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Hi, taydosoft. Can it update the manufacturer field too?

yes, you can update manufatuer base Manufactuer Name

Hello Thanks for your Tool, but i can´t export any Product or Combination? i can´t see nothing in my Exprot CSV

this module only import from any exported CSV file

Translations with Prestashop 1.7 version is possible ?

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Ticket opened #1735 let me know, thanks

Why product features only saved as custom feature and not globally for all products to use?

we are working this in next version, this time is chrismas, so our country have short holiday !!!

Thank you, I will wait for next version.



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Hi, in the description of this module you says “Import your categories”. So…is it possible to import a csv with all the category tree?

default prestashop importer CAN NOT import tree of category


Filozz Purchased

in index.php?controller=AdminImport you can import a csv file with all categories

that URL is import categories, our module is Import PRODUCTS

Hi, is it possible to import specific prices for a product? Because I’ll use it for quantity discounts like 1x = 10$ / 10x = 8$ / 20x = 5$... Hope to hear from you :) And what’s about custom fields? Can I add a new custom product field for some informations, if it don’t exist?

sorry no

But in the description you say “Add or update prestashop product fields” which I understand that I can add new fields, if they don’t exist. And in the demo of your module I can import to the specific price table – so I can import specific prices for products? :)

yes, but your field is discount

In your demo website the script works fine, but in my site only I see loading image and not works, why?

I have the same problem, the module is not importing items anymore, it keeps blocked on 0/XX and does not import like jadharb! is urgent! I need fast support or refund!

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we worked from 8h30->17h30 on Monday to Friday.
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Hello sir, After the last update the module is not importing items anymore, it keeps blocked on 0/XX and does not import. please help

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your admin account + FTP account
so we can tracking your issue


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Hello, I wonder, if it is possible to import image caption and product accessories?


zahiras Purchased

Thank you for the answer. In our case, I would like to import only image caption (I don’t have to import the images). As I understand, is it impossible to update image caption throw CVS file and Your import module without importing the images?

sorry no


I have a CSV with 25,000+ records (around 50 MB). Can your plugin handle this?


does your hosting allow upload file more than 50MB?

Hi , how is the syntax for categories, can it be level1 > level 2 > .... ? thanks

sorry no


zahiras Purchased

In test mode, the module is asking to choose: “Identify Existing Combination by Matching Field”. But I do not want to update combinations and identify them and there is no choice “none”. What should I do in that case?

default is attributes = none


zahiras Purchased

Thank you, it seems that everything is working. Going to buy a module :)

hi, Can you RATING 5 stars our module for help us, so we will very happy for this. thanks !


I’m interested in buying this theme. However, I do have some questions regarding documentation.

Is the import proccess properly documented on a manual or video? I have to import -1200 products with a single image each.

If that’s the case, or if you can show me a tutorial prior to purchase, I’ll be buying this module ASAP.

Thanks in advance

document included from this item. 1200 products is small

pre buy question: i have 2 stores, i want to export all products from PS and import in Does the module export and import products, images, attributtes and combinations ? my items have combinations and attributtes. thanks!

Our module only import products, also you can use export module: https://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-export-product-to-csvexcel-file-module/17183565

but if i buy the 2 modules can i import/export lots with my own attributtes, combinations from a store to another store? thanks

Where is changelog ?

Release version 1.0.1

– renamed module to ba_importer

– add import features

Release version 1.0.2

– fixed date_add invalid in product list after import

Release version 1.0.3

– import Image from URL, support https,http

Release version 1.0.4

– fix PNG for uploaded some prestashop version

– validated module by prestashop.com

Release version 1.0.5

– fix uploaded in prestashop 1.5

Release version 1.0.6

– fixed: You have security issues, please review all your SQL requests and cast all the variables in it (pSQL, int…)

Release version 1.0.7

– validated module by prestashop.com

Release version 1.0.8

– fixed value in product New while multiple languages

– use Ajax import, our module can import thousands, milions Rows from Csv/Excel file with 1-click

– change columns name in mapping step

– add Seperate char in CSV in step 1

– Compatible 100% with CSV file which exported from prestashop system.

– Auto remember Mapping fields after import

– Show response while importing each product

– validated by prestashop

Release version 1.0.9

– change import product_id, convet to interger >0 then importing

– Import more fields in product infomation

– modify all fields Y/ can import: Yes/No, 1/0, Y/N

– change currency if NULL set to default.

– fix import product tags

– import combination

– import warehouse

– import customization

– fixed read UTF-8 charaters in CSV file

– Import Shipping fields (weight,height,...)

– import Unity, Unit price

– import Condition, Visibility…

– import Tax ID

– add show header or not.

