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hello bigboss555, I’d like to know if this can be used as a search feature hooked on the homepage?

You can use shortcode thanks :)

After the installation of the module, I have problems opening the pages “Add car Make”, “Add Car Model” and “Add car Year”

send me admin and ftp access plz into my email thanks :)

please i request my money back you never answer my messages and the plugin doesn’t work

My friend you send me access without your website url so how can understand what is your website url ?

cpanel access ok kindly send me website admin url i am solving your issue within 20 mins thanks :)

This extension looks just what Im looking for. However I only need it setting up for certain products as I have products that are not related to cars. Is it easy enough for me to set this up to just show up on certain categories?

no sir you need little customization if need knock me via email thanks :)

Also do you have the ability to addthe filters by csv rather than one by one? I noticed you adding links to this but noe of them work – they just go to a blank page

after bought it you need to buy our csv import module cost is 15 USD that will help you auto assign product with filter data :)

I have sent mail to support, please check

sent you reply sorry for late thanks :)

access not working…

hello id like your module , is it possible to make filters like this

My friend our module is only make model and year thanks :)

Hi I need help installing this. Please help . can you do teamviewer?

Yeah but that didn’t solve my problem. I can’t get the module installed. not by ftp or website backend. Nothing works and the module doesnt appear under modules

I have now installed the module but i cannot access the pages “Add car Make”, “Add Car Model” and “Add car Year”..?

send me admin and ftp access into thanks :)

I need help with getting the module to work properly. Please help.

I will pay the $10 you want to help me fix the issue.

It’s been 3 days and you still haven’t helped me. Please help me get this working properly.

You gave me pain toooo much Deniel never forget that you try to change mysql version from server and create huge problem so you never told here why you pay me 10 thanks :)

and all solved 4 days ago thanks :)

After the installation of the module, I have problems opening the pages “Add car Make”, “Add Car Model” and “Add car Year”

my friend kindly send me admin and ftp access we will check your issue thanks :)

If I can help people who are having the Admin problems, Clear your Cache after you do the install, will fix your problem in 99.9% of the cases…

Prestahsop it it happen clear cache load all new controller so if you face issue i can help you no problem :)

I’ve requested a full refund since your module locks up Prestashop’s backoffice. I wish you could have fixed the issue.

Hello sir you waste my time becz you changed server setting and told me plugin not working you never agree you done mistake so no more refund thanks :)

You need good knowledge about server settings :)

Thanks for showing everyone your true nature – blame everything EXCEPT your work. Spend less time throwing blame around and more time writing a better module and I’m sure you’d be successful.

Envato gave me a refund because I can prove your module DOES NOT WORK!

Is was super easy to do: Load data – Prestashop doesn’t work. Delete data – Prestashop works! Hmmmm…. oh, the data was for your module only. Pretty darn easy conclusion. Refund received, thank you very much. I’m going to use VehicleFits instead.

Good afternoon , our emails was no answer , do you have solved the problem ?

Hello My friend both plugin working super good and i made all perfect for you so check and confirm me i am sorry for delay support so my friend my special request kindly give me 5 rating for both plugin and good comments my help will be continue for you thanks :)

Thank you very much for your help

welcome my friend but i am waiting for 5 rating and good comments plz when you have time thanks :)

After the installation of the module, I have problems opening the pages “Add car Make”, “Add Car Model” and “Add car Year”

i sent you reply your ftp access not working thanks :)

I sent good FTP acces

please send state for GEO security!

Doesnt show up in Prestashop Is it becaue of the language in the Backend -we use german. Could you Update the module? And do installation through Modules Page in Prestashop? Thank you

send me your admin panel access with ftp my email address thanks :)

Hello! Add your plugin to site, and trying add car make, or model, or year, I see same problem with white screen, at firebug console have “NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error”. How can you help me?

where is your purchase TAG ?

thanks :)

contact with my email address thanks :)

This plugin looks great.

My requirement is to filter and calculate the total cost of the products in the search results.

The cost of each product would need to be calculated based on a group of attributes selected in the search function.

Please let me know if this is possible, or if you have another solution ?



you need customization so contact with me thanks :)

E ‘can customize the filter, adding parts such as engine displacement?

yes i can contact with me my email address thanks :)


I can´t add Make, Models or years at backend

I send you an email.


send me admin and ftp access please thanks :)


I have seen the answer in email and I saw that was solved. Great technical support.

Thank you very much

Please give us 5 rating thanks :)

Over a year you can get the engine capacity to filter, or if you can not change the year in engine capacity? Thank you

there was an extra letter after the /, though you’ve pasted the correct url thanks

No way, I downloaded the form that you have you corrected in domunio tests, the final installed in the domain but does not work, I do not know what to do … I’m willing to pay for assistance even if I have already paid but I have to finish this project and I am blocked for this module does not work. I already gave you the access data you send them away and hope to get an answer from you, and I sent several emails and messages on skype but without a definitive answer, look forward to your response with the solution