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Yes exactly, if I have a shop in English it works. If Switch to Polish nothing works white board and the inscription fatal error

Hi, can to send me email with your website url?

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Receive e-mail. Thank you!

Hi, I have a presale question – is there a chance to change the colours of category header bar, e.g. blue for New Products, green for Best Sellers, red for SALE?

Dear Sir, with color editor can be change all category bar,but all be with same color(ex.New,Products,Best Sellers etc,all 5 will be black),if you decided to purchase the module,you inform me, i start to modify color editor for every tabs(will have different colors).then you can buy module.

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Hello. I Prestashop version

You write that this version is. But I can not install the module. It seems every time “Fatal Error”

Can you help me?

Thank You

Dear Sir, please send me a private message to give you last version off this module. Best regards!

please verify your email. Best regards!

I tried using this module and the free countdown module but I get a fatal error message pleas help.

Dear Sir, please send me a pm with your website url.

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Hi Is it support RTL?

Hi, Carousel’s can be modified to support RTL,modification is free please see on first comments page.

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Hi, developers of this module! I bought your module Unfortunately, after the installation of the site (http: //magazinmebeli.net) all stopped working He managed to revive only the removal of the module Please understand the situation or recover the money

Thank you

Prestashop version

You write that this version is. But I can not install the module. It seems every time “Fatal Error”


Dear Sir, please see your email and always when do you have a problem with some of my module can to send me a pm.

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Hello, I wanted to buy the product. I see many letters from users who have problems with the product. Is the last version that you as buyer now gets all the problems eliminated? Does it work in Germany and for the version 1.6.014?

Hi, thank you for your question,module is compatibile with version ,work in german language,problems that was some previous users is that in they website was not selected any products to be featured or not exist any top seller products,anyway i offer free support for my modules if they have any problems and can to send me a pm before to buy to be 100% that module may work in your website.

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bofor i buy a pm??? what you mean with pm?

Hi, please verify your email

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I bought and installed your module. Unfortunately, he does not display time or timer. In addition, it displays the word more not to. The left column he not also displays. Everything is on. Also, I can not set time for items in your Admin.

Please help.

and i can not translate VIEWED PRODUCTS is not inside in prestams all the another words i translate already see my website “under support i send my website”

-countdown timer is displayed automatically when you set a limited discount time for your products ( in this moment you have one products with unlimited time discount). -left column is displayed on your website only on product list page on homepage is disable.Enable left column for homepage. For translate please verify your email.

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. my email is correct, but I did not get mail from you.

How do I add normal buttons in specials carousel? I only get “limited time ofer” but I want normal buttons. I’ve cleared my catch and all buttons are selected in the module settings page. To be frank, most options don’t change anything. (yes I have all the correct performance settings) http://test.kirys.pl/index.php

Hi, what do you mean to add normal buttons? Countdown is displayed automatic when do you add one products with limited time discount ( from data x to data z) can be done from every product>>tab price>> add specific price.In this moment in shop exist only products with unlimited time discont this is way is displayed only “limited time offer”. What options is not change anything? Send me a private message with your admin and password because your website test is restricted, i cannot see nothing.

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yes, sorry my comment was pointless. I’ve written you a pm:)

Hello, I like a lot your module, I´m almost buying the module, but I have I question: could I add the countdown that appears above of the product price? (My question is due that on your demo store, the countdown appears on the home page but when I click on the product that has the countdown, the product looks like a usually product and do not show the countdown). I appreciate your prompt answer.



Dear Sir, in product page its not dislayed the countdown only in homepage and left/right sidebar,if you need countdown on product page see this module: http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-countdown-special-price-products-module/8057694

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Fast and good support. Tank you.

hello, i want to use this module in this function /VIEWED PRODUCTS, TOP SELLERS, NEW PRODUCT, SPECIAL PRICE/ in only in LEFT Columb. I have 13 lang, i want to translate module. This module support this or no?

Hi, after you buy and install module send me one PM.

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hi, i send pm Now. Please check

.....i have a cache module Page cache …

Please get support orizo

Hi, yes, wait tonight i will install left viewed products module (first i need to test)

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The develloper is alway verry helpfull . and creates good usefull modules. Thankx Orizo!

why you not answer my email??

Hi, please verify your email.

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Does this module support for home comment carousel?

Hi, this module display 5 carousels on homepage (featured products,new products,best sellers,special price with countdown and viewed products) and 3 vertical carousels on left/right sidebar (new products,top sellers and special price with contdown).

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