PrestaShop Custom Product Designer

PrestaShop Custom Product Designer

Module Custom Product Designer for PrestaShop


Version 1.0.3 (17 June 2017)
    - Support prestashop 1.7.1.x
    - Add more layouts of design tool
    - Allow create new layout of design tool, customize and setup layout with each product
    - Allow setup size with width, height of box design (old version fixed 500×500px)
    - Config DIP of file upload, check DPI when customers upload and display warning
    - Quick install with automatic setup and import product demo
    - Added Team & Number feature
    - Added Tshirtecommerce's attributes
    - Added display button Custom Your Design positions on Front-Office
    - Sort categories of clipart
    - One click to add clipart
    - Add option show or hide terms of upload
    - Automatic add photo to design when uploaded
    - Allow change color of photo
    - Update new google fonts (800+ fonts)
    - Change logo option in setting page
    - Change text loading option in setting page

Fixed Bugs
    - Fixed some issues on designer tool
    - Fixed price issues on shopping cart
    - Fixed issues on version 1.5.x
    - Fixed mutiple currency issue
    - Fixed conflict with Visual Composer Module
    - Fixed conflict with Paypal(EU) Module
    - Fixed can not add color when create design
    - Fixed can not download design in order
    - Install addon
    - Active and load design of store
    - Download design of store
    - Can’t add cart, save design when image product missing
    - Missing thumb views front, back on mobile
    - Cut images of clipart on mobile
    - Issues when save design idea
    - Change product design
    - Prices issue on page design and page cart
    - Can't load large amount of fonts on design tool
    - Can not save design on IE
    - Edge version 15.x: can't change color of clipart and count colors of design

Version 1.0.2 (22 February 2017)

    Translate text of [Custom Your Design] button

Fixed Bugs
    - Blank design page when click custom your design
    - Can not add to cart when disable stock management
    - Can not delete cart
    - PHP warning on order history and front office
    - Can not download design
    - Only add to cart
    - Error javascript when have no taxes
    - Loading forever when add to cart
    - Change product
    - Double printing infors on shopping car
    - Only hide [Add To Cart] button for product which display Custom Your Design on Front-Office

Version 1.0.1 (23 January 2017)

    Support prestashop 1.5.x

Fixed Bugs
    - Fixed double product in shopping cart when add to cart
    - Fixed display on mobile
    - Fixed calc prices include taxes on designer tool
    - Fixed can not view design with link saved/sharing
    - Fixed always loading [Save] button and [Save and Stay] button on products management

Version 1.0.0 (22 December 16) – initial release