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There is no screen shot for admin page, no demo page. Please give more info.

Thank you for the interest, please click on “Live preview” and “Screenshots” buttons and you will see the demo page and admin screenshot. Please note, that this is an automatic crop. It’s not a tool that lets you select a part of image and crop it. It changes the default image processing method im Prestashop. Once it is set up, you upload the files in a regular way, you just get different thumbnails as a result. I hope this clears out a bit, in case of anything feel free to ask :)

Have purchased module and images not cropping. Module not crop images. I mark all images to crop then force complication then clean cache and reload page. Nothing change. What to do ?

Advanced Parameters/Performance – > Disable all overrides – > NO

Please make sure that when you regenerate images for the first time, turn on “Erase previous images”.

Now works perfect. My web site looks very professional after cropping images with your module. Thanks for excellent module.

Do you also optimize the images ?

Lowering image quality while regenerating image. So can increase page load speed. It can be done at the same time right.

Yes, but it can be done with default Prestashop settings, where you can set image quality for jpeg and png.

just a thought, if you could optimize, that would boost your sales I think. My twocents.

This module crop only that images what not fit the size ratio? So the pictures what have good ratio will only resized?

Yes, also please note that cropping can occur when the input image is large enough. If you upload a very small image, it will not get cropped, but surrounded with white space.

Hi I bought your module and have installed according to the documentation I selected image formats that want to cut’ve regenerated the thumbnails making the old images are deleted but the module does not work does nothing my images remain the same as before what I must do. Thanks KiKe

Hi, please make sure that you have “Disable all overrides” in your Performance settings set to “NO”. In case of any further problems please contact us by email with more details about your shop (PS version).

Hi, GreenMouseStudio. I would like to know if you could add a feature to your module to crop the background using these php functions:

Thanks in advance :).

Great! :) Do you have original images with lots of white background, so you need this feature? Can you share some more info about your images? (it may be by email)

Yup, mostly transparent and white background.

I just sent you an e-mail with a more in-depth explanation.

Best regards.

I’m happy to inform that the new feature is now ready! :)

Just purchased the Module. Works Great…. Love IT!!! Must have makes images consistent, therefore more professional looking.

Hi, Do you know if the module will work together with this module?

I’m only looking for away to remove the white borders/background.

Don’t know, ask them if they override the resize method, if yes there may be a conflict.

Hello , prestashop version, php 5.6 I bought the module from you and I want to regenerate the images. I have selected the products and home default messages.but I receive an error 404 at the end of process The result is that not all the images are regenerated and cropping is not executed I have enabled override, and from cpanel I have enabled the below settings: allow_url_fopen On cgi.fix_pathinfo 1 default_charset UTF-8 display_errors On error_reporting E_ALL file_uploads On include_path .:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/php log_errors On mail.force_extra_parameters no value max_execution_time 130000 max_input_time -1 max_input_vars 13000 memory_limit 1024M open_basedir no value post_max_size 8M post_max_vars no value register_globals Off session.save_path /tmp short_open_tag On upload_max_filesize 16M

What other settings should be modified?

Hello, the 404 error is something that happens often during the images regeneration in Prestashop, regardless of using any additional modules, we’ll contact you by email to help you sort it out.


fhojman Purchased

Hello, is it possible to create PNG with transparency (instead of color borders) for products ?

Hi, please contact us by email with some links to sample images so we can better uderstand the outcome you want to achieve.

It’s perfect. I’ve been looking for hours for a solution. Just remember to regenerate images. Thanks