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Premium Website Traffic is one of the best traffic products available on the market. Deliver unlimited traffic on any website based on keywords.

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With Premium Website Traffic you can grow up your website rank in short time on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Whenever people will search for your keywords in the future, your website will appear in top.



1.8.2021 (10 01 2022)
> License system implemented.
> x84 and x64 arhitecture versions of the software added.
> Removed custom User Agents & Threads functions for better implementation in the next update.
> Bugs fixed.

1.7.2021 (24 12 2021)
> Loading form when starting the software
> Delete all campaigns feature
> Delete all proxies lists feature
> Click on page feature
> Set custom user agents feature
> Set custom threads feature

1.6.2021 (06 09 2021)
> Changelog panel added
> Improved Interface
> Less internet usage feature improved
> Docs Link updated

1.5.2021 (10 07 2021)
> Better close of sub-threads when closing a campaign
> Force Close Sub-Threads option implemented in Settings
> Fixed a bug related to Proxies Lists remove & display
> Fixed a bug related to manual stop campaign

1.4.2021 (09 07 2021)
> Less Internet Usage Setting implemented
> Improved performance
> Fixed a bug related to Reading Settings
> Optimized code

1.3.2021 (03 07 2021)
> Implemented Custom Country Proxy List
> New custom countries proxy list (Mexico, US, Canada, UK, Russia)
> Fixed a bug related to Personal Proxies lists

1.2.2021 ( 30 07 2021 )
> Fixed a minor bug
> Fixed a bug which would display PID even after process stop
> Less Resources consumed when pages are loaded (No CSS / Images loaded)
> Implemented Settings Panel
> Implemented Visible Bots Setting
> Implemented Auto-Refresh Campaign Interval Setting

v1.0.2021 & v1.1.2021 
- Fully changed interface.
- Great optimizations for bot threads.
- New | Now you can create & manage custom lists of proxies.
- Easier way of configurating campaigns.
- Additional required resources are pre-installed in the software.
- Bugs fixed.

v2.0.4 MAJOR UPDATE - 5 OCTOBER 2020

(+) New | Now you can generate social traffic
(+) New | Campaigns Feature implemented - Send traffic to multiple websites at the same time
(+) New | EASIER SETUP. No need of additional files / plugins anymore (Screen Resolutions, Operating systems or User Agents)
(+) New | Now you can add internal links visit or automatically detect them
(+) New | Configure custom proxies or free proxies from our database
(+) New | Library (Under Development)
(+) New smooth interface
(+) Much more stable
(+) Bugs fixed

(+) Additional lists of user agents. Custom for only mobile, desktop or tablet.
(+) Fixed issue with custom proxies lists.
(+) Traffic estimation hits more stable.
(+) Increased number of threads.
(+) Optimized page visit.
(+) Fixed additional bugs.

(+) Re-verified for 2020.
(+) Removed old licensing system.
(+) Fixed small bugs.

(+) Improved overall interface.
(+) Drastically improved traffic speed & algorithm.
(+) Simplified version of project creation.
(+) Latest configuration will be saved automatically.
(+) Extracting proxies faster and very improved.
(+) Updated User Agents.

(!) Replaced interface, faster & smoother for the software.
(!) Rewritten code for bot algorithm, less process use.
(!) Rewritten the way bot use random time to drastically decrease bounce rate.
(+) Added Internal Links file.

Initial release.

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