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When i Active your Plugin, my images not to show. Because ?

and i deactive your plugin. my Image can show.

Oh.! Now it’s worked for me. but, not support thai language In image name.


The problem it’s from PHP , your need to update the PHP version from server to php 5.4+ . The php lower than 5.4 it’s not UTF -8 supported.

Thanks, Andrei D.

I updated php 5.4.6 version. But, not to show Pictures in thai name.


Please send me an email about this problem with some links to images or contact us via support forum: OR skype ID:

Thanks, Andrei D.

hello! 1. Does it support the .png files? 2. If user saves the whole web-page – will the pictures keep the watermark or watermarks’ll be lost? thanks


Yes. Support png files too. Yes. If user save the page or put link somewhere to your image file .. the file will still have the watermark on it. (the webserver will serve in any condition the image with watermark)

Thanks, Andrei D.

thanx for answer. I test my site on a local computer. There are ploblems: “The requested URL /wp-admin/function.file-put-contents was not found on this server.” – when I try to save options. I suppose I have to make some changes manually because I use the virtual server. – What exectly?

May be, the second problem correlates with the first one: I use png-watermark on the png-pictures with the transparent background. There final pictures look bad: the background becomes black or with the grey stripes….

hello! Please, give me a more precise instruction how can I make this function available – because all other plugins work well without any special settings on the server. I ask you to take into account that “wordpress” is mostly the amateur unprofessional platform, so some aspects are not so evident for me and – as far as I can see here – for some other users. Thanks

I was drop you an email.

Very thing worked for me. thank you. AA-Team Support

Desperately needs a cache system – it cripples any image heavy site as the images need to be reprocessed each time


You can use W3 Total Cache:

Thanks, Andrei D.

Hi AA-Team,

What are the minimum requirements for this plugin to work? Is it fully supported by WordPress 3.4.2?


Pixel Blue

Hi Andrei,

Ive mailed you..just bought this plugin & installed but doesnt watermark any of the images.

I think should be some settings but not sure what..Kindly help..



Please check your email.

Thanks, Andrei D.

Hallo, I have installated the plugin but it doesn’t work. I try to load the images but there isn’t watemark. May you help me? Thank you very much.


please send an email at with a link and some administration credentials and we’ll take a look.


I need to know if this works by checking every image every time they’re referenced as I’ve tried a different watermark plug-in that cripples my site performance, even with a cache plugin active.

I’m guessing yours works the same way as the demo refreshes the image each time, not pulling from a cache even though nothing has changed?

Hi There,

Waiting to hear from you on the 2 issue mentioned in email - 1., your plugin is causing another issue on the site..When the plugin is active, im not able to insert images into Post.

You can test the same by simply creating a sample new page, try to insert any image into the post by clicking the button & you’ll see it gets stuck. if you disable the watermark plugin, reload & re-insert , it works just fine..Admin details are same as sent earlier… KINDLY do not edit any existing pages ..Simply create a new test page to check this issue.

2. Last character of text watermark on images is cut off and not displayed fully.

Kindly revert asap.


Sorry we are at ImWorld 2012.I will replay your email in about 2 day.

Thanks, Andrei D.

Hi, do you have checked out my website ( ??

I’ve sent you an email to check my web ..

BE CAREFUL : 1. plugin doesn’t work with the .png-images though the developers say it does: there is a grey dirty stripes appear on a transparent background.

2. I didn’t get the proper support. After some letters to them during more than two weeks – an absolute silence was the answer to me )))

And… I can say… that if you havn’t enough knowledge and expierence to make the same plugin by yourself – don’t buy it. Because – as you can see in “Comments” – a lot of people have a problem with the support. Good luck

We have a live preview, and we demonstrate that it works with png files perfectly. If you don’t have the proper knowledges on how to design a png file in order to look fine as filter on images that’s not our problem.

We have a lot of positive feedback from clients that know how to use our product , the negative ones are from unexperienced people that buy things and don’t know what to do with it.

We try to offer as much support as we can to our customers during our free time. Because you didn’t know how to design a png file to be applied on images as watermark we didn’t consider your problem as a “support issue”

You can make as many tests as you like with our png watermark from the live preview, just to demonstrate yourself that it’s working.


Please send ALL support requests to our support forum by following this link:


Be sure to check the FAQ section before asking a support question, and also read the User Manual that you can find in the archive you downloaded. If you still have questions please check the live previews and the demo videos.

Also you can send us emails at or add us on skype and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi there,

Today I installed the plugin but there is a really IMPORTANT PROBLEM about CACHING . I cant find any proper plugin to cache watermarked images.

Please advice us a proper one or add a caching system for your plugin… otherwise this plugin is jut for making our website slower slower slower…

Waiting for answer. Kind Regards.

Hi AA-Team,

I just install the W3 Total Cache plugin on nginx , cache plugin is working properly but it cant cache the images watermarked by W3 .

I’m using these lines to forward images to your plugin and including the standart W3 total cache nginx.conf

include /usr/share/nginx/html/nginx.conf;
location /wp-content/uploads/2012/ {
rewrite ^/([^.]+.(jpe?g|gif|png))$ /wp-content/uploads/pwfw.php;
But , rewrite rule is always there to re-watermark the images. I have tried to install insert the rewrite into w3’s conf but it didnt worked also.

If you dont mind , can you please let us know how to cache properly ?


Please send us an email at with some admin/ ftp credentials and we’ll take a look.

Thx, Alexandra

I have sent email yesterday. Could find a solution ?

Hard to install it if your images directory is not the ‘uploads’ directory. .htaccess management could be better.

Send an e-mail, Please look

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