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Good evening, I think there are some issues to resolve with the new module: 1) Have the ability to load in 1 once all the images of a 360 because it is complete and extremely long load 1 by 1 images (I’ll have hundreds of products in 360 …) 2) The image number is not correct: the number of the images continues to rise when creating a new 360 °. 3) When you slide the mouse (with the left mouse button pressed) is not very fluid, especially with firefox. 4) If I change the size of the 360° window, then the image of the product is completely loaded distorted. Must be repeated every 360 already loaded! It is impossible to work properly in this way.

Is it possible to correct these problems? I bought another 360 module created by WebRotate (deleted for some time) that offered all of these features. Now I can no longer use the license and the module was deleted from CodeCanyon. I love your modules so if possible it would be great! Thank you for your reply. Best Regards.

Hello, we will add a multiple upload this week and a sorting capability, the numbers are the ids of the images, We will also look into the fluidity problem. Please leave your email below to send the module when it s ready.

Great thank you !

I send you my email in a private message, thank you!


Infection détectée ! http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-360-product-viewer/full_screen_preview/10481640

L’URL demandée contient un code malveillant pouvant endommager votre ordinateur. Pour accéder à l’URL, désactivez l’agent web Avast et essayez à nouveau.

Type d’infection : HTML:Iframe-inf

Hello, I can assure you there is no virus on my website, the iframe is used by prestashop framework.


Bizarre, je peux ouvrir n’importe quel autre module CodeCanyon et cela ne me le fait pas… pas grave, merci quand même

Bonsoir, Kaspersky Internet Security et Malwarebytes Pro n’ont rien détecté, je viens d’effectuer un test avec l’url fournie. Vérifié sous Firefox et privacy badger au cas où, rien non plus. Avast, surtout dans sa version gratuite , c’est du grand n’importe quoi. C’est à cause de son analyse heuristique mal fichue. Vous pouvez tester le site de Rapty ( et acheter son module :) ), il est clean. Cordialement.

Thank you very much for your response.


No funciona. No me permite subir imagenes, al pulsar en “Add file” no hace nada. Uso prestashop 1.6. He desinstalado e instalado 3 veces el módulo y no funciona.

It does not work. Do not let me upload images, pressing “Add file” does nothing. Use prestashop 1.6. I uninstalled and installed 3 times the module does not work.

No error appears. Just do not open the window to select pictures from my computer. No poput appears. I’ve tried with Mozilla and Chrome. Does nothing.

Weird, can you create a temporary admin account and send me the password and username + the ftp of the website ? My email address -> patri_rapty@yahoo.com . I can’t tell you exactly what the problem is, because it should work on prestashop 1.6…

Thank you for your help. The module works correctly. If someone is looking for a module that works corrrectamente 360, and the support is phenomenal.

Thank You.

Hello, some things you should look at. 1. Add checkboxes on every photo so we could delete more than one at the time. 2. Keep images aspect ratio whatever the popup window size is.

Thank you!

Hello sir,

1. We will try to add that. 2. Images aspect ratio cant be set in the modules settings, let’s say that you upload 10 images with one resolution and one single photo with other resolution, that would look ugly, that’s why we’ve added from the modules configuration the option to set your own custom image height and width for all the pictures in the spinner.

Hope this helps.

hi mate…. is there any way to put the 360 slider right in the description tab? without any link to a popup, put in the description directly….. or… a second worst option.. put a button to the 360 popup in the description.. not in the image miniatures list…. any of these two cases are possibily? if you can help me with that, i should buy today :) ty!

Hi again,

What we can do is add a new tab there named let’s say “360 Product View” and put your spinning images there… Check image here -> http://screencast.com/t/ASpnCNHhPP Sounds good? It will take several hours to make it work(but not today, today’s friday)...

What do you think? P.S. There’s a button already for that as you can see in the image, but it is underneath the short description of the product.

Can you send me a backoffice demo ?

Currently, no, I can’t give you access to my backoffice website and I don’t have a demo page for now.

You can ask me what you want to know about the back office and i can make you a video with whatever you are interested in :D.

hi my friend just bought.. do you think it work on 1.6.1? Or I should start my new project on 0.14? You think its more stable anyway? ty :)

Hello Again,

I believe it will work just fine on, haven’t tested it yet, but version doesn’t have major modifications in terms of javascript/html just some speed improvements and stuff like that.

Best Regards.

What are the names of the files I use?

When waiting for a new version of the module?

Thank you very much, everything works.

Glad i could help!

Good product and best service

I have the same problem as klymets1 , when i upload images they appear in the wrong order, could I get the fix? Thanks in advance :D My email is bokibaresic@hotmail.com


Its woring with presta 1.6 cloud? Anything please advise

Rgds Yusof


Still no back office demo available to test ?


hi! awesome work! but in mobile the 360 button wont appear, and the img thumbnail 360 dont appear either.. any ideias? ty

Hello, please go the the modules list and enable on mobile like this -> http://i.imgur.com/T63gHsy.png

Have installed the modul but it does not appear in front office !? Any Idea ? I use not the default template maybe thats the fault -

Is possible to use Samsung 360 images?

Is it support prestashop


On Friday, buy your product and apparently it works correctly. Today I have been testing the web in its mobile version (I use a responsive theme), but the module does not adapt to the width of the screen … could you indicate a solution to this problem?

I look forward to your comments, Greetings.