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there is no “module file” The file that I downloaded, I extract and there is a vendor folder, which contains: 1. The classes folder 2. The controllers folder 3. The views folder 4. ajax.php 5. config.xml 6. documentation (zip file) 7. logo.png 8. vendor.php

we have to be able to install it ourselves if you supply us with all the files we need in the package,,,

Please submit a ticket at support.solvercircle.com

Please Install Prestashop at your Site First and then Install Our Module. ​ ​Seems like you do not have Prestashop yet, that is why you could not use our module yet.

Admin dasnt approve demo account. How i see backend ?

Please check the Documentation to see the screenshot of the Backend features.

Can I use any payment method?

We can perform custom development at additional cost . Please e-mail us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the customization.

I have problem with prestashop version 1.7

Please submit your issue details and site access information in a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com

Hello, user can pay direct to vendor?

Currently, the site admin receives the Payment first and then he/she can pay out.

But, if you want, we can perform custom development to implement such feature at separate cost, if your chosen payment gateway has that feature.

Sorry, customization are discussed through email only. Please email to developers@solvercircle.com with your payment gateway name and API documentation link and our team will let you know the cost there.


Please I want to know if I can use my own name and logo with this code of yours or the code comes with a fixed logo and design…. Also can I use the code to change or add to it later or not ?

Sorry, for using this addon at Each site, you need to Purchase Separate License. And you are Not allowed to resell this item without our concern.

Okay then, can u please tell me if u can design a customized marketplace source code for me having the name of my company and its already present design ? And for how much ?

Hi there, Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss any sort of collaboration.

Dear Sir,

I emailed to you (developers@solvercircle.com), please check soon. My email jang*@gmail.com


i cant post a product !!!!!!

Hello can this work with any theme?

Yes, usually it does. However if you need any additional integration service you can contact with us at developers@solvercircle.com