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Excellent plugin! I like it! :)

Very cool! You have so many modules that I want. Do you plan on making a pack with bundle discount available?

Hi ygorla! One of our modules was included in the explorer pack that came out less than 1 month ago and we have no plans to release another pack soon, although we don’t rule out the idea in the future.


I purchase this add-on. I am having some problem in this add-on, when i go to any existing order and want to add custom product, I can’t see the “Add Custom Product” Button. Can you please suggest? This is my Website

Regards Kayes

Please, send us your store details to and I will take a look now :)

Details send to email, Please check.

Fixed, thank you for your feedback!

Hi I have two questions with this module

1. can you add products to an existing order, that is already set on payed, because usually than the invoice and delivery bill is created and you can’t change the offer at all

2. if you can add products after setting on payed the other question is, is the invoice and delivery bill generated again. Because the shop information can show maybe the right new price, what is with the invoice, is the new added product also on this new invoice

As you said, if the invoice and delivery bill is created, you can’t change offer at all. So you can’t add custom products. But if you are asking for this functionallity, please, contact us ( for a custom development.

I forgot to tell you can add products in an order set on payed and the bill is re-generated if the order is not validated. but the delivery bill don’t change because the products added don’t exist, so it doesn’t have weight. You can change the shipping cost easily with this module:

Great work! Good Luck ;)

Hello there,

When I click “add custom product” I get the following error:

— Impossible to show add custom product form.

textStatus: ‘error’ errorThrown: ’’ responseText:

I am running prestashop 1.6.09

Any ideas?

Please contact us in to check it

Hi Looks good module. Got some questions: How the customer will pay the custom product? Is there a possibility to add a photo, the weight of the product? Does the weight will increase the price for delivery?


Hi Vince, We have planned a new version that includes this features but we don’t know when will be available. Regards

Hi, Any news of the update with the weight for shipping costs ? I would buy if it has this feature. Thanks

Hi nadeau, it still in the same situation, we will include a new item in the list “Features” in the description of the module when it’s available. Regards

Thanks. The sooner the better. No release date yet ?

No, we don’t have a date at the moment

Hi There,

This module looks very interesting. But I have one question. We make a lot of orders from the backoffice of prestashop. Is it possible to add the custom orderline there as well?

hi, actually the module only allows to add custom products in existing orders, so you have to create the order (in bo or fo, it doesn’t matter) and after that enter into orders->your order and add what you want. Regards

Hi, i have this module few months now and everything works fine just i got this message when im in modules page “Add Custom Product: No name provided”.

Please send us an email to to check it.

Regards Prestanitro


I bought product but is doesnt works as i expected. I cant add a custom product to the existing cart. This is what i really need. Have U some ideas guys?

Please contact us in to check it.


Hi, does it also allow you to specify product cost, so that you can calculate profit automaticly in the reports?

Hi Mustra, you can check all the features here: URL: User: demodemo Pass: demodemo

Best regards

I have problems with the module. i sent a message for a week, and i haven´t got any answer.

Sorry for the delay, please could you send a mail to to check it? Best regards

Live preview does not work – Error message – Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATEHY000 Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)

Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s working again.

when you press the ‘order’ button below custom shipping. What does this do. Does it send email to customer to say he can pay.

This part is another module, you can find it here:

Hi, has this module been updated, and tested for Prestashop I am asking, cause I don’t see the button to add a custom product to a new order.

Yes, the module should work in this version without problems, please contact us in to check it. Best regards

Is this working with, cause when i add a custom product the price of it it doesn’t add up to the total cost of the order.

Please send us and email to Best regards

This script doesn’t quite work as expected: If you want to add a custom product to an order, you first have to created the order, then add the custom product.

I have two problems with this: 1. It’s impossible to send an order to a client, if the only thing on the on order will be a custom product. Instead you need to add another product, save the order, then add the custom product 2. The customer gets an email with the order details, as soon as the order is saved – this obviously cause confusion since the customer expects “product x”, but instead gets invoiced for “product y”. 2.a) In the scenario above, you now need to explain to the client why you sent him the wrong order. 2.b) If the client ordered 5 items, including a custom product, he’ll get an invoice for only 4 items, since the custom product only gets added afterwards. Again, you as shop owner now need to explain to your client why you forgot to add the custom order.

This makes any shop owner look unprofessional.

The module is intended for add custom products to an order created by the client like you can see in the video and live demo. Like i said you by mail, this behaviour is interesting but actually isn’t planned.

Best regards

don’t you think you should mention this limitation??

I’m sorry that the module is not what you expected but for this reason we offer the video and the live demo, to let users check the operation of the module before purchasing.

Hi, is it possible to add an additional price for the shipping ?

Hello Xununa,

Actually the module don’t allow to include additional price for the shipping.

We will contact you if we develop this feature.

Best regards,