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Super modul

Thanks diador :)

Looks nice! Is it also possible to change the orderstatus directly in the order overview?

Not now but i’m considering to add this idea to module. Thanks for comment :)

This would really be great if that’s possible. Would avoid opening each order to change the status. I will purchase this current module for two reasons: think it’s useful and to support you. Thanks!

Thanks for you support!

awesome, it simplify our daily task .

Thanks syakur123!

Hi Jarlufo,

just puchased your module. Great work…very useful for me. Just one question: How can I translate the word “Ship To” in the backoffice to my language. There is no translatable field!?

To translate this word you’ve to go to “Localization”>”Translations” on backoffice. Then you have to select “Backoffice translations” and search for “AdminOrders” tab. Inside this tab you’ll find the word “ship to”.

Feel free to ask if you’ve got any problem :)

Thats exactly the problem. In “AdminOrders” there is no such field for “Ship To” to translate!!!

Please, send me an email with account details to log in your backoffice. You can find my email in documentation.

Great job but missing something important:

Shipping Options (DHL, Fedex, UPS, ect).

Is it possible to see that option on the list?

Now its not planned but you can contact me if you need a customization. You can see my personal email in the documentation ;)

Thank you for this great module. I just bought it and the installation was successful. A small issue I can not solve: How to create variables

$address1, $postcode $city
for use as parameters in a URL Google Maps? A big thank you for your help! Thierry

Dear Jarlufu, I just sent you an email with a Screenshop explanation. Thank you for your help. Thierry

Hello, Have you had time to think about a solution? Or simply an idea to explore … thank you, Thierry

I’ve replied to your email. Please, check it :)

works in 1.6 ?

Now is only working in 1.5.X version.

The customer care girl loves you! Good job!

lol Thanks!! :D

is it compatible whit prestashop 1.6??

Not this moment, but its planned.

Hello, I would buy this module works on version 1.6.8? Thank you

Hello, on Prestashop 1.6 works only this features: complete shipping address and complete customer name .

Do you have a date to 1.6 version compatibility? This is a great plugin!

Hi, i just purchased your module without paying attention to software version compatibility. I am running PS, can i do something to make your module work? Best regards!

Sorry. By now there’s no 1.6 version. You can ask Envato for a refund. If you don’t wanna refund the script. I will contact you as soon as a new version will be available.

Thanks and best regards!

Hello, Please advice me how to do or will you create a module,mod regenerate a list of order with needed information for a shop which has about some hundred to some thousand orders a day. Regards

We can make it. Contact us to smartwaystudio@gmail.com and we will send you a quote. Thanks and best regards

I buy this module and install on Prestashop but doesn’t work, I try to install trough control panel and also with filezilla, but nothing, I don’t see in tab modules. :( What can I do? Are you sure that work in version

Not sure if it works with Please, contact me to info@smartwaystudio.com and I will help you installing.

Hi, it’s possible to add product image?

it works with prestashop 1.6.X ?

No, it doesn’t. It works with PS 1.5.X


I just bought your extension “Orders liste Improved”.

I tried to install it and had an issue.

The module can’t be installed, it says that _consruct method is already overrided in AdminOrdersController.

Can you give the code to insert in this file, maybe it will te module to work ?

Hope to hear from you soon;


Please, send me BO and FTP access data and I will try to help you :)

Thanks and best regards!

Dear Author,

Bouth your module. 81e28ff2-c5ab-4145-b2d2-6577a205144a First I want to say thank you for posting this module. Graet idea to save time working with orders.

Unfortunatly we are missing one important point. On your screenshots it is visible that if you press + from order opens details with ordered items but after installing there is everything exept of this oputunity.

Can you please help me solve this issue?

Regards, Kristaps

Hi Kristaps,

Please, send me to info@smartwaystudio.com FTP and BO access data and I will help you with this problem.

Thanks and best regards, Alex


Is this module works with


It doesn’t, but please, check this module for PS 1.6 :) http://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-product-list/6964149?ref=jarlufo

Thanks and best regards, Alex