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Hi, there is no way to set different template for language? I have a Prestashop with 5 language and I would like to send reminder to my customer with correct lang. How can I do this? Thanks!

yes, pls click edit a template, you can enter template fo each language

Is it possible to set different templates to each remaider ?

yes, of course

It’s compatible with Prestashop

sorry no


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Presale questions.

I would like to send the first reminder 15/20 minutes after the cart was abandoned and all I can see is “day and hours”, how about for minutes, can 0.4 or 0,4 hours work ?

Also can the statics be exported in csv/excel format ?


hello, we can customize this for your site, Did you purchased our module?

Hi, does this module can be adapted with one-page-checkout order process?

yes. our module is working on one checkout page

Did you purchase this module?

Hi, This module just run with customer already registered? What happend with the visitors and busybodys, it’s possible recover them? Thanks

yes, when use click a link from email to Cart, our module will recover cart. then customer can check this cart

Did you purchase this module?


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Hello! Can this module GET EMAIL from guest customer / not logged customer, if he write it before exit from checkout? I read it is possible on features “Auto get Email from Guest while Guest checkout & Exit”, but I was trying your frontend & backoffice demo and I couldn’t achieve it. Best regards.

in checkout, enter your email. then EXIT to NO checkout. our module will get your email after you enter AN email & EXIT


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Hello. Thanks for answering. I have sent you an email.

we replied it

Hello.. can you set up the vouchers to have different discounts based on product categories? And do the vouchers get created automatically with each email individually for each person?


we replied your ticket

is there a way to change the ORDER PAGE LINK with a button because the link is not so pretty in the email

order pages is a link, you can put it with any < a href =”{order_page}” ... button…

Hello i bought your module, and I need information about the cron url. The module tells me to apply this: 0 * * * * curl “http: //........../modules/baabandonedcartreminder/sendmail.php”.

I use the SetCronJob service for cron, and i do not know how to set the url setting as indicated in your module. I await a support, thank you.

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your admin account + FTP account
so we can tracking your issue

Dear taydosoft, your module, despite having configured in its entirety, does not work, does not send the reminder. I proceeded to open the ticket (#1941) as suggested by you, providing the admin data and ftp. I hope you can fix it asap.

Thank you very much.

we will check your ticket, when ticket is replied, a email will sent to your email


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hello, link index.php?controller=orderpagelink is not work, can you give some help ?

please reply to your ticket

Have support Ticket #1922 open for 2 weeks now and still not fixed. Now your support has not even responded in 4 business days!

our developer will check this tomorrow and reply your ticket

Your developer already did weeks ago. So at this point either refund or don’t, I am not wasting any more of my time trying to get this to work.

We are in vietnamese, we will have big holiday for NEW Year which called TET from Jan 24 to Feb 02.
read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%E1%BA%BFt
So you should not contact us in this time please !
- We will come to work from Feb 2.
- We will contact you after our holiday
thanks, sorry for delay.
thanks again !

Hi, I have opened 2 tickets but never received the ID of the ticket. Your support system is not working, I can not modify the templates. Changes does not remain after saving. Please I need your answer

What is your ticket ID? We replied all ticket in a day. please check SPAM box or Inbox

Yes, It was on spam box, I will reply you during the day. Thank you



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I can’t reset this module every time i press reset the template i edited is still there. I even uninstall and reinstall it.

so your problem is solved?


Armancon Purchased

Yes thank you