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I found problems on your form purchased a few minutes ago

It appears on the product page, but when I go to click does not open pop-up form me.

Use prestashop

What could it be ?


Sorry for the issue, Can you share your website url so that we can check?

Will be available for ps


Sorry but it is not compatible with


cviedt Purchased

Hello. I just bought the module

Send file upload does not work

Error: You have uploaded a file that is too much in size

Module Upload setting is: 4000KB. Same with other ? KB



Please create a ticket for the issue what you have.

Hello, I had bought this item like one year ago. I updated my site and module stopped working. Im not going to give you my FTP details and Im not going to renew support. I want to make module work on my own.


Which version of prestashop are you using now?



Without site login and FTP details we really can’t check the issue.


met Purchased


Recently I switched from http to https (SSL), and now your form does not work, It does not popup – can you help please?


I can see that your support license period has been expired. Can you please renew your support license so that we can help you in that.

Module shows in footer ?! When unhook in footer, module stop to work. I using


Please create a ticket for the issue what you have. Once the ticket has been created will look into it.

Ok,thank you

I bought this module some time ago. Anyhow, this module breaks SSL if shop is set to use SSL on all pages! Images are loaded as mixed content via http:// . THIS is a no go. Other customers have already uttered claims about this. I expect you to fix this. How can get than this fixed version?`I paid for V2.0 and you are still on V2.0. Thanks

Hello Moduyer,

Thanks for reaching out. We have scheduled a release by the end next week and that fix is already implemented.

When will be the next update of your product template?


Yes we are working on the update for this module. Which would be hopefully available in the next week.

If you have any issues then please create a ticket. So that we can help you.

Hello magniegenie, you said weeks ago we could expect a flawless version via update. Are you still working on this?


Yes we are working in the update of this module which would be available around the next weekend.

Hello DEV it is more than 4 weeks now that you said “next weekend”. Can we expect that you update and correct your module until Xmas? It is very sad that it breaks SSL at the moment and is therefore unusable.


Yes we are working on the update of the module. The thing is we have many modules and plugins are in queue for update so we are doing update them one by one.

We will definitely update it before Xmas so that you can use it without any issue.

I want to buy this, is this a module or theme? I want to keep my shop in catalogue mode forever, and people need to enquire about the product, so please let me know if this module will help for my requirement.


Yes you have to register yourself to create a ticket.

I have requested, how long it would take.


We will contact you soon.

Is this compatible with ps 1.7?


Sorry to say that this module doesn’t compatible with ps1.7

when my problem gets solved, as my site work completely with all other features, only your module is not working, I reply in your official page one hour back, but didn’t hear back. I want this to be solved at the earliest.


We have replied you in our support ticket system. Please check that.

Hello, I have talked to the Sagar, he says the form is compatible with 1.7.3. If it is the case please update it on envato officially. I would like to buy this module


Actually the module needs to be updated so that it will work with Prestashop 1.7 version seamlessly.

when you guys are planning to update it? I need to buy this module asap