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Great feature! Congrats on this!

Do you plan on a feature for manipulating the print. We want to be able to print to specific sheets on A4 with 10 stickers on it. This way we can use the barcode to be printed and placed on the product. When we sell product in shop we use POS to scan and quick find it. Maybe if you go further in this it would be nice to place some more product info options to print with the barcode. You will be creating a very nice product sticker for use in every shop in the world!! :-)


But is there an option to choose how much are printed? If you have specific printsheetse you must be able to change the size and total number of what is printed. I see that you already have the attributes on it ;-). It would be great to change the layout of the print so it would be more readable for the consumer. Again I am really happy with your module!

I understand…

You can either print all barcodes from a specific product or you can print all your products, your entire catalog :D.

How can you be happy if you didn’t download it yet? :))


I love the feature already! I am thinking of buying. But I have to think if it is the right one. We need to be able to say only print these labels from this brand in the future. It would be great to have the layout feature.

I would like purchase this module can make it available for Prestashop

Hello sir,

Yes, it works, you can download it and give 777 permissions to the module after install to generate the barcodes(to the img folder in the yoursite/modules/prestabarcode). Okay?

Here’s a short video -> http://screencast.com/t/OJEWhhvfyg


Is there a possibility to set barcode in PDF without barcode numbers only barcode?


Hello sir, the answer is yes, send me an email after purchase and I’ll send the module where you can choose to create codebars without the digits underneath :d.

I just saw the video it shows EAN or UPC number have to manually typed in. Is there a way to automate this process for hundreds of product. May be based on product ID or with some prefix

Hello Sir,

If you already have the EAN or UPC codes already entered, the barcode module will automatically generate them when you Press the generate list button. So, it is automated for hundreds of products, but in Video We’ve shown what happens after you entered them manually :D.


Thank you for this nice resource. But does it support generate 2d barcode such as qr code and data matrix?

We’re talking about Prestashop here which is written in PHP language, not C#(.NET).

QR codes will be introduced later on in this module. But for now, only the barcodes are available.


Hello, I would like to have this module such that my customers can create barcodes for their products and print those barcodes to be put on their products. Where by some one login to his account on my site and create barcodes to be printed for sticking on his or her products. Please help us with that option or feature.

Thank you Ronnie

Hi again,

Well, this module doesn’t do that, if you want such module it will have to be created from scratch and that will cost you more than $15 dollars, maybe multiplied with 10.

Best regards.

Hello, I see you can export to pdf to print all catalogue or 1 by 1 article. great! My question is: can we print a selection of products/combinations at the same time? even better, when we recived a supplier order can we print all ean codes for arriving products? Normally business that need to generate their own EAN codes also need to print them (but not one by one neither 1 unit of each one product´s catalogue hehe)


Hello Ruben, you can print your products normal barcode and products combinations one by one, like you’ve said and you can print your entire catalog(all your products including their combinations).

Hello, Does this module creates all the barcodes for all my products automatic? or only to new ones?

Hello, it generates both old barcodes that you already have entered into your admin and the new ones.

but we need to add the barcodes manually or the module also creates the barcodes for products without it?

How the module can know what barcodes has your product? You have to enter the digits of the barcode in your prestashop product, otherwise the module can’t create barcodes from thin air…

Best Regards.

hey man, cool plugin. i just bought it. However, in the features it says “Generate Ean13, Upc, Code128” . Some of my products have EAN13 so i scan it and enter it, some do not , i need EAN13 to be generated. Any help?

Hello there, you will have to enter for each of your product the ean13 or upc codes. If you already have them, go to modules->barcode generator-> check the “generate Pdf” checkbox and then press the “Generate PDF FILE”, this should regenerate all your barcodes in a single pdf file.

Doing that only generates the 3 first barcodes. please help!

