Prestashop Phpist Virtual Products Management Module

Prestashop Phpist Virtual Products Management Module

What does Virtual products management module do?

Prestashop “Virtual products management” module lets you control and manage all your normal products of your shop as virtual products. Not said that your customers would be notified by an email that contains the products links to download once they place a valid order, they can also download products from their account section or the order details page.

The perfect thing is that you can sell products with combinations of virtual products, which is impossible with Prestashop. If you sell something such as (games, modules, ebooks, extensions, activation keys, software license, serial numbers…), then this module is perfect for you.

You can manage the overall flow of your products and control the products expiration date, number of allowed downloads, order status… etc

Notice: Notice: Please be informed that the sentence “Virtual products” does not mean that the product needs to be virtual in the product page in the back office, it can be anything chosen on the product page, and this will work just fine with this module :)


  • Create links for any product, and each link is protected by a unique token for security concerns
  • Searchable and sortable list of links with pagination
  • Activate/Deactivate links
  • Set number of allowed downloads
  • Set file prefix, so you have more organized structured file names
  • Set which order state an order should have so that an email is sent to the customer to download the purchased products.
  • Set days in which the link is expired (by default 180 days)
  • Supported file formats by default are zip, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, rar, doc, docx, and txt, but you can add as much as you need.
  • Setting “download limit” by expiration date and number of downloads
  • Sell non-digital products as they were digital :)
  • Intuitive interface to manage links
  • When a product is deleted, the link is automatically disabled

Customer Benefits

  • Purchase virtual products (even if the product is not set as a virtual product in the back office)
  • Receive and download files directly from the notification emails
  • Always access downloads from their account panel or their orders details page.


Version 2.0 (02/09/2017)

 Added Prestashop 1.6 compatibility

Version 1.2 (17/08/2017)

 Added png|gif|jpe?g|pdf|doc|docx|rar|txt format types to be uploaded

Version 1.1 (02/08/2017)

 Improved security