Release version 1.0.10

– check import with All Shop option

– fix some spelling in select options

– add currency code in warehouse

Release version 1.0.11

– fixed import images for multiple languages

Release version 1.0.12

– import from FTP account

– auto import product infomation for all languages

– set Cover if do not mapping MAIN image

Release version 1.0.13

– fixed auto cronjob for importing

– fixed update error in product_lang

Release version 1.0.14

– fix importing supplier name

Release version 1.0.15

– Add location field to warehouse

– fixed add quantity cho combinations

– add price with commas (,)

– add cronjob for FTP mode

Release version 1.0.16

– fixed quantity for combination

– add more field: avaiable quantity

– add more field: I want to Specify quantities manually in Product> quantities

– add option for reset or inscrease stock

– add options: remove all images before import

– add all fields in suppliers

– show spefify error if can not importing

- add option: remove or add more categories while importing

Release version 1.0.17

– fix update avaiable quantity

– fix update price/weight while update combination quantity

Release version 1.0.18

– fixed change TAX ID, categories after update product with reference code

Release version 1.0.19

– add import categories by category ID

– does not validated

– change option when remove IMAGE before importing

Release version 1.0.20

– fixed product has same Image, remove duplicate image in the same product

Release version 1.0.21

– fix import description in auto mode

– fix import meta description

Release version 1.0.22

– fix update quantity for comnbination, product: set new value or inscrease stock

Release version 1.0.23

– fix update duplicate product tags

Release version 1.0.24

– fix import stock warehouse: update quantity for product after stock updated

Release version 1.0.25

– import categories, image with commas in a columns

– change ajax loading icon

Release version 1.0.26

– change some message while import imported or not in Cronjob mode

Release version 1.0.27

– fix customizable field auto change 0/1 while import

Release version 1.0.28

– auto break Row when get error 500

– change Range import

– remove set_time_limit from PHP

– fix tab charater in Delimiter

Release version 1.0.29

– fix warning when reset module

– add import Accessories/Product related field

– remove warning: Unit price value null if quantity=0

– add New field: Minimum quantity & Availability date in Quantities

Release version 1.0.30

+ fix AdminBaCronJobsController line 32

Release version 1.0.31

+ fix Set Default for combination

+ fix download Large Image from CURL

+ fix update category althrought Main category is not match

Release version 1.0.33

+ import multi shop

+ import multiple languages

+ import multiple files with multiple settings

+ add option: remove combination if quantity = 0

+ cronjob for each settings

Release version 1.0.34

+ Fix feature empty

Release version 1.0.35

+ fix PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/spletnib/public_html/modules/ba_importer/classes/autoimport.php on line 1653

+ add crossdomain in ajax

Release version 1.0.36

– fix to compatible 100% to Prestashop 1.7

– change Module to helperlist

– add fields: ref code, ean, upc for import combination

– Add New Categories if Categories not exist

– Add New Manufacturer if Manufacturer not exist

– Add New Suppliers if Suppliers not exist

– multiple languages for Features

– add log file while importing

– Add Encoding utf-8 hoặc ANSI

– import Specific price

Release version 1.0.37

– fix multiple languages

– fix category error 404 in frontend

– fix can not create supplier name

– fix notice in category 1973+1969 line

– fix create NEW category if it does NOT exist

Release version 1.0.38

– fix pro_start_import Unexpected token } in mapping.tpl

Release version 1.0.39

– fix strtolower in extension of file

– fix maintaince mode when import in ajax

– move replacePrice to ba_importer.php

Release version 1.0.40

– add Price include Tax field for product and combination

– fix maintaince in autoimport mode

– remove b.id_lang=$id_lang in addFeatures function, find VALUE of a feature without language

– fix duplicate result in auto import

– remove cronjob if setting is deleted

– add Last execution column in setting list

– change function addSpecificPrices to ba_importer

– add remove All

– import id_attribute for specify price

– fix combination quantity if does not map

– move all duplicate method to ba_importer class

Release version 1.0.41

– fix All combination in specify price when create NEW product

– update price when price = 0

– change ajax to .. to fix https, https

– set default_on for attribute if no combination is default

– fix UPC barcode wrong

Release version 1.0.42

– add auto detect LINE END in csv: @ini_set(“auto_detect_line_endings”, true);

– add Price fixed for specify price

– rename setCombination, SetCombinationBIE in classes/ajaximport.php

– check version for field: id_product in product_attribute_shop function updateDefaultAttribute

– change setDefaultAttribute to getDefaultAttribute

Release version 1.0.43

– fix specify price when map Product Price field

Release version 1.0.44

– fix import supplier without combination

– import 0 for quantities

– add transaction for Step 2 keyword

– add Configuration::updateGlobalValue(‘PS_SPECIFIC_PRICE_FEATURE_ACTIVE’, ‘1’); in SpecificPrice

:) Not here. On “Item Details” page . Like all others developers. Changelog is most important thing at page.


anishelar Purchased

Can we import product books with with author, isbn number, about author and so on features


anishelar Purchased

is it compatible with paid presta themes, as i m on paid theme , not with presta default theme?


anishelar Purchased

also is there any demo or trial for this module to check it with my CSV?

our module can import many structure CSV files. if our module can not work. we will refund 100% your money, so do not worry for this

Hi, i have few pre-sale questions, Is not possible import products to “category,subcategory” ? 99% shops with 1000 or more products use subcategories tree.

If nothing, Is possible update only price and availability to untouch my predefined categories field?

Thanks for reply.

our module is update products, please try to demo in our admin for test before buy it


spletnib Purchased

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