Can you provide a temporary admin password and user to see what’s going on? My email address -> patri_rapty@yahoo.com

I need to automatically generate ean code

I’m sorry to disturb you can you please refund that thing and please remove the topic of “generate ean13, upc,code128” because it’s not happening… Thanks…

Cannot remove that because it’s the exact thing that it does, I’m sorry that you didn’t read further, please visit this link to get your refund, Envato makes the refunds, not me: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Ok sorry again… do you have any idea to get ean13 code … I have lot of products like watches clothing etc….


jmeca Purchased

Hello: i buy your module but if i edit a product the scrip don’t generate a barcode in mi product. It is ok? I think in the feturres say: Auto Generate the barcodes when you edit or add new products.

Is not to much money 17$ but i want to my barcode product auto generate or refund please.

Hello Sir,

It generates the barcodes after you enter the ean-13 code into your product. (You can see the tab with the barcode in every product in your admin).

Also, please read the documentation found in the module.

If it still doesn’t generate the barcode, please go to modules->barcode generator-> Check generate barcode and press the Generate PDF button, this will regenerate all the barcodes in your store.

If it still doesn’t work, please give 777 permissions on the module.

If it still doesn’t work, please provide temporary admin password and ftp account on my email -> patri_rapty@yahoo.com to see what’s going on.

Best regards.

Hello can you do teh same script for wordpress? Thank you

Hi, I would like to know, if an product already have a barcode, would this system leave the origional one alone or overwrite it?

Hello, I don’t understand your question…

The module works like this : 1. You enter for each of your products the ean13 or upc digits in your prestashop admin. 2. You install the module and it will generate for each of your products a pdf with the barcodes which can be scanned or used for whatever reasons… 3. If you update the digits of your products, the barcodes will be regenerated.

Ok I see, I am wanting something to generate the actual 13 digits automatically.

Generate from what? Thin air? :D It needs 12 or 11 digits and your products don’t have that in their names or whatever… Personally, I don’t think there’s something out there to randomly generate barcodes… But of course maybe you can use the product ids or something to generate the barcodes.

Best Regards and good luck!

I’d need to have the barcode on id_order. it’s possible?

Hello, the module can generate a barcode into the invoice of the customer, check image here -> http://screencast.com/t/EPZEJVTN3f8u

I expressed myself badly, I meant … generate the barcode “id order”, the pictures I see that the barcode is the “id invoice”.

Can i generate barcode from single products categories? Must I have EAN-13 code in each product? THANKS

I isntalld on my 1.6.10 pres5tashop site but appears the message:

Tab : ModulePrestabarcode (200) Ocurrió un error en el servidor mientras se cargaban las pestañas: algunas pestañas pueden no haberse cargado. Por favor inténtelo de nuevo refrescando la página. Si sigue encontrando este problema, por favor, revise los registros (logs) de su servidor o contacte con su proveedor de hosting para asistencia.


jmeca Purchased

How can i remove the item “Moduleprestabarcode” from menu Creating/update products?

Prestabarcode.php -> delete the entire function ‘hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra()’ with everything in it.

Best Regards, Patrick.


jmeca Purchased

I deleted the module, i don’t have prestabarcode.php but the hook still there, or there are otrher places where can be? Tank you very much for your help


cjarabm Purchased

Purchase Code: 489f18d3-b558-4286-bcdb-38d896b34842 The product does not work. Delivery error in Prestashop BarCode Generator – ModulesDen :: The tienda-taboo.cl page does not work

The tienda-taboo.cl page can not process this request now. HTTP ERROR 500

Delivery error Prestashop BarCode Generator Set – ModulesDen: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file: /home/jarabmco/public_html/tienda-taboo.cl/tienda/classes/pdf/PDF.php: Call to undefined method HTMLTemplateBarcodes :: getPagination ()

Please tell us to do for the module to operate well.

Hi, I bought this very nice module but I would like to convert ORDER INVOICE (9 letters) in barcode instead of INVOICE NUMBER. That’s possible ?

Thanks for your support

Hi, would it be possible to have a Code 128 Barcode generated from the product reference? Not every product has an EAN Code but an reference. Is it easy to add to the code?

HI is it possible to a make SVG or Vector output for the EAN Codes?

the PDF is only an pixel graphic… :(