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Hello, figured out most minor issues. However, our display of products shows 2x $Pricing on GRID view and does not display correctly at all on LIST View. Also only have ? for picture even after re-doing thumbnails and cache, even though pictures work fine once entering the actual product page or quick view.

Please look and advise as we think it might be a shop setting and really like the simplicity of the Module so far…

p.s. minor change needed to work correctly in https shops. and ZIP file downloads with too many folders. Need to unzip and re-zip to work.

My friend send me admin and ftp access to my email address i will tale care of it thanks :)

Hello team, still waiting on a solution to “list view issue” and products showing in stock when they are not.

My friend send you reply via email kindly check thanks :)

Hi. Can i add more fields for filtering products? Like “modification” field (sedan, coupe, hatchback, ...)? If “no”, can you add this functional to module?

u can use 3 field but must be relational thanks :)

so u can change text and use that if that they are relational thanks :)

Hello if u need more fields then u need customization kindly contact with me via email address thanks :)


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Hello. Tell me please how to add more fields

You bought support that’s means i need to do extra work for u ? have you check support details ? customization is totally different cost if you don’t like my budget then leave it thanks :)

So plugin not work on your domain then let me know i will check becz u have bought support thanks :)


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Firstly,200$ isn’t the point which is 7 times much more the price which we have agreed befor(30$) The point is that you asked to add you in skype and wait during a week,we did what you asked but after two weeks you hardly answered for our request. Because of your irresponsibility we wasted our time(3weeks) and we ran behind our work schedule.Our store is full of goods but we are waiting till one unfair person does his work. Secondly,you don’t answer to the clients messages though you have to do support during a year. We won’t use your plagin and time by time we’ll warn customers about your professional irresponsibility and the “quality” of your product.

My friend if you don’t like my price then forget this i told you price based on work and i am not mad 30 USD going to 200 USD thanks and leave it if u need customization knock me email that’s better. :)

Hi, I send you an email to support on monday. Have you receive it ? i’ve got a problem whith your module and i need your help to fix it ! Thanks ;)

this one : I’ve used your support page

I’ve just sending you an other email with my BO access. It will be great if you can take a look.

solved and sent u email reply thanks :)


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The PLAGIN is absolutely UNSUITABLE for selling car parts. Selling version is USELESS . But if you decide to buy this product you should know that overpay for support (8$) is SENSLESS because you will not get any support .But all of sudden if you get some support and would like to improve the product the support by DECEPTION and DUCKING will demand huge sum of money which is 5–15 times more then the price of the plugin. The SELLER is completely IRRESPONSIBLE. His promise is worth nothing. Like I wrote before the plagin is useless without’s completely unsuitable for selling car parts.

В первоначальном виде плагин абсолютно не подходит для продажи авто запчастей,он БЕСПОЛЕЗЕН. Но все же, если вы решили купить данный продукт, вам необходимо знать, что не стоит переплачивать 8$ за тех поддержку. Это абсолютно БЕССМЫСЛЕННО, поскольку тех поддержки вы НЕ ДОЖДЕТЕСЬ, а если дождётесь какого-то ответа, то путём ОБМАНА и увёртываний, от вас потребуют денег размер которого 5-15 раз больше цены данного плагина.ПРОДАВЕЦ абсолютно БЕЗОТВЕТСТВЕННЫЙ..Его обещания ничего не стоят и если вы решили доработать программу,то он будет увертывать с целью поднятия цены, а в конце выставит вам счёт в ДЕСЯТИКРАТНОМ размере от стоимости плагина. Повторяюсь, ПЛАГИН без доработки БЕСПОЛЕЗЕН, он абсолютно не подходит для продажи автозапчастей.

Ohh my GOD my friend you missed original message u told me you need more fields for filter so that’s why i have told you for customization cost have i told anywhere this is dynamic and u can add more and more field if u want ? if plugin make model and year not work i am 500% ready for support but if u need more fields then u need to pay me thanks :)

Hello mate we have been testing the module and realized that when user enters the site from front-end and select from the drop-down menus the Make, Year and Model of his car. Once the selection is made he is presented only with parts that apply to his car selection, thats ok. But the problem is that the user cannot browse the various categories that contains the filtered results, because the search results resets when you clic on any category. Can you fix this? Because it’s useless to filter by make and model and year, without the possibility to refine the search with the categories in a store with about 5000 products. Will be waiting for your reply. Thanks you.

Our filter has no relation with product category i know what you want but if u need any customization we can do that for u kindly contact with me email address thanks :)

Install the module but it does not appear, I look for it one by one and I reinstall it and it tells me that it is installed correctly. With what name appears in the modules? I do not appear in the sidebar as the photos indicate, I have prestashop version

kindly send me admin and ftp access to my email address thanks :)

hello. i’m very interested to you module. is it compatible with prestashop ? can i use you module for search a differente product? (i need use if for search toner and cartridges? can i see how your module works with an access to your admin demo area? thanks

It will work with latest version no problem i will help u but our module is 3 label filter make model and year if u need any customization we can do that for u with small cost thanks :)

contact with me email address

Hi, I would like to somehow implement this module in front of (or even into) Slider Revolution, which can be also purchased in this marketplace. Would be this possible? Or should I contact Slider Revolution developer first? Thank you

Prestashop sshortcode not available like wordpress but if u want to implement into slider u need custom development and i can help u for u and u need to pay me contact with me via email thanks :)

Hi, I can’t use your module…I’ve just send you an email on Could you help me to fix it. Thanks ; )

ok thanks :)

It would be a fine plugin, however – it lacks an important feature – to filter the parts WITHIN category. Image if I have hundreds of even just dozens of car parts for specific model. The user would select the model and will be displayed with hundreds of cart parts without having the ability to filter it down by type – tires, bolts, engine parts. It would be a huge mess.

I suppose this issue is because of Prestashop’s & Wordpress’s limitation?

contact with me via email thanks :)

Good morning, there is a pretty big problem with the plug. I have it installed on version with version 7.1 PHP. The plug does not want to function properly. I can not assign attributes to a product, only one can choose a brand, but the rest of the items can not be assigned. I also changed the year to type. Please help. Below are links to photos.

Kindly send me admin and ftp access to my email address thanks.


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Ι downloaded the plugin but It shows that the set up is proceeding the prestashop does not show anything, i had send access for ftp and presta dashboard bad i wait the solution 1 weak about.


robger Purchased


Kindly send me admin and ftp access to my email address let me check thanks :)


I bought the module and tried to install it but I get “Oops… Upload failed.” Any idea?

i was able to install it manually. However, when I edit my product details, it does not save the filter module. Everytime, I go to module in the product section, it asks me to configue the module and add the filter again. Any idea?

Are you going to update the version so that it is available in Prestashop 1.7.2?

Yes it will work with this version thanks :)

Hi, when you expect to have a version for pretsashop 1.7.2? Thank you!

you can buy module no problem we will soon update thanks :)

I bought the module and unfortunately it does not work with Prestashop 1.7.2. When will the update be?

I urgently need a properly functioning module

my friend kindly send me admin and ftp access to my email address i will solve it soon and send you email thanks :)

Hi, I’m interested to use this for a ink/cartridge search filter. Is it possible for me to change it? Also is it compatible with the latest version of prestashop?


it will work with latest version no problem thanks :)

if u need extra customization contact with my email address thanks :)