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if your blog module supports short code?

Hi , Support this short code

The url for all the posts is: “news-page?id=1”. Can I change that to: “categoryname/postname” ?

Hi , Yes, we plan to update it

Do you know when it’s gonna be available?

After one week

I am having issues to set it up, can i please have your demo admin access to see how you’ve set it up. Thanks

Yes I finish with a link overrayd . Sorry from delay

You need to post changelog too , like Date: fixed x and y, it shows that author is active and upgrades/updates the module for customers, just my opinion. :)) I mean on first page of module

Yes of course

Hi, I’m using your Boostrap Blog on my prestashop but it doesn’t work like your preview.

1) Blog posts aren’t displayed on the home page 2) I have a string “asdfasd” which shows on the right column on all pages 3) Post’s dispositions aren’t the same as your preview on the Blog Page

Could you give me more information please ?


Hi , Creat ticket please


great, compatible with prestasho?

Hi , no

Will you update blog to use See any WP Genesis theme framework.

Hi. Unfortunately no

Hi i have a problem whit the style on home page. The blog is shown in a grid style.

You are using a custom template . Unfortunately for blog needed Bootstrap

so this modul can only bee used on bootstrap template?

Prestashop version 1.6 > uses a bootstrap . It has become standard for Prestashop modules Unfortunately author of your template does not use it.

hi, on CATEGORIES MANAGMENT if i create a tree, it doesnt work… for example news and event > news > events if i click update and refersh i have again news and events news event ..

in addition to this, on your installation demo file, you install only 1 file: ag_blogpages and start

i have 2 files: ag_blogpages and ag_viewhelper…. what is this?! please help me

Hi.Please use

ye, but error remain…. how can i set CATEGORIES MANAGEMENT? it doesnt work….... i can set under-categories?

Please create ticket here

Hello, When are you upgrading the blog module to work with latest prestashop?

Secondly, does it support adding videos on blog articles and if yes,then from which companies (e.g. Youtube,etc)

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie


1. Support latest version Prestashop
2. Add any video via frame

Video documentation


Can’t your module also support videos from Youtube/vimeo and how about uploading the video direct to my prestashop server?

The current prestashop version is 1.6.13/14. Does it support all of them?

Thank you Ronnie

Please write me on email and i give you test version . Thanks

Hello, Does your module support Prestashop multistore ?

I will be happy to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie

Hi. Yes support multistore . Thanks

hi is there a way to create a menu item which will show all the posts in different blog categories?

For eg: My Main category is Interior design blog Sub categories are 1. Kitchen 2. Wardrobe

So in top main i should be able to creae menu item blog and sub menus Kitchen and wardrobes. Clicking on blog should show all blog posts including posts in subcategories. How can this be done.

Thanks Rajes

Hi. Please check this Thanks

When i activate BOOTSTRAP options, all of the CSS of my website got a bug… Any help ?...

As you can see here without bootsrap activate : And with bootstrap activate :

Hi. Please use ticket system Thanks

how many pictures can i put on Gallery Post Format?

Please creat ticket Thanks

my friend my english is not good, i tried to open the ticket and i got 404 page, please help me,

You TICKET ID: 1657

Live preview doesn’t work. It’s sad you should check it out

Fixed. Thanks


Support Prestashop, I ask because I saw that the last update was in 3 November 14

Is there a newest release?

And I could see a backoffice demo?


Hi. Yes support PrestaShop v1.6.0.14 .
Please check this video

Does the blog support translations?

Hello, does it support Prestashop ? I saw that it’s compatible with multistore. Can each store publish there own article ? (I work with addons.module multishop)


Hi . Yes support

Hello! We plan to buy your module but before that, I need to know is there any way to show the blog posts in grid view? There is no grid view demo or not in the video you provided. Please let us know.. Thanks

Hi. Yes you can . Thx

I have a question regarding the upload of featured images, do they get renamed or maintain the same name? Mainly because SEO questions.

Hi. same name . Thx

The images of the posts, in the live preview, are named with a code like “34b91f64c3588f320dd0ad8e36001867.jpg”, are you sure? I mean the images of each post in the list.

I will check it in future update . Thx

Hi, I have problems with friendly urls. When I have i can use but not working with for example, can you help me please? Thanks