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Hello! I have bought the templates it’s possible to have the translations to French, Portuguese and Italian?

yes, it is possible. You can translate emails into whatever language.

Does it support Prestashop 1.7.2 ?

Hello, yes, your version is supported. Regards.


We have a small problem on the responsive version of the Order Confirmation. The tables overlap.

How to proceed with the correction, I can send you a screenshot.

Thank you

Here: info at

Hello, Access Forbidden !

email address is in the user’s guide.

My customer is unable to reset his password since I use your template. The first e-mail asks him to use the link to generate a new password but the second e-mail has only log in user but no password at all.

I don’t understand. Re-send me the emails.

If we update this item, we then need to update all text and graphics changes we made correct?

Hello, you do not need to do anything. Update is not necessary for you.

How Languages supported? Persian is translated?

No, persian is not translated. But you can translate templates into your language.

Hi there, You did a pretty nice work. Before I get the templates, do you have HTML files for MODULES’ MAILS in this package? I know you have them for CORE’S MAILS Folder. In which languages are the templates? Need EN-FR first. Thx

So? Yes or No?

As I already said. I dont follow you.

Hi, Does it work with Presta Thanks.

Hello Gastromilaweb, yes, it is working with PrestaShop

I have an issue with prestashop email template.-> I wonder if this issue is fixed on you template. My prestashop version is 1.7.2

i dont follow you.

Hello, I have to update our shop before to launch next week to Prestashop I bought your module before, when i had 1.7.3. Do i need to make any update? Thanks Jessica

no, it is not necessary in the case you don’t overwrite email templates.

Hi, with your templates you can also automatically configure them to remove texts at the bottom like “Powered by Prestashop” etc.? Or should you always manually go to act in html files to customize the texts of predefined emails? Thank you

sorry, i dont sell any magic tools which modify templates automatically. As I explainted. I sell email templates as you can find them in your prestashop installation. But in 20 different styles. Nothing more, nothing less.

ok thank you. don’t worry, i like your templates and your work, so i think i’ll also buy your product. regards!

OK, i am not worried. BTW. I tried this approach with email templates for Magento. ( but after all experiences I dont think it is a good approach to edit email templates. It is like a website builder. Everybody know what is it, how to “build” a website. But in real world everybody is using standard templates for Wordpress, Prestashop, Magento etc.

I am wondering if we update these templates if we need to go back and re-do all of our modifications like logo, text, etc.?

It is not necessary for you to update these templates. But if you do. Then yes, of course. It depends what you changed.


Malejo Purchased

hello, does version 1.7.6 work?

mails/es – spanish email templates

If you are using spanish, then PS search in the mails/es folder…. but if you copied templates into en folder…. it is missing.

it is logical

Hello, we updated the files in our mail/english with the Dana files. When we go to edit the emails and click on Save and Stay or Save, the edit does not apply. It converts back to the original email without our edits. The files have the correct permissions. We are using Prestashop

Hello, please send me a screenshot of your ftp server.

want to buy but I thought this also inserts product image in confirmation email :(

Hello, product thumbnails in the emails are not supported by prestashop.


I have copy all the Zala theme en files folder in my root/mails/es folder.

When i go to the translations for body, i see correctly the theme, but when i do a new order for testing, i still receive the old email templates from prestashop and not the zala ones.

I send you some screenshots.

Let me know please,


Hello there,

I’ve noticed one thing. You’re using multiple languages (es, en, eu, etc. ).

The reason is not that you are trying to send an email from a different language configuration?

For example you set the email template for en language and you are trying to send an email from es language.


Thank you for the fast reply.

Yes, we have multiples language but only spanish is activated on the store.

Anyway, the mails template are inside the “es” folder, and my test customer has the spanish address on it’s shipping address.

Let me know what can be the problem,

I have also clear cache multiple times.

Best regards!

Hello there,

it looks good.

But in any case I would recommend you to set an email template for every language (for each folder) separately in this case. Then make an order.

Maybe something is configured badly. Hard to say.