tranlation of prestashop

can i add tracking numbers in report ?

what is tab you want add it. it is simple. we can add it for you

Is it possible to see on the report the following: 1. payment method used 2. currency

you can see demo before buy it


abzav Purchased

Hello! Is it possible to add a tab with the current stock in REPORT PRODUCT next to Total Quantity? Regards

sorry no, we do not customization it, this is Report for Profit, Tax… No report STOCK


abzav Purchased

Ok thx.


is it compatible with latest prestashop and also can I see a summarized tax report for certain period, not just individual orders

Yes, our module work for Prestashop 1.7+
I see a summarized tax report for certain period
>> Yes, you can

I clicked on tax tab and it only shows individual orders no summarized tax amount

oh yes, our module do not have summarized tax amount

can you add summarized tax amount

We do not understand your request?