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I wanted to know if this module exports over the short description, the full url of the product: Example: http://www.esicily.it/home/193-aurora-075-cl.html Thank you so much

Hello , Thank you for your interest in our module prestashop product export and more . Today , the module doesn’t export the full url , just the relative url as it’s stored into the database . However , in the next version , we will extend the module with this feature due to popular demand . Many thanks , Onasusweb

Thanks! I’m waiting the update. Good morning

Good morning, No problem. Please email at contact@onasus.com and I will drop you an email as soon as the update is ready.

Best regards, onasusweb

could I export from osCommerce to prestashop by your module ?

Hello , Thank you for your interest in our module prestashop product exporter. no you can’t . There is a native dedicated Prestashop module for migrating from oscommerce to Prestashop . I will recommend to use it . Best regards , Onasusweb

Thanks for your quick replay, could u refer to a link?

The module comes with Prestashop . You probably don’t need to download separately . Best regards , Onasusweb

Hello , you have promise us an update for more than a year , when update will comme ?

Hello TheSinnerman,

Thank you for using our Prestashop module export products, customers and orders. We have delayed the updates for many reasons. Fisrt Prestashop has changed too often with regard to the entities. Changes that are implemented today are no longer valid 2-3 months later. It does not provide the best conditions to do business related to Prestashop.

However, we haven’t stopped to support our module Multi Export for Prestashop. A new version will be published this weekend to reflect all the updates that we have included the last 12 months.

In the same time, we have developed our application Prestashop catalogue Mass Editor that will be available for FREE to all e-merchants using Prestashop 1.6. Find an introduction video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECu2xyZpjQo It includes all the features in the actual module and many more to help you manage effectively your store: like product bulk edition for price, and quantity, description, images and other associations. I hope you will be part of our growing community of users.

Clearly this module is back into our top priority list. We will then extend this module to reach the maturity it deserves.

Best regards, Onasusweb

Your support system doesn’t function!! your plugin only export 54 products (I have 5000)!! I need you help me or refound my money! I followed the installation steps correctly,

Hello , Thank you for using our module . Please drop me an email at contact@onasus.com . Best regards , Onasusweb

Bonjour, lors de l’export, je n’ai pas la quantité des produits commandé. comment est ce que je peux faire ? Cordialement

Bonjour, Merci d’utiliser notre module Prestashop export module. Contacter moi à l’adresse http://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact et je vous répondrai directement. Cordialement, Onasusweb

Bonjour, je n’ai reçu aucune réponse de votre support. Le module ne me sert à rien. L’export des quantités n’existe pas. Merci.


I bought your export module.

When i export, the file has blank rows. First with content, second blank, third with content, fourth blank…. any help?

Hello, thank you for using our module. I replied too quickly to your message presuming that you need an update. I replied a day ago and I received your email only another day after. Please play by the rule, it is much more efficient to email support questions to me at http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-multi-exporter/8676501/support or http://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact . Then I can check your license validity and get your email automatically in order to provide you with a bespoke support. Best regards, Onasusweb

Hello, email already have and am waiting for your answer. Anyway, still not logical to sell a module that does not work well.

Well, I replied to your email and it was 2.00 am in my country. We are discussing here about Prestashop and fortnight releases. Find out more about how often Prestashop get updated at https://www.prestashop.com/en/versions-developpeurs. There are nearly 20 intermediate versions in 2015!

My point is we are trying our best to support our customers at any time to the day. I hope it matters to you.

Best regards, Onasusweb

i buy module Prestashop Multi Exporter, but this module is useless because prestashop done the same

I contacted the seller but I is not had a response

can you please made a Money Back

thank you very much powerebike

Please contact Codecanyon. thanks

When exporting products I am getting an error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 209642 bytes) in /home/wrkwrk/domains/wrkwrk.vot.pl/public_html/technik/modules/psdataexporters/libs/fpdf/fpdf.php on line 1371 [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/wrkwrk/domains/wrkwrk.vot.pl/public_html/technik/modules/psdataexporters/libs/fpdf/fpdf.php: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 209642 bytes)

how to fix it?!

Hello, Thank you for using our module.

It seems that your server is not powerful enough to process the request. You would need to allocate more memory. Please discuss with your host provider company.

Best regards, Onasusweb

Thank you for your answer, could you please specify what kind of memory should I allocate more?

Hello, Please contact me at http://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact and I will be able to answer you properly.

Best regards, Onasusweb

I’m wondering if there any way to show quantity of purchage products on Orders information.

Can you gide me? Thanks in advance.

Well , I did send you an email with the latest version ! Please check your junk email . Otherwise , please contact me via email . Brst, Onasusweb

Hi, im having some troubles, in the last version only export the last order, in the previous one doesn’t work the filters; there is a new version without these errors?

