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Hello, I have sent u several emails but without a response. Any update on the module?

Hello, We just came from our winter break today. A new version will be available by next Monday. Please bear with me.

Thanks for your quick response. I wait to see the update. But you have increase the price


When will an update be ready?

Hi, I am sorry but my antivirus doesn’t let me pass to your support page. I have installed the modul, during the installation there was an Error 500 but finaly it was instaled. When I am trying to open the tab Catalogue / Flash discount, there is just Error 500 again. I am using Prestashop Please how to solve it? Thanks a lot, Tereza

Hello, thank you for using our module. Please email at contact@onasus.com . Best regards, Onasusweb

Thank you. I already sent it. Please me so kind and help me soon. I need to put the website online tomorrow. In case that your module doesn’t work I would prefer the refund. Thank you. Tereza

Hello, Sorry for my late reply, I am doing every thing I could to support you. Please be patient as I cannot be available on Sunday as a normal week day. I have emailed you now and I am waiting for your reply. Many thanks, Onasusweb


In my previous emails i raised the following below and now wonder if ever worked on them and how soon will the new update be ready?

I would like to buy this module. But help to add the option to define FLASH SALE BY STORE OR VENDOR on my multistore website.

And also make it work with prestashop1.7.

Is it now possible to change the text from Promotions of the week to promotion of the Month or to just say Christmas promotions ? In short, i think the page for promotions should be editable or there should be an option to create different pages like for EASTER PROMOTIONS, WOMEN’S DAY PROMOTIONS,ETC.

I look forward to hear from you and especially to see an update

Thank you


We restart tomorrow onward and yoi could expert a new version in 2 weeks time. This is my estimation

I look forward to see it updated in the next two weeks. Let me hope that you will this time be able to keep your word as promised.



Its now over two months but no update.

bonjour, je voudrais savoir si avec ce module il y avait possibilité d’avoir une page “vente flash” qui affiche spécialement et uniquement l’ensemble des vente flash en cours ?

Bonjour, Merci pour l’intérêt que vous portez à notre module. Pour le moment , cette fonctionnalité est en cours de test.

J’indiquerai quand elle sera publiée dans les prochains jours. Merci de patienter. Cordialement, Onasusweb


How will whis module work on product page and product list if i have a module that displays Retail Price, product list look like this


Do you have to make som change on product page and product list to make it work on my website? and can i test the module to see how the prices will be displayed before i buy it?



Is this module abandoned ? because there is no update for a very long time


Our module does not match your specific needs. Please look for a more suitable module.

Good luck with Prestashop and your business.

Thanks for your quick reply. But still make it updated to work with the latest prestashop version

We will do. Currently maintaining modules for both PS 1.6 and 1.7 is challenging. There is a learning curve associated to that. We are working on that.

Many thanks, Onasusweb

Need help ASAP. Email send to contact@onasus.com today at 10:29. Thanks!

Hello, Have you received my email? It seems that your email address p...d@gmail.com is not working for me. Emails bounce back with email delivery failed message. Could you please email me with a different address?

Many thanks, Onasusweb

This is an alias. My email bounces back the day after too.