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wrkalot Purchased

I am in a similar situation as iowabilisim. The wordpress version seems to be much more mature. It also seems like the prestashop version isn’t really ready for a live site. Since my site is brand new and in developement, is it possible to get the wordpress version?

Sorry, we no support change item. If you have any problem, please open ticket on my site. We will help you. Thanks


Hi! Could you please explain how can I correct change the names of folders /tshirtecommerce/ on my own name.

Sorry, you can’t change this folder. If you changed all system not working.

Hi. I would like to know if the following is possible with your module. I would like to sell printed banners, so the user would have to input both a height and a width of the banner. I would like to include the option for the user to add eyelets/grommets. Would the module be able to calculate square meterage/footage and the price of the eyelets if they choose it?


Sorry, now system not supported allow customers add size with width and height.

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.


amejia13 Purchased

Hello, I have installed and configured the module, but when I go to the product on front end and I click on “Personalizar” under the Add to Cart button I go to a blank page…

What can be happening?



Please help me open ticket on my site and give info of your site. We will help you check. Thanks


@amejia13 I have the same problem since last update.


Please help me open ticket on my site and give info of your site. We will help you check. Thanks


Hello, I think your module isn’t ready and you have a lot of problem, if I read all the comments, a lot of tickets are open and no anwers or very late, my tickets are still open,..and I can not go further, wouldn’t it be easier to wait until the module is really ready before selling it. I would like to start the business on my website and I cannot as your module is not running correctly. If I do not have something running correctly, I will as my refund. Thanks


Sorry of problem, my team working on this module and try fixed all bugs. We will fixed all your site and give update as soon as possible. Thanks


wxanl Purchased

Hello, i am interested in buying this module but have several questions.

1: We want to use this module for people to customize laser-engraved gifts. Therefore we actually dont need a backside or name and number, only front design. Can the backside and other options be disabled ?

2: What output formats are supprted except pdf ? Can i download a .jpg or .png without the base image so i can import it into the laser-engravement software ?

3: is there a backend demo so i can see what some more detail in how the module is used ?

Did anyone use this module for something else than t-shirt design and could provide me with a link so i can check it out ?


You can use our system design any type of product. Only small our customers use to design t-shirt.

1. you can config show or hide in admin page.

2. System supported download file output with PNG (300 DPI), SVG, PDF .

3. Sorry, more our customers checking with site demo and we can’t share admin account. I hope you understand. Thanks


wxanl Purchased

Hi and thank you for your reply.

It should be possible for you to create a restricted demo account like all the other module developers do. i really need to see this module running in Prestashop before buying.

Anyone using this module in prestashop and have it running ?

Thanks you your idea. We give admin account of all other version but it only works 2-3 days after someone changed info or remove account or post content not good…So other customers cant check. We looking solution of this problem. I hope can install site demo and show to all customers. I hope you understand. Thanks

I agree with basketvision, I have many problems in the operation of this form and I want to make them public to see if there is someone ch air and can help me. I enter the following exactly the content of 2 tickets you submitted in support of two days but I have no answer!

1st tickets

I ask you to please help me (I spent a few hours to figure out but I did it) because i can not use the form That I Purchased. I describe step by step all you have done to see if I made mistakes. I performed the tests using different browsers but the outcome has not changed. I’m using PrestaShop The state That I am using a demo site (https://www.aziendademo.it/p1618)

I opened the prestashop-custom-product-designer.zip files and copied to the root folder https://www.aziendademo.it/p1618 the tshirtecommerce (/www.aziendademo.it/p1618/tshirtecommerce), then I copied the form tshirtecommerce in the modules directory (/www.aziendademo.it/p1618/modules/tshirtecommerce)

I then installed Prestashop admin as your tshirtecommerce the form guide.

I tried to follow as a by your guides https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SejKQ_A6XSg use and I noticed That at some stages your screens are different from the choices That I have. for example by saving the test product sku asks me a code … but there is no field to define it.

there really is something wrong. would be many situations to report, please go to my website, I give you administrative access, to understand what is wrong. I am very Concerned Because I have given my assurance to a customer That could have made e-commerce with your form (it’s a print shop).

let me know as soon as possible if it works.

once it was understood the problem, to build this extension on the actual site, simply uninstall it and reinstall it from this site demo, with the license key, in real site?

2 tickets

today I bought the T-Shirt Form eCommerce, I installed it on a job site before using the site of one of my clients That I’m going to design soon to see how how to set it. I have a problem, as you see dall’immaginer attached, That When I go into settings / configuration menu, remains firm without giving me a chance to use it with the message Data Loading … how how? I something wrong? Sepro you to give me a solution soon, I am firm in the design and development of the real site.


I am very sorry. We see your ticket and your problem, we checking it and fixing. We will reply and give update to your site.


Thank you for your response, I hope you solve the problems within short deadlines, are big hardships with my client, let me know as soon as you have solved or send me the update!

Thanks you so much! We will reply via ticket.

Still having issues with this modules:

1- And if trying to update quantity +/- in “Shopping-cart Summary”, price discount will not update properly.

2- Customer Invoices will not display ‘product Description’ with image design; so customer will not be able to see their designs on their invoices.

Please just double check shopping cart and cart summary. Something is not right the way cart is calculating or updating.

I have a ticket for this problem (URGENT)




Sorry, what your ticket number? Please reply via ticket. My team will help you check. Thanks

Hello my ticket number


If you add a custom item with your module in the cart, you can not delete it

If you delete it, the total does not update

And if we refresh the page the article returns to be noted in the basket :(

I lose a lot of commands following this bug :(

Thank you for your help

very urgent


Omarstl Purchased

HI how can i install coz it wont let me upload thru Extension Installer fails and says Invalid file type! pls give me little instruction how to upload. thx


Please open ticket on my site. We will help you check and install. Thanks



I am interesting about your product – PrestaShop CustomProduct Designer. Can I test it like an admin before I’ll buy this module? This is very important for me – I want check it designing business cards, leaflets, banners and other DTG products.

Best regards Mateusz www.e-druk.com

Hello, is this pissible to set settings to put the uploaded (by custommer) image on bottom (bottom layer) automaticaly? Not draging it.