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Hi, Do you have a demo page for testing ? Thanks !

Hi, i have a client who uses it right now! You can see it in action here http://goo.gl/GLzXWp (scroll the thumbs, the last one is a youtube video)

Hello, The module does not work at all. The module is installed. I inserted the code for the youtube video in the ID field of your module on the plug my test product, but nothing appears. We see the pictures on the product but we do not see the icon “VIDEO” I used to install modules and I always read the user manual in full. My site is still not online, it is in maintenance mode this time. I emptied the prestashop cache (in case …) but nothing appears. My version of PrestaShop is: and the theme is the original one. How to fix this? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hello, i have send a email to you. Thank you in advance.

Email replied & issues resolved.

Good evening, the problem is solved but it is tinkering. The module does not function alone. It should actually change the product.tpl and add the code manually. I can do that but I hope this will be done automatically by a new version of the module. For me this module is still in Beta version. I advise when it will operate without manual changes. Thank you for your help.

Hi HaCOs, Could you please provide the latest documentation?, i have the same problem. Thanks.

Hi, please send me your email address so i can provide you the documentation.

Hi Sir we have a bug with your PrestaShop Product Video – Embedded Youtube Video plugin.

Can you check it please ?


Of course, please feel free to send me an email with any info describing your issue in the support email.

whats your mail sir ?

Please find my email in the documentation file. Also please make sure you added the code correctly on product page as explained in step C of documentation.

Regards, C

we have sent you a mail sir


we have always the bug with the thumbs pictures and acessories wich don’t appear

oh! sorry did saw that, probably is the same, come back to you shortly.

ok thank you boss

we have always the bug with the thumbs pictures and acessories wich don’t appear

This module broke existing JS – this how now been fixed however the module itself isn’t working at all. Shows in the back-end, saves but nothing showing on front end. Frustrating

Hi, did you follow the documentation? In order to reveal the thumb in the frontend you need add some lines of code in the product.tpl of your theme.

The module works fine on prestashop default theme, for any other theme with extra js you need to update the product. Send me an email (top of documentation) i can help you to resolve this.

Please send me this document – because I cannot find your product.tpl changes in the document

Please open the documentation and check section C. If you cant do this, just find the support mail on top of documentation and email me so i can sent you product.tpl of default template.

Hello !

Great plugin, saving me some working hours :) Thanks !

I just got 3 issues with it :

  • When I clic multiple times on the “video thumbnail”, it create multiple instances of the youtube player (same problem on your live example here http://goo.gl/GLzXWp). How can we prevent that ?
  • Got a php warning, i don’t know how to correct it (not want to hide warning, i’m in development). Do you have an idea ?

    Strict Standards: Declaration of ProductController::addJS() should be compatible with FrontControllerCore::addJS($js_uri, $check_path = true) in /srv/www/prestashop/override/controllers/front/ProductController.php on line 0

  • I don’t want to use your override information.tpl file (admin) because it mess with a custom module I made. How can I disabled the calling of your file ? I don’t find what function I need to comment… (I will just copy/paste your modification in my custom information.tpl)

Thanks in advance !

Hi there,

- For the first one, i ll include this fix one the next version update.

- For the second, please send me an email with your site url so i can check what is going on.

- You actually hack the module this way and its not recommeneded but in any case, the information.tpl is called by overiding the admincontroller. Check the additional files/folders of the module.

Hey ! Thanks for answering.

- Do you know when the next version will be published ?

- Working in local, I will search a little bit. If i don’t find it, I’ll will share my vagrant…

- Yeah, I know… I don’t know how I can do it without that… You’re plugin override the whole template…

- I ll try to make a small and fast update really soon that will resolve this bug. - Feel free to ask anything. - If you have have a custom module that overides the admin controller then i would suggest combine it with mine in one file. In any case thats a custom request, please contact me via email if you would like to check on this.

hi we want to have the video thumb on first or second position not on last Sir

can you help us please


Hello, the current version of the module doesnt support any position alignment, the video show up as the last thumb by default.

Hello, My client bought this module. I installed, but now don’t show the products photos and I don’t see the video

Hello, did you went through the documentation? There is a part of code that you need to update for the product page. If this doesnt work for you, contact me directly on the support email.

i am sorry for previous message. i had write Greek. the module dont working for youtube videos. i try to install it and automatically and manual .I have read your documentation.

Hello, did you add the required code on product.tpl ? The module is tested & working correctly on all version 1.6.x.x .

Where is the required code in documentation? I don’t find this code.

Your are right. I just updated the files including the documentation, can you try to download again? Else, sent me an email and i ll sent the documentation directly to you.

Hi, I have a question about your module. I have installed it in this test site


As you can see there is video icon into this product. The problem is that when i click to video icon the youtube player appears into bottom of block and not as on your screenshot in place of main image. There is a way to fix this behavior?


Hello, contact me through email i can help you.

Hello there

I want to buy module bit i wonder is it work in multistore mode

Thank you in advance VanZ


The module work normal in multistore mode!

Regards, C


I’m interested in buy this module. I would like konw if is possible add two or more videos to the image slider in product page. In back office only I see a only space for add youtube video.


Hello, the module in current version supports only one video per product.

Hello there

I bought video module from you and after installation i figure out that module work in multistore mode but I can choose only one video for product for all stores.I need to have choose different videos for the same product for different shops.

Thank you in advance VanZ

Hello atrx,

Such a functionality is not supported and is not either planned. Like every product has the same photos on all the stores, same thing with video. You can always dublicate the product and have each version in one store only, this way since you ll have different prodycts ids, you may assign different video in each product.

Regards, C

Hello there,

?No sir I have different photo session for every domain. Product is one but for all domains appear with different photos and videos. So please inform me if you have plans to develop this functionality or tell me what is the procedure in further with this module because it is unusable in my situation.??

Regards, atrx

Your request requires custom functionality thats not part of the module support.

Hi! Do You have demo how to works of this plugin? Which version platform Prestashop of this plugin is compatible?

Yes several demos that work like a charm. Send us a support email and we can point you a few live examples.

The plug in is compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.0.x

please can you refund me please the module dont work at all !!

Hello, the module is working like a charm with PrestaShop 1.6.0.x as is announched. Sent us a support email and if we cant resolve it we ll refund you.

i have to wait 22 days for support ? in mean time i pay for another module on prestashop addons

please refund me it is not correct and it is really not working !!

Our support tickets usually close within 48h. To receive any support you can contact us at the support email – thats clearly mentioned in the documentation of the module – not at the comments section of the module.

As i said explained in previous message. We dont have a clue whats the problem you faced! Update us and if we cant make the module work we will refund you.