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can’t install the module. Prestashop said that i don’t have enough permission to update the module, i need to be logged into “prestashop marketplace” to install the module. i already logged in, but your module doesn’t install. However i tried also on a fresh and clean prestashop installation. Please fix it, thanks !

send me admin and ftp information into my email address thanks :)

i installed that and sent you FTP and other informations. However your plugin doesn’t load csv file

my friend kindly check all working perfect :)

I do not understand this silence, no response on my requests for assistance do I do?

check message that i have sent you from skype :)

It bigboss555 thanks a lot, great service there was a mistake on my part not due to him not keep account of my previous comments, I solved the problem quickly and now everything ok the module is healthy. Thank you

why support don’t answer since 5 days ?? I am going to poor rating this item. It doesn’t works (i can’t upload csv file) because i am getting a blank page. Already sent FTP and prestashop password.

done your job already 12 hours ago and sent you email check thanks :)

Hello, I send 2times e-mail for support and i do not have answere for 2 weeks. I have a problem : After the installation of the module, I have problems opening the pages “Add car Make”, “Add Car Model” and “Add car Year”

I didn’t get your admin and ftp access information so kindly send me and let me know thanks :)

Can this plugin be customized to work like the vehicle search filter in

check my plugin demo if it ok for you then fine or if you want to do any customization contact with this email address thanks :)

I have tried installing the plugin but doesn’t work have tried contacting the author and also send him my ftp details been 3 days now and no reply.

sent you reply ftp not working thanks :)

Works perfect now!! Would recommend for those who want to do basic things hats off for the support. Due to time difference i was having issue with support Excellent work!!! carry on

It’s a cool plugin, I was looking for something similar :) Other than Make, Model and Year, I think you should include “Version” too. Because it helps filter the results much better.. and the most important info is the car version. For example someone searches an auto part for a VW Passat 1.9 TDI Variant 1999-2004. Here VW is the make, Passat is the car Model, Year is 2000 (or anything else between 1999 and 2004), and the Version is 1.9 TDI Variant 1999-2004. Because this Version of Passat was made between 1999 and 2004. I hope I you understood well what I was trying to tell :)


we have maximum 3 field right now for make model year but if you need more field you can check our preastashop engine and fuel filter thanks :)

language file is available for module translation? Thanks to how to proceed in case traduzine in individual files? Thank you

One question, though amount csv file products how do I make attribire products to car make, model and year? The importer csv is not seen you this function? Thank you and good job

Hello I would like the filter for the required fields for searching, but is free only brand, and model and year is opzinale how can I do?

Great assistance and help to the most appropriate settings to my site, great developer, deserve 5 stars

It’s supports custom themes other the default theme? Also it supports Prestashop Hooks?

yes support preastashop top and left hook it will work other theme also but if u face any small issue i will help you thanks :)

Perfect. Before I purchase the module. It haves Year/make/Model but I want also submodel. If I buy this module, you can provide me the module with Year-Make-Model-Submodel? 4 fields?

then you need customization thanks :)


PrestaShop version: Can’t install module.

we are working on for latest version that’s why we didn’t change our plugin supported version you can check it will take 1 week to come market i will send you notification when it ready thanks :)


update is ready?

my friend it will ok within 2 days solving some issue and i will let u know sorry for delay thanks again :)

hello, when I duplicate a product is duplicated everything but the associations to the brands and models of the filter, you can solve this detail? Thank you

thanks I await your news, good job

hello, you have then verified the ability to clone products including data entered into the filter? Thank you

Hi bigboss555, we want to buy your module but we need add extra fields for the filter. Make, Model, Year, Engine and Fuel (optional) but we saw that this module doesnt have it, is there anyway to add it. Also, we found another module like this, but theres any update since december ‘14, it is working now a days this module?


working fine preastashop upto not 1.7 thanks :)

hello I realized that the filter shows the price with 4 decimal numbers like this € 249.0996, while the product is € 249.10 in the rest of prestashop filter appears correct only if using filter parts in the previews is reported differently. I opened fil dwt but I see that seems correct, how can I force you see only two decimal places? Thank you and good job

my friend i sent u reply via email so send me admin and ftp access i will take care of it thanks :) sent u via skype also :)

Hello, responded on skype, thank you so much


I had the module installed but it was not displayed correctly. I’ve updated the module to the last version and the theme’s menu has been broken. The problem only disappears if I disable the module.

(Ticket # 135644).


My friend i don’t see purchase tag why ? send me admin and ftp access let me check myself my email thanks :)

Sorry, I was logged in with another user. The correct user is GrupoTASS. You will have received several emails from Thanks

your admin access wrong just checked can you check your admin and ftp access then send me email please again thanks and waiting…

Hello is it possible to use only Make and Model and not Year?

not possible but i will do that for you with free customization so u need buy plugin then give me 5 rating with great comments then send me admin and ftp access to my email address i will take care of it thanks :)

How to change view of module to vertical filter? and how to disable the year field??

Can you place the module verticale and disable the year field?

Can you place the module verticale like this?

Hi, i have a Problem with the filter and wrote you an E-Mail. Hope you can help me

solved and sent you email thanks :)

Hello I bought the plug in and now how can I add it on my back end in presta shop?

Have u installed it successfully ? if not send me admin and ftp access to my email address thanks :)

Hi, plugin don’t work. I’m still waiting, from over a week. I contacted you via skype and also via email and I gave you all you need to solve the problem. Please fix it asap.

How do you handle universal parts? Some parts fit all vehicles and they should appear, too, when filtering.

u need to assign make model year for each product thanks :)

Thank you. If possible, it might be worth your while to add a flag for “universal” at the product level so that products can show up in filtered results without adding every YMM.

Sorry this way it not work thanks :)