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Amazing plugin , keep going :)

Thank you so much :)


1. Is this module compatible with the native prestashop newsletter module? Will the email be stored in the same table in the database?

2. Does the module send a verification or confirmation email to user after signup?

3. I want to be able to send the user a voucher code in the confirmation email after the sign up. Can i add the voucher code in the module BO?


1. This is a stand alone module for prestashop and do not have any conflict or relation with the native newsletter module.

2. The Verification and Confirmation email is handled by the Constant Contact server.

3. It will require custom development to add the voucher code to be sent after subscription. You can email us at developers@solvercircle.com for a quote. Thanks …. Nasif :)

hi seems you have 3 products in subscription popup.what are the differences?

OK,which one works with prestashop built-in newsletter?

All of these are stand alone and sends the email addresses directly to the service providers List or Campaign. So, there are not related with prestashop built-in newsletter. Maybe in future updates we shall think about adding this relation ship.

I would like to use the module just to synch my mailchimp account with my registered customers.

Will it work?


Sorry I meant to say constant contact.

But will the module synch my current clients with constant contanct or mail chimp?


Actually these are subscription modules. If you need we can perform the custom development to sync your existing data as a separate task :)

hello, can be programmed to appear only the first time that the client accesses. I have another module yours popup and displayed whenever the customer is going to start

you can set the cookie expiry time very high for the users, so that it does not show up for him in year :) http://solvercircle.com/docs/prestashop-constant-contact-popup/#admin_settings
Hello, on Line 220 in the file: constantcontact.tpl… There is an image with relative path that is giving me a not found file error:
<img src="modules/constantcontact/al.gif" />
You can use this to fix it:
<img src="{$modules_dir}/constantcontact/al.gif" /> 

Thank you so much , we shall update it :)

Hi, is it possible to customized the fields? I will like be able to add a form in CMS pages in Prestashop, with a few questions also, not just the name and email…


Hi, You can check the documentation : http://solvercircle.com/docs/prestashop-constant-contact-popup/ to get more info regarding features and for customization you can email us to get a quote.

ok, so no, there is only subscription options, thanks any way

This module is developed to make the subscription more lucrative to the visitors to motivate them. Thanks :)


I need this module fo my version of prestashop. Can you modify this module for my use ?



Hi Alfred, please email us at developers@solvercircle.com for a quote :)

Hello, is it possible to have the subscription form without a pop-up? E.g. to included it as a hook or in a custom page.

Please email us for custom solutions at developers@solvercircle.com

Hi, I get an error after installing:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Collection in [...]/modules/constantcontact/lib/Collections.php on line 3
[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module Collections:
Cannot redeclare class Collection

What can be the issue?

Please make sure to use PHP version above 5.3

I’m using PHP Version 5.4.14

Does it work in Prestashop 1.4x?

Sorry, it supports the latest version.