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Hi have purchased a them from you theme name baby shop ps everything. for the same theme i have purchased a produduct named product enqury form from you . when i m installingn in my pretashop i m getting message installed but it is not showing in module list that that i can active. pls help or refund my money.

Hi i have purchase Prestashop Product Enquiry Form fro for my prestashop store. i have instaalled it. when i m uploading it i am getting massage the module has been uploaded but it is not showing in my module list so that in can install and cinfigure,

pls help or refund my money keshav +91-8295608877

Sir this 5 to 8 is indian time or else pls conf

yes, we are based in india too.

hi sir sorry to not connect with you due to some unaviodable reasions. I will keep it for tomorrow. pls accept my apology. there is some probm with myFTP>


ktstec Purchased

Hi, I’ve installed de module “Product Enquiry Form” but when I click the button nothing happends, no windows popup. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi, Can you share your site FTP and login details at and we will check the issue. Thanks

Hi does your module work if Prestashop is in catalogue mode?


Yes this module works even the store is in catalog mode


Im trying transplant this module from extraleft hook to custom hook, but getting this error in webshop index page: Fatal error: Call to undefined method IndexController::getProduct() in /home/..../public_html/modules/productenquiryform/productenquiryform.php on line 833

i changed the code line 39

from: || !$this->registerHook(‘extraLeft’)

to: || !$this->registerHook(‘displayCustomHook1’)


line 895

from: public function hookextraLeft()

to: public function hookdisplayCustomHook1()

Please can you help me? Can you make it work for custom hook?

Best regards? Tamás

Okay I understand.

Just asking when coming the next version? (days? weeks? Months?)

Another question: Can i migrate somehow the product backlink ({product_link}) to email content or under the content? (like product name in email subject field {productname} )?

We have lot of product and sometimes the customer service need to looking the target product page. That will be easier if they can click a directlink to product page in the enquiry email.

Best regards, Tamás

The thing you are looking for is not possible with this version of the module. In our future version we will try to implement those things.

We can’t tell you the exact time for the next version. Once it will be release you will get the update.

I wish you can make this two feature suggestion in a future version. I have same features in one of our shop (oscommerce framework), and that is very usefull stuff i think :D

Dear Developer,

I have a problem with this module in recipient email address. Our customer service use gmail to handle enquiries. The recipient email address field (Reply-To:) in email headline is our shop email not the given guest email. Example: BAD = Reply-To: (your module), GOOD = Reply-To: (prestashop contact form). This way ( ctrl + c and ctrl + v recipient email address) is hard to make answer to the customer for they question, so is not a good option.

Please can you midify the sending process to similar prestashop default method?

Best regards, Tamás


Sorry but the thing you are looking is a custom functionality and in this version it is not possible to add this. So when we will release our next version we will keep it in mind.


Module product enquiry form doesnt appears at my product pages. I was created my language and files, but I dont know is it right way.


and I copied mails files, is it right?

Best regards,


Hello Darius,

modules/productenquiryform/mails/lt , It is actually for the translation of the email sent.

If the module is enabled on the admin then it would automatically display the link to submit product enquiry on the product page. Let us know if you are still having issue.


met Purchased

Why the product link in the products_enquiry.html is not a friendly url?

It looks like {shop_url}?id_product={productlink}&controller=product

I get a message everytime I click the link of the product:

“[Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead:…”

How to change it to friendy URL?


Sorry for the issue. Can you send us your site FTP and login details at so that we can fix the issue for you.


al3xis Purchased


Just installed your module . However when we clicked at the link, in the product page, nothing happens.

How to correct it?

Please share your website url and we will have a look at it.


al3xis Purchased click at “Άμεση επικοινωνία”

Hello I bought the module installed but not send email. After I click on submit nothing happens. If you enable Captha code anything. can you help me? thank you

we have already replied to your email.

I thank you because I have Riposto fine but the problem HAS. if I do a Restore Permissions on the web space you think I can solve ??

I think you got the problem already solved. Do you still need any assistance ?

Hi, dose your module work with prestashop & leo fashion? What about configuration.I can’t read the text in your screen shot.

-> cam I have a normal pop up, which is not jumping and spinning around best

It works with but haven’t tested on LEO Fashion.


mtv45 Purchased

Hi I have a problem can you help me?

can you share your website url and login at


mtv45 Purchased

yes i made it

Thanks we will get back to you soon.


The module is not working, after sending the form appears the loading, disappears and nothing is done, do not send email or close the popup.



have you copied the language folder and replaced the name with your language which is being on your store?

Please share your FTP and login details at so that we can check the issue.

Hi there, I purchased this module for one of my sites before. Very pleased. I have a new site but this one is running on version 1.5.6, If I purcashe another licence could you make the module work for me on 1.5.6? Many thanks


Sorry to say but this module works on prestashop 1.6 version. If you want the module would work on the 1.5 then it would be a custom development and you have to ask us for a quote. One of our developer would make the module work for prestashop 1.5.


axel2000 Purchased

after switching to https error pops up pictures does not work on https


Sorry for the issue. Can you share your website url and login details so that we can check the issue. Please send your site details at