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First customer :) Looks like everything is okey.



Thanks for the comment :-) We’re very happy that everything is okey and hope that this module will boost your sales.

Purchased today and Daresh was kind enough to send me the PS 1.5.6.x version. I’m very happy with it. It works as described above. This is so much more useful than the static default module. Because it will work by category it will help to bring more product attention to the customer and increase sales. I also like that the time for product inclusion can be set, I’m currently experimenting with items sold in the last 90 days. Best of all, it is just as fast as the old module.

So far it is a winner!

Thanks a lot Bill! Hope it will bring you many sales :-)

So awesome! Hopefully you can create a rule for “best sales of the month” that would cover from X month 1st. to X month last day.

Thanks! We can consider that option in the future, but generally we wan’t to keep our modules nice and simple. Would you like it to be for the current month? That could sometimes give empty results, especially at the beginning of the month. Wouldn’t it be better just to set up last 30 days period?

Yep, that’s how I’m currently using it (30 days period) but before I was running it for the current month and, yes, it showed no products for the first 2 days of the month or so, but it was a more precise representation :).

Hello, is it possible to show products in center column in category/manufacturer page ?

This module allows you to change the data for best sellers that you have in your shop currently, it does not have additional templates for displaying best sellers in other parts of the shop, but thanks for the interest, we will consider this kind of features in future releases.

Hello! Can your module display bestsellers products from category on category pages indeed or not? It’s possible in description but I saw above in comments it isn’t possible.

Hello! This module replaces products displayed as best sellers. So if you display best sellers block on category page now (for example using the default Prestashop module), and install this module, those products will change from global best sellers to best sellers from current category. This module does not have any front end block, it replaces the data, so that any module that you currently use to diplay best sellers starts working smart and context aware.

Check out the live preview of the module and browse the demo shop. On different categories you’ll see context best sellers in the Top Sellers block in left column.

very great module and support reply me fast and help me install the module in just a few min. perfect!

Thanks, good luck with sales! :)

Does this create a database table listing the best sellers? I actually want to write a script to re-position the products in some categories based on best sellers. This module would be handy to extract the best sellers list from for that purpose. Also, I don’t suppose it can tag the products, similar to the SALE and NEW tags?

No, it does not create a database table.

Is it possible to choose any product to display as best seller? Is it possible to display in left column?

This module replaces the data in Prestashop, so if you display bestsellers anywhere, this module changes products displayed there. It does not have an option to select a bestseller manually, nor does it have any additional frontend blocks.