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Can you add Most viewed product or Best viewed product in homepage.

Hi abangweb,

Thanks for your interest. Can you tell us what do you want exactly. So that we can add that option to our module.

if you see on dashboard prestashop, you can find 10 list product best viewed. we need like this in homepage.

Yes, We can definitely do like that. But do you want to show that in homepage? If in home page in which hook? Left column or right column or where?

I’m also interested in listing the most viewed products in the home page. Could you also create a list for the “also viewed” products that would show the products that other customers had seen after seeing the current product?

Hi moy2010,

Can you tell us where do you want to show those products? The products will be shown in a slider or in a list or what?

I think that 99% of your potential customers (including myself) will display them in hooks such as DisplayHome and DisplayLeftColumn/RightColumn. It would be better as a product slider (Having the option to set the number of products per page).


i’m very interested to this module. I have some question:

1) If there is problems with CSS of my theme, can you fix it?

2) Why appear the hand of click when you hover on the icons?

3) Is it possible to have it in home and category page?

4) If i install it now, the counting start from today? or it count the previous purchase?

Sorry for my english :-)

Hi musegain, Thanks for the interest. I am doing reply your question one by one. 1) Yes we can fix the css of your theme if there will be any problem with this module. 2) To show the icons as normal and hover effect we have used the hand of click when you hover on the icons. If it doesn’t suits you we can change that as well. 3) Sorry it can be only in product details page. 4) Yes, When you will install this on your store it will start count from that day. Thanks..

Hello, I use the Prestashop but the module doesn´t appear on the theme in product.tpl

Thanks, Alex.

Hi, Sorry for the issue but can you send us your FTP and site admin details so that we can check the issue?

Finally I resolve it….creating a new hook. Should you change the .php to install the module in more hooks.

A very interesting module.

Thanks, Alex.

Glad to know that you resolved it. Thanks

Hello, I installed the icons are hidden. I installed the module, configurated it as the picture, but only show 2x “0”

Thanks Best regards

Hi, Thanks for the purchase of the module. Sorry for the issue. Can you share your website admin url and FTP in so that we can fix the issue.