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Good Evening,

I’m interested in this module, but I want to know if we can have a space between the panel and parallax images below because in your demo banner is glued to the images, which is not aesthetics. Thank you for your reply. Best Regards.

Hello, Is it possible to create 2 parallax banners on the home page? Thank you for your reply. Best Regards.

Hi there, for now you cannot do this, only if you duplicate the module and make some modifications in the module, so the modified one would be a new entirely module and then you can move its position from prestashop modules position.(you can do this if you have a technical background)

The idea is great, we will think about it and we will try to implement it as soon as possible, so don’t despair.


Hello, I do not despair. I look forward to the new version and fun! Best Regards.

Hi, I buyed this module, but is full width in p.s. possible? Cause it does not work in my theme. Maybe you got a solution? Kind regards.

hi there,it isn’t full width or how do you want it to be?You’ve got an option in your module to check full width, that doesn’t work? Leave your email below and a link to your site to see what’s going on.


Hi, I need your i,p. cause the shop in maintenance. Regards

Hi again, please write me on my email address to fix the problem, i will give you my ip in the email.Could you provide a temporary admin and ftp account to see what the problem may be?

My email addr : patri_rapty@yahoo.com


Hi sir, i need to know if i can put the image immediately before the footer. Look at this example: http://pavodemo.com/prestabrain/gentshop/fs/index.php I need to put an image where actually is the “map section”. Can you help me?

Hello there, the module needs a small modification to put it in that area, please send me your email and i will tell you when it’s done.

After it’s done, you can purchase it from here and i will send you, on your email, the module.

Fair enough?

just bought… i made the installation and module config on… all ok but the parallax box dosent appears anywhere on the site, and I cant add to a hook either… what I do for the parallax appears in home page? ty!! :D

Dear sir, please write us on this email patri_rapty@yahoo.com your ftp website account, your admin link and username + password.

It should work, We do not know how well modified was your theme, maybe you deleted the hook accidentally where the actual module should show up.

Best regards

after reboot the module and cleaning the shop cache, it worked :)... awesome module btw… about the background: i want a full width with + – 600px height parallax box… how bigger in height my background has to be? cause I notice that sometimes the background only appears when Im already scrolling down in the middle of the box… ty!

Hi again, Glad you sorted out.

Well, the image will definitely have to be ~25% bigger than the image height, but another trick you can do is to enable “Force Full Width and Height” from the backoffice(parallax module), it may pixelate the image a little, but it may do the trick. Or you can reduce the padding top and bottom from the module if your image is smaller. The image has to be bigger than the BOX because it has to scroll down the image a little in order to create the parallax effect.

Hope this helps. Best regards.

awesome module, rated 4/5. the only thing that should be improved is the ability to make as many parallax box you want (right now you can make just 1 :( )... like the custom content module, where you can make a box and put in anywhere in the site…. this will be awesome! :D ty!

Hello, thank you for your rating,

We will try to do that!


hi mate! having a problem here… the background image starts appearing as I scroll down de page… but in the beggining no image is in the background of the parallax box…. very ugly :s… the image is waay bigger than the parallax box.. i also tried “force full widht and height” with no sucess… how I fix this? problem screenshot: http://s3.postimg.org/4w5cysfgj/parabug.png

hi my friend… its not live cause i dont want my customers to see the bug… the image is way bigger… is 1900wX700h … what could be? ifnecessary maybe we can make a call on skype or something than I can active the module for some minutes in the site… ty!

chrome btw

Can you send a temporary admin password + link? Goes faster :).

You can send me emails at patri_rapty@yahoo.com


Does it support & properly work on Prestashop multistore multidomain?



No, it does not.

Best Regards

Hi, I just bought the module but not visible in admin>modules. My Prestashop version is


Hello sir, please search for parallax box or modulesden in your modules list. If you still cannot find it, please provide me your back-office admin account and password. Please write me at patri_rapty@yahoo.com

Hello, This plugin work on Prestashop cloud ?

Hello sir,

I didn’t test it out on prestashop cloud.

Best Regards.


I have a problem with your module in mobile mode.

On Desktop, all is well. But in mobile mode, the background image isn’t displayed …

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you

Hello, you can make some css media queries for mobile to work properly… width : 100% and height as much as you like…

Thanks for your feedback.

I did not succeed.

If I send you the access data in PM, can you fix it please?

If so, tell me what you would like access data.

Thank you.


After many tests, I found a error of module. There is a problem displaying the background image on the iphone. But on android works!

Can you provide a solution to this problem please?

Thank you.

Do you have a solution please?