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Nice module GLWS!

i would to ask,module saving emails for notify the new stocks but its erasing the emails after notification? its using Cron?

Regards Matt

Sorry for the late reply, But it doesn’t matter with the stock. To make a product coming soon you have to just check the checkbox which comes through this module and it will simply converted into coming soon mode.

The subscribed email address will not be erased from the list automatically. There is option for delete individual subscriber.

Thanks for replies. im looking for something like this for my preorder sellings.please provide me admin login details.let me check closer.


Hi, Sorry but currently we don’t have setup in demo. May I know what are you looking for exactly. We can build custom module if you want within your budget.

Hi, is there a way to check for each product if its settings are set to ‘Coming Soon’? I want edit product-list.tpl and put a custom text at each product image that is set to ‘Coming Soon’.



If you want some custom text in place of coming soon then there is settings for badge text. You can set your own text from there and it will show the text on each coming soon products.

I see what the issue is. The badge doesnt show on the category page. It does show on the product page though.

So is there any kind of customization you want for that?

HI, i’d like to know if this module works if i don’t manage the stock at the products’s catalog??? also i want to know if the product badge appears at the product listing page? Thanks.

Hi, This module doesn’t manage the stock. If you have stock for the product and still you want to show coming coon then its easy. Just enable the coming soon for the product and it will show coming soon badge. It shows coming soon badge on both list and grid view of your site.

Hope you got all of your answers. Let us know if you are looking something. Thanks

Hi, I need to translate the words “days”, “hours”, “minutes” and “seconds” in the counter. which file I edit? Thank you

Hi, Thanks for the purchase of the module. But sorry to say but with this version it is not possible to translate those fields. We will release an update for this in which you can make translate those fields.

Hi, the module does not send mails when it should.. Can you help me ?

Don’t you provide support??

Sorry for the delay your issue Will be resolved on Monday

Hi, Sorry for the delay. But we have not got any email from your site regarding your site login details. Please recheck it and send it to prestamodulesquery@gmail.com

HI Its working with marketplace presta 1.6 cloud? anything please advise.


This should work. If you face any issue let us know and we will be happy to resolve the issue.

Hi, for some reason, one of my coming soon counters expired on 9/1 and the product was not automatically able to be purchased.

Also looking through the email logs, it seems that only the first subscriber was notified, and I would like to customize the subject line if possible on future emails.


Sorry for the issue. Can you tell us what exactly the issue was regarding email. For the expired time we are checking the issue and will release an update soon.

Hi! I have just purchased your module “products coming soon” and install it but it doesn’t work! I can see it and configure it from back office but I don’t see any change in my front page! No “countdowns” no “coming soon” no nothing! I own a “transformer” theme multistore! Could you please inform me regarding the reason or guide me? My page is www.ola4u.gr Looking forward for your reply

Regards, Thanasis


Sorry for the issue but can you share your site admin login and FTP details at prestamodulesquery@gmail.com.

Dear Sir,

I bought this module of coming soon products for my website: www.ayatwholesale.com , we have prestashop I install the module but it is not showing in the module and it said when i install it , successful added. please let me know what i can do.


Sorry for the issue and late reply. Can you share your site FTP and login details at prestamodulesquery@gmail.com so that we can check the issue.

Dear Sir, I bought the license for my website: ayatwholesale.com , i have prestashop my license: fc4f6249-079e-4089-b9b7-c6fb799ee6da – 12 Oct 2016

I tried to install but it said successfully installed but i dont see it in the module. Kindly let me know what i have to do .

Thank you in advance.


Sorry for the issue and late reply. Can you share your site FTP and login details at prestamodulesquery@gmail.com so that we can check the issue.


I just have bought your module, but when I import it in Prestashop I can find it in the modules.

This is my purchase code 61364b0a-ec6e-444d-89a7-6b226412a0b


Sorry for the issue but can you send us your site admin and FTP details at prestamodulesquery@gmail.com. So that we can check the issue?


Hi again,

I have managed to install the module. Unfortunately there is now way to hide the “BUY” button even when I have disabled it from the admin panel!

Hi, Sorry for the issue but can you send us your site admin and FTP details at prestamodulesquery@gmail.com. So that we can check the issue?


I sent you a message to the e-mail that you posted.I still have no answer.As i told you we can’t give you FTP access, because of the data of our customers. I can send you some particular files if you need. I need your fast support to resolve the following problem: - buy button doesn’t disappear when the option is active

I also can’t understand when customers receive a message?We don’t use warehouse management with quantities ?

Will this module be supported on Prestashop 1.7?

Hello Pieter7,

Sorry this module is not supported with Prestashop 1.7 version. I am working on the update of the module. Which will be available soon.

Hi! I have bought your item, but I noticed that the coming soon badge only appears on one product at a time. I want it to show on all products with the module active. Best Regards

Still no answer. Did you send me the right mail?


I have replied you. Please check your email.

Hi!  Yes, and I already replied to that too. And The request.

Did this module, can group the comming soon product intro a list, for homepage, or category special list


Sorry the module doesn’t do that. Please let me know your exact requirement and send me the details I can build a custom module for you.

Hi, Thanks for this very useful module. Is a PS 1.7 compatible release expected ? Regards


We are working on the update for this module. Will be available soon


fujimae Purchased

Hello, Could you tell me how can I translate de text under de clock? I mean, “Days”, “Hours”... is only in english and I want to show this information with all languages included on my website. Thanks.


There is no admin settings available now where you can set the text. If you want to make change the text then you have to go through the js file and make the changes.

We will try to add those changes in our next update of the module.

Don’t WORK. U ‘product_coming_soon’ filed is valid only if product have are in pack? WHY?


Which version of prestashop are you using?