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Hi, I’m interested at your module; -1° is possible to set at Minimum amount for the coupon? Ex: Discount 5,00 $ on the minimun amount of 50,00 $ -2° There is an issue: On Twitter Link, if you try to wrong writing the password you will still have the code discount and this is not corrected becouse the site in not has not been shared Please, let me know. Thanks in advance, Adri

Sorry no

Hi, it’s not possible to modify “signup discount setting” in cart rule really? And the 2° point? Do you saw the issue? Plese, let me know.

Thank again, Adri

Hi 2 – Twitter does not support API to verify login, so we only add feature when customer click this button

Hello! I bought your plugin, installed it, and everything is in order. However, I encountered an unpleasant problem: when I try to enter a fictitious address, the plug-in displays a discount code. Thus, any person can get an unlimited number of discount codes. The plugin does not check the mail domain or the user. However, it would be a good idea not to show the coupon, but send it to the mail that the user entered. And for users of social networks show it on the screen. Now we see a big threat to business using your plugin. Can you fix the algorithm and make sure that 1 code is sent to the user?

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://taydoapp.com/support/
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so we can tracking your issue