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Good morning, I need a 1.6 compatible version for the “print pdf order” module.

thank you

Please, send an email to info@smartwaystudio.com requesting your version. Thanks and best regards.

Hi Does this module work with + ? Also when using this module can I export the order to PDF without having to Consider the associated order as validated.? What I am looking for is a module that can export the order as a pdf in the same format as my current Invoice but as a pro forma invoice. Thank you


Yes, it works with 1.6. You can print your order in PDF like if it was an invoice :)

Thanks and best regards!

Hello I download this module to version 1.5.4 but I’m not able to add the pdf to the “dispatch” email or also clicking In the button on the back office. How to solve it?

ok I’ll cancel this file. And after what should I do?

where can I find the instruction on how to install it?

Hi azzrurra86,

In module documentation you’ll find installation section. Are you still having troubles installing this module? Did you follow installation guide?

Thanks and best regards

Hi The module dosnt work good on There is a serios lack in information Is there an update?

Hi Ramidig,

Please, send an email to info@smartwaystudio.com with your purchase code and we will send you a new version.

Thanks and best regards.


ks5 Purchased

Instead of asking us to send a mail for the latest version since many month , could you just put the archive up to date on the Codecanyon website. Thanks.

Hi ks5,

One customer on Codecanyon bought my module and then he changed the logo and tried to sell my code on Prestashop Addons. That moment I stopped to upload updates to Codecanyon in order to avoid this customer to use my code. I hope you understand.


ks5 Purchased

ok i’m understand, fucking guy !!!!! i wait your update thx

Hello, i have a problem with the addon since may, but no answer about how to solve this. Warning: Function addJS() is deprecated in /home/mypartfrcm/www/modules/pnprintpdforder/pnprintpdforder.php on line 72 in /home/mypartfrcm/www/classes/Tools.php on line 2698 and order empty. Thanks…

Hi Angelheart2900, Sorry for delay. I’m on holyday. Please, send me FTP and BO access data to info@prestanitro.com


I installed and configured the plugin on prestashop

When I click on “Order PDF” from order page it gives me a 500 error.

How can I solve it?


Please, send me FTP and BO access data to info@prestanitro.com and I will take a look :)

Hi, i need it for PS16 please

Hi, your zip file contains files for ps15 only, please send me for 16 or tell me which is for 16. I installed it but i not have button pdf like in your documentation.

please, give me any answer or make refound money, thank you for understandig

Hi, please send an email to info@prestanitro.com with your purchase code and I will send you a 1.6 version. Anyway, you can also ask for a refund if module doesn’t work on your store.


ks5 Purchased

I send email for having 1.6 version since august and nothing at this time. It’s not serious !!!!!

Hi KS5,

So sorry if I didn’t reply. Please, send me an email to info@prestanitro.com and I will you 1.6 version asap.

Thanks and best regards

Hi KS5,

I uploaded last version to CodeCanyon. You will be notified by email when envato approves the plugin.

Thanks and best regards

Good morning, I need to also include pictures of the items in the order printing in PDF, if you can purchase the module now. thank you

I, I downloaded and installed the module on a PrestaShop 1.6 installation and went through configuration. I have the two new buttons in the backoffice, If I click them the pdf is properly created and I also see the message email senti if I click on email pdf. The problem is that any email arrive at all. More, and it’s the most important issue, I get nothing as attachement on order confirmation email. How can I fix that

Thank you and best regards Daniele Benedetti

PS Overrides are enabled

Hi, when I click on the generate PDF button, I just see a blank page. We have Prestashop 1.6. Can you send me the current version or tell me how to fix it? Thanks

Yes, please, send me an email to info@smartwaystudio.com with your purchasing code and I will reply with 1.6 version ;)

I did 26.01.2017 10:10 but not received any mail. It’s annoying because I thought it is instant download.

Email sent, so sorry for delay

Hello, I have a presale question: Your pdf order plugin have the image of the product? Can I see a demo screenshot?



patote2 Purchased

i can do the instalation, but when i press create pdf just open a blank new tab, and when i press send an email show me this error

string(1) ”$” Notice: Undefined variable: key in /home1/patote/public_html/milibreria.cl/modules/pnprintpdforder/generatemail.php on line 37 Email has been sent

what do yo think?


patote2 Purchased

the module don’t work, i send you an email about it, let me know y really need this working

Hi I have install whit ftp upload file to the my website bee-tech.it, I look the button to the order page but if I click to link for create the pdf order the website return the blank page. You can help me?

best regard alessandro

Hi i have install the module but if i click to the botton order pdf i recive the blank page. I have past the module file but i have . Is a problem? TNKS