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You can exclude images from here :

Is there anyway to automatically set the watermark to not be in the featured image portion of the post as well as the thumbnail? Possibly a certain default size I can set it to? Not sure how this would work.?

I’ve left a message on your support forum but all of a sudden, the images from my site have stopped showing completely and I see that a few other people have reported this in the past but I don’t see a solution. I’ve taken my site down until I can get this sorted so I would appreciate a swift solution. Nothing has changed on the site, it has just happened today.

Please send an email at with some administration credentials.


Hi AA-Team,

I’ve mailed you. I have a fancy gallery. But in this gallery image not show my watermark. Can you help me please?

hi, i just bought this plugin, when installed in local computer for testing and going to use the image watermark, it shows some errors:

Warning: file_put_contents(C:xampphtdocscarilokasi/wp-content/uploads/pwfw.php) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\carilokasi\wp-content\plugins\premium-watermark\settings\settings.php on line 239

Warning: file_put_contents(C:xampphtdocscarilokasi/wp-content/uploads/.htaccess) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\carilokasi\wp-content\plugins\premium-watermark\settings\settings.php on line 243

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\carilokasi\wp-content\plugins\premium-watermark\settings\settings.php:239) in C:\xampp\htdocs\carilokasi\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line 876

please help, thanks

it seems this plugin takes time to read “something” I left it overnight and it works suddenly. It happens to my online web, I kept activating and deactivating, changing the templates and so on. The demo suddenly works, but the images gone if I activate the plugin. Cant see the images from admin page and front web.

anyway, this plugin has conflict with default .htaccess in the wordpress folder. If I remove the .htaccess, the plugin works, but without the default .htaccess, wordpress security is low.. need a solution here please

Excellent support!!! The plugin works well and the team gives a fast response! 2 Thumbs up! :)


I have an old website that still uses timthumb solution as a photo resize tool. Do you think this plugin will apply the watermark on the thumbnails generated by timthumb too?

Best, Gabriela

Hi for version 3.5 does not work!!!


Sorry for your problem, your ticket will be solved tomorrow. It’s not a problem from the wordpress version. This plugin works well in WP 3.0 -> 3.5.1, in you case it’s a problem with server rewrite rule.

Thanks, Andrei D.

Has it some limit?

For example, I tested the plugin in a wordpress installation for tests with a different domain and it works fine but then I installed in other wordpress installation on the same host but with a different domain name and it doesnt work. All my library images are broken while the plugin is active.

Best, Dioni

Please open a ticket on support :

im trying to open a ticket but your support system no submit the form, I got loading and never continue, email me at, I can send you a screenshot

it mark my banners, my logo and even details of the theme, how can I fix this?

Hello, You have an option Exclude files, please exclude the files you don’t want watermarked from there.

Hi, On Premium Watermark for Wordpress (Plugin) you have a very nice feature that allow you to choose if you don’t want to apply watermak on some files or folder. Use this “Exclude” feature.

Thanks, Andrei D.

Hi There, I sent an email a couple of days ago with the problem of the plugin not working on my site. Was hoping you could take a look and help me out with that. Thank you! Would appreciate it!

Please open a ticket on and i will help you to fix that.

Thanks, Andrei D.

Watermark Don’t work for my images.

What’s the problem…..

Please open a ticket on support :

why i need to open a ticket? is there any – rating system. The free plugins are much better than it. This is not good as this shows. This just waste of money and time.

We need to know more about your problem. This plugin can be broke by any other cache plugin or htaccess changes.

This plugin works very simple, you you can give the write path to your upload folder the rest will work very well.

We still waiting your ticket or contact us on skype: , i will be sure we can fix this on you install to. Thanks, Andrei D.

This plugin does not work. I opened a ticket and have received no help or correspondence from the author. I feel somewhat cheated! Please help.

Hi, Please check the support system. We fix your problem. The reason of your problem was that the wordpress wasn’t your main website root. You use the wordpress as subfolder on your domain.

Thanks, Andrei D.

It works randomly and increase a lot (from 5 to +20sec) all pages load time. The plug is a really good idea but the dev is not optimize at all…

Thank you for your continuos excellent support (special thanks to Alexandra!).Everything is working perfectly now.

Plugin is absolutely not working. Demo image not updating. 1 time logo appears on demo image and then shows the same all time No watermark on pages. Wp 3.5.1

Have you opened a ticket on support? If not please do: