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can the templates also be used for newsletters in for instance phplist?

No. This are not templates for newsletter. At all. But if you know what you are doing. You can customize it also for the newsletter. Then yes.

can templates be uploaded into and then edit with the email editor in prestashop. - multi language? - multishop compatible?

v1.6.1.4 is compatible. Yes, then you can edit the emails in the prestashop email editor. Multi – yes. But you will have to translate the emails.

Hi, before I buy one question … Email templates are responsive for smartphones and other mobile devices?

If so, show screenshots from mobile phones and tablets please.

Best Regargs

Yes. The templates are responsive.

Excellent! Can you send a test email to my email address for testing? 9533963(at)

Hi, Do these templates work with PS If so, do I have to use the Mail.php class you provide for PS Can you tell more about this modified class and couldn’t we avoid modifying the class to get header and footer included to templates? Thanks.

Thank you.

I am unable to write the needed Mail.php class for The one I have created causes an error in the account creation process. Can you provide Mail.php class for Thanks.

send me an email.

Hi. I have installed the templates in my theme directory. I have translated them to French. By the way, the mail subjects are English. Can you help?

Yes, they are in english language. You will have to translate them.

Thanks for fast answer. In fact, I just had to copy my old lang.php which contains my translations.

hi mate, module is compatible with prestashop and php 7? im getting this error when I try to finish order:

I tested it with PHP7. (version It works as usual. There is no problem. PHP 7 has no affect at the templates at all.

thanks for testing mate… so, based on that error, can you give me a hint on how we can fix and I can use on my shop? I really want to use your templates my friend…. ty! :)

Are you sure you installed templates properly? I mean. Did you use correct path for templates and files? Do you use other third party software for sending emails?

Hi @jopin, Really nice work ! Can you tell me how can I translate e-mail templates ? Thank you !

Hello, Procedure you can find in user quide.

Let’s check two ways of editing: 1. Translation tool in the backend 2. Editing e-mail templates files that are located on server


Can you tell me if thise is for all email templates or only for orders, invoices?


this is for all emails.

Hi, Please answer my support request.

Thank you


I installed the templates, followed your directions, and am getting a new validation error when placing orders and when trying to send messages within the site.

This is the error from internal mails:

Fatal error: Uncaught -> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template ”/home/eesigns/public_html/themes/default-bootstrap/mails/en/contact.html” on line 8 ”<!-{include file=’.htmlheader.html’}->” – Unexpected “&” <- thrown in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 8

Can you assist?

send me an access to the backend and ftp.

It was resolved. Apparently my html editor added info at the top and bottom of the file and changed the include file lines.

Thank you.

Does this work for all emails including emails to admin like orders, customers service, etc. I currently have this installed but my admin orders email is still the default.

Which folder holds the admin order emails? I can double check to see if it was overwritten by your files.

It would have to replace the mailalerts emails.

you can find the correct folder in the user guide. Don’t forget use correct folder for language. EN for english, DE for german etc.


Its working with presta 1.6 cloud?

Hello, it is working with cloud.


Hi, We have purchased the module but we can’t get it to work. Can you please assist us?

email sent

Hello, do you have German Translations?

Hello, Unfortunately no. Only in english language. But the next generation will support another languages. Will be available soon. One month max.

Does this module work with all themes? Regards

Hello, this is not a module. This is a template for email – The same as a theme for website – this product is for email.

Yes, of course. They work. There is no reason, no connection. Regards.

Hi, does it have microdata?


what do you mean with “microdata”?


Nexthon Purchased

Hello Jopin,

I noticed that it have only few templates within it. Such as it have processing template but for order shipped it used old default template. Kindly fix this or issue refund.

Regards, nexthon


Nexthon Purchased

I doubled check before making this comment :) and even after. I am taking about core templates not of modules.

about 70% core templates are missing. Do you have skype ?


Nexthon Purchased

waiting for reply.

Unzip the package. Try to count number of templates inside.

Then download Prestashop installation package and count number of core templates. You will see, the number is the same. It means nothing is missing. All standard email templates are included. Happy new year 2017.


Nice module :D But everytime that i want to translate i can’t use backoffice, when i use it gives me an error and i cant send or recieve emails. Server don’t resposnd when i use backoffice to translate emails.

I can’t use your Mail.php also it gives same error after that.

Hello SoulBurst,

first of all. This is not a module. Anyways.

What version of Prestashop do you use? Don’t use old version of email templates. Rather use new version without mail.php overwrite.

Hello, I have just purchased the module and tried to upload the module through the backoffice but nothing is to find. Any solutionss

email sent

Dear Sir, The Email Templates are in multilingual ?

Hello Stefano, thank you for the question. The email templates are in english language. But it is possible to translate them into your language. Regards