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Awesome work. GLWS :)

Thank you

I have an question and answer website can i use your script in my pho script for my website users

It’s prestashop module, you cannot use it with custom php website

Sir can u suggest me any other project that i can use for my website plzzz

We can develop if you need.

Question, I bought it and installed it.

When I send somebody the url, he gets to the registration page. When he has already an account and signs it, happens something with it? Because can’t see any changes in my referral account. Also if I send somebody my referral link and he clicks on it, puts something in the shopping cart and wants to pay and registers than, is he also in my referral program downline, or not?

This referral program works only for new registrations. If the customer is new and he register, then it will count for the program.

Hi,.... where´s the link to the Referral Program? Cannot find it anywhere on test site. Thnx

hllo, I try to go the demo site http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-referral-program/full_screen_preview/15285313 but it doesn’t work where i can go to look it?

good morning I write because, buy this module, and now does not work … I want to know? how many modules must be installed or where there is a manual for ahcerlo … Thank you my web is www.tacoteamsport.com


your demo site insn’t working anymore :s I would like to know if I can set a condition to activate the voucher only if the referred client made an order ?

Thank you !

Well done! Looks awesome!

this module work?

Hi, for some reason this module allows none customer defined referrals, meaning customers who have not been refered are able to use referral codes. i have my own account (for testing purposes) and in the checkout are, it shows 2 referral codes which can be used. can you explain how to fix this? other that this issue it seems to work ok. although if you can fix it so the codes cannot be cummalitive on % discount that would be great.


I have purchased your module and I don´t know how to use it. I can only configure it, but I don´t know how to make it work. ¿Can you help me please?¿Is there any tutorial?


hello, I try the demo site but it doesn’t work. Where I can go to look it?

Hi, the link in the my-account section to referral program results in a 404 error. Please advise


This item does not work and I am still waiting for a refund.