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Dear AA Team , you still support the plugin? i will have your support if i need it after purchase??

KInd regards, xrisxal2000

Hello, Yes , we do support this plugin. If you have any problems open a ticket on Alexandra I.

ok , pls respond to support tickets as soon as possible

AA Team, are you support this item??? i must know if i will have your help if purchase it!!!


Sorry, we were on holiday. Yes we support this plugin. Regards, Alexandra I.

ok , pls respond to support tickets as soon as possible. Thanks

ok alexandra, i will purchase it then

Seems we will never get support.

Please open a ticket on support :

Opened a ticket. i’m waiting

can we use with woocommerce and only have the watermark show on the woocommerce product items and not on other images e.g slideshow etc?

Hello, The plugin has the option to exclude images, folders of images. Regards, Alexandra I.

hi, thanks, I bought it now when i try it no watermarks show and some of my site images just disappear. i tried to create account at your support desk but it didnt work. Please help. many Thanks

please find us on skype :

Pre-purchase question: is this plugin fully compatible with WooCommerce product images, with an ajax zoom feature installed? Please check to see what I mean.

Hello, Yes it’s compatible, we don’t see any reason why not. If you have any problems, we do offer support .

Regards, Alexandra I.

Dear AA Team , The plugin is compatible with WP 3.6 ? Thank



Thanks, Andrei D.

Pre purchase question—Can you exclude an image while you’re uploading it or on it’s individual settings (like where you pick the image’s size and other details)? Also, will the images shared elsewhere like on Pinterest or Facebook carry over the watermark?

You can exclude images after upload.No, only images on the website will have the watermark. (We did not tested this but mainly no)

Regards, Alexandra

hi i use the plugin but for woocommerce products but when i installed this plugin the revolution-slider not works and no images appears. In the exludet files i dont see nothing about this… Thanks for help.

Please open a ticket on

Hi, it seems that your plugin break menu in admin dashboard,

Please open a ticket on

Is this plugin like the one Envato uses?

Hello, Yes, it’s similar.

Regards, Alexandra I.

DON’T BUY THIS PLUGIN!!! Support is totally absent.. I just discovered the plugin screwed up all my images microdata (tested on three different sites) but still no support! :depressed:

Actually, I’d like to have my money back. I don’t understand why this stuff is still here. Shame on authors.

Please open a ticket on I cannot find any ticket opened by you.

Regards, Alexandra I.

I wrote my requests both on your private email and on AAteam contact form present in your portfolio page. Obviously I wrote into message my purchase code! Anyway, sent again on support site… Thanks.

Many people say, after installing this plugin makes the image does not appear. Why? And what is the minimum requirement for this plugin? Thanks.

Hi, why i can’t login to Before i already registered in 2012. Or i must registered again?? I just want to know, why this plugin now conflict with wp-admin? I mean, if this plugin active, and i hover to Setting, other tab not showing… Thanks…

It’s possible your account doesn’t exist anymore, please make a new account.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Great plugin, apart from it breaks the part of the admin functions whereby you cannot use drag and drop or the screen options dropdown. This it need to be updated to work with latest version of WP

Please open a ticket on

Is it possible for this to be setup so only images with a particular class are watermarked? For instance we’d like approved to appear over a vendors photo. All vendor photos share a common CSS class.

That’s it, no other application is needed. Thank you.

It’s breaking the pictures on my website. Please help us to get further.

I tried to open a ticket but I only see the regular license so I don’t have a code to start a ticket…

Need some support fast!

The code is in the regular license.

Please open a ticket on

Regards, Alexandra I.

I only see “regular license” at the left and that redirects me to a page where they explain what the regular license contains.

Didn’t find any code there…

Found it! I now will open a ticket.

Hi, Doesn’t work with wp 3.9.1….

Please open a ticket on

Has this been updated for WP 3.9.1?

Is it compatible with Woo 2.1.12 and WP 3.9.1? We’ve bought this plugin, but it seems it is not working, it crashes our system when we try to use it.

Please open a ticket on

This plugin doesn’t work and support doesn’t exist! I’ve created account on his support website and that thing doesn’t work as well. AA-Team you can respond with reasonable explanation and I will give this review and your plugin second chance.

I got a resoneble response from AA-Team. I guess I should read better next time, this plugin doesn’t work with latest WordPress.