Hello, I have replied to your email. Please send me an email from http://codecanyon.net/user/onasusweb#contact . Codecanyon will send me most of the detailed information I need to provide you with a dedicated support.

Best regards, Onasusweb

Hi, Could i export in pdf or csv the products in daily order (in any state of order), group by categories (of products)? thank you

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our module Prestashop Multi Exporter. The parent category of the products is not automatically available in an order summary. Unfortunately the module does not fetch it yet. Please elaborate a little bit on why the category is relevant to you? And we could extend the module with the support of the parent category name.

Best regards, Onasusweb

It’s relevant for my purpose for this reason: Every day i need to know which products have been bought group by categories, because when i go to the wholesale market i can buy faster without losing items

Hello, I guessed right. How many products are we talking about? Our optimisation may depend on how many products you would need to export at a daily basis. Thank you for helping make our module match the needs of our customers.

Best regards,

Hi, do your module support regular expressions (regex)? I would like to export things from my Prestashop store, but for some things I want to get rid of parts of the strings (depending on where I want to send the export). This would be perfect with regular expressions.


I took few hours to consider your offer. Yes, we can do that. If your developer sends the code, I will maintain that. Even better, I can offer you 2 of our modules in development as rewards. As soon as you buy the module email me at contact@onasus.com to get the latest version of the module. Then your developer could start working from a more up to date release.

Many thanks, Onasusweb

Good! I’ll talk to him about it.

Any chance that you would add support for generating XML output from your module?

Hello again, Of course. so far no one has ever asked yet. I will generate an XML document based on your preferred schema.

Best regards, Onasusweb

is that support RTL lang and UTF-8?

Hello thank you for using our module. our Module fits well in Prestashop. It comes with a native support of UTF-8. If you are using any of the RTL languages available with Prestashop, the module should work. In the worse case scenario, the module UI would be in English only, but it should be able to extract your data from your database. Clearly we have not tested our module with any of the RTL language.

I hope it answers your question. Good luck with your business and Prestashop. Onasusweb

hello. can i see a demo or a admin area demo of this module?

hello have you news to see the demo page?

Good point, I get this ready over the weekend and I come back to you. Many thanks.

Hello Speedcrach, I have created a demo website for the module at :

http://ps1616.e-robuste.com/adminps username: test@onasus.com password: abcdef123

The version in the demo is ahead of the one available in the picture as it is now possible to save the configuration of exported properties.

This module will be upgraded to Prestashop 1.7

Best regards, Onasusweb


Just purchased your module but unfortunately when I try to export Products nothing is showing in the file that it exports just the titles at the top I have tried it in all formats but still the same customers and orders work fine and there is 975 products on my store. And yes I have cleared the cache after installing the module.

Some help in resolving this issue at your earliest convenience would be most appreciated.

Kind regards


Hello, thank you for using our module, please email me at contact@onasus.com and i will look at your issue. Best regards, Onasusweb

OK, Just sent you an e-mail

Error importing products : I just baught your module and tried it in a Prestashop site. I’m getting the following message :[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/homepages/38/d646069981/htdocs/www.mysite/modules/psdataexporters/libs/fpdf/fpdf.php: Out of memory (allocated 600047616) (tried to allocate 262147 bytes) What do I have to do to export all my product base? Regards

Hello, Just sent you a mail to your adress. Did you receive it? Regards

Thanks, You will get a reply in few minutes.

Best regards, Onasusweb

Hello, Sorry to push again but I have not received anything from you. Could you send me a mail to explain what is feasible quickly for this issue. Thanks Pat

it’s very old this module? you not update from 2014? :o

Sorry, we are not able to update the module as we have scheduled. Many thanks.

not export combination? when update the module?

Hello there. A new version is already under review by Codecanyon team and will be published this week probably. No export of combination so far in PHP.

Can my customer export csv file from frontend?

ok thx i have send

I am preparing a reply.

Many thanks, Onasusweb

but sincerlty i want no limitation about export, maybe with ajax can do this? Or split for categories i not know i have no idea

Hello , this plugin work to export products on woocomerce?

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our Prestashop module product export. You should be able to export products to woocommerce. Keep in mind that our module will generate any CSV structure. However, it does not export the product images. Initially we developed this module to help e-merchants to connect their online shops with their other business applications like CRM, ERP, suppliers, supply chain.

Best regards, Onasusweb

I tried to use it but unfortunately I get an time out error everytime. I can’t limit it up, I use 128 MB, but it seems not enough. Is it possible to make a cron job, to make a csv/xls? or how can we fix this issue?

Hello, thank you for using our module. Please email me at contact@onasus.com and I will provide you with a support. Many thanks,


Can this module be used in version 1.7?

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our module. Prestashop database structure has not changed from 1.6.x to 1.7.x. Our module Multi Exporter works for both versions. Best regards