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Can I make this so that site visitor will have to add age before entering website? I see this is for individual products, etc. But I need something that will pop up when anyone simply enters the website. Can this do that?

Also… will this remember people so they don’t have to keep entering their address when they return to the website?

Hi, Yes there is one popup will be shown when someone visits your store. It asks about their age. When user enters his birthday it calculates the age automatically and shows the product which is suitable for his age.

Yes this remembers the user whose birthday has been confirmed by the module. It actually stores the confirmation in browser cookie. So user will not see the popup every time when visits the site.

Hope you got your answer. If not then please tell us in details.

Is possible to have a live preview of the module?

Hello. In my Prestashop online shop, Your module doesn’t works fine, with IE and Mozilla Firefox. With Chrome everything goes well (I choose birth date and module works in correct mode), not with IE and Firefox: even if I choose correct birth date (+18), result is redirection to Google homepage. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Sorry for the issue. Can you tell us which version of Firefox and IE you are facing issue?

Hi, sorry for late reply. The IE 11 09600 18098 and Firefox version 42 have problems with the redirect as described in the previuos emails. I hope you can solve it. Regards,


Okay, We will fix those issue in our next release.

Hi sorry for late reply. As explaind in the previous messages, the problem with the redirect applies o the IE version 11 09600 18098 and Firefox42. I hope you can solve it. Regards,


hi i have installed this module but the date picker is not visible margin 0px is not good

width : 0 sorry but age verification is not working !!!

1/ age verification not working ! setting birthday date as yesterday it let me in ! 2/ birthday picker is invisible width 0px not working cant find where i can change css 3/ when you select a Restricted Categories you cannot get back them again list disapear so : may be your able to find a solution quickly or i ask for a refund Envato market second item i buy with disfunction !!!!


Please share your store url with login details at so that I can check the issue.

Congratulations! GoodLuck :)

I just bought the module, but it is not working properly with my Prestashop Installation: Nothing is shown when I open a product I added an age restriction and I also can’t delete the restrictions I created.


Currently the module is not compatible with prestashop version. We are working on it.

HI, Bought the plugin but its not working properly. Once switched on its not restricting the required items.


That sounds crazy. Can you share your website url with login details and FTP at

Hi, this plugin does not work properly with out prestashop account. or if its not compatible please issue a refund.



What do you mean by without prestashop account?