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Hello, I’m having issues with your plug in. It doesn’t seem to be working with my gallery. Is there something you can do to help me out?

please send me an email at alexandra.ipate at

Great support. They fixed my problem in a Saturday.

No working at all, they told me it was a server issue but after asking to my histing provider everything is alright.

So I paid for a script I can’t use. Don’t buy it.

Our Plugin works just fine, the problem is on your hosting server, it doesn’t read htaccess rules that apply to images, we had this issue with other customers and they talked to their hosting companies and got it fixed.

It’s not our problem that your server settings are not configured correctly, so before blaming us for that , consider taking other factors in consideration and talk to your hosting company.

A :]

I can see you know how to answer to your customers! It’s just proving that you jus don’t care about us.

Anyway and as I already told you, my hosting provider told me it was a default feature already activated and so it is working fine.

You just don’t give any support, and blame your customers as soon as they encounter an issue.

For everyone, DO NOT BUY this script, it’s a scam.

Hi Rigolman,

I’m the lead developer from AA-Team. Like you know I was trying to help you fix you problem.

I will explain again here, how our plugin works and what your server need to know for working property:

A. What our script does, how applies dynamic watermak to an image without braking the source file:

1. Our script adds a new .htaccess rule: each image from wp-content/uploads/ (place where WP store the images) goes by a .php file. This file, according to your settings apply a watermak to the image.

2. What your server DON ’T now to do: Your server (settings from mod_rewrite, an apache module) doesn’t know to process .jpg / .png .. (images files). So, when a new request was made from a web browser this request didn’t use .htaccess file, our php file for applying the watermak. You can read more about this here:

I send you to resolve this problem with your hosting provider because it’s a server problem! After they will solve this issue our plugin will work fine, like we promise when selling our items here.

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

P.S : Our plugin is not a SCAM , after your hosting provider will solve this issue our plugin will work fine, and we will report your comments as being unappropriate.

You didn’t gave me a clear explanation at all. You just told me “you need to activate mod_rewrite” and as I already told you my hosting provider confimed me it was already activated, by the way you can see it’s activated as the URL is rewritted.

So you should be more explicit about what to activate and how in the server or don’t give any advice, your choice.

Hi I bought another watermark plugin here on Code Canyon. It worked for images stored in the media library of wordpress, but most of the images on my site are stored using the free plugin NextGen Gallery. I discovered that the watermark plugin does not work on images stored in this gallery. The seller does not support this at this time.

My question for you is: Will your watermark plugin work for images stored in other areas of my site (other than the Media library).

Will your plugin work with images stored in the NextGen Gallery?

You can find the NextGen gallery in the wordpress repository. Its free and a LOT of people use it (hint for watermark plugin developers).

In addition to my comments above: While NextGen Gallery has a built-in watermarking feature, it actually modifies the stored image. THis is unacceptable because of 2 reasons: 1) if you have a lot of images, its incredibly slow, as you have to tell it to watermark them individually 2) if you decide to change your watermark (like if you use a logo as your watermark, and later change your logo), you have to delete the images with the old watermark, re-upload ALL of your images, then watermark them all again individually.

Having a plugin that watermarks any images served up to the site viewer but does not modify the original is the way to go.

AA-Team, I sent you an e-mail.

I’ve replied to you.


Hey AA Team,

I installed the plugin and I got it to work. Still, I’m having some problems due to some image URLs containing periods (ex: GV.-304.jpg) before the extension. I believe this can be fixed tweaking the regular expression in the htaccess. Can you provide a better one?

Hello, yes.

Please send us an email at aa.teamdeveloper at

Hi, I have a problem with the plugin. The watermark text works, while the one with the image no. I created the file .htaccess with the text suggested and I saved in the folder uploads, but it does not work. What’s wrong?


Can you send me a link and some administration credentials to make some tests?

Thanks, Alexandra

Hello AA-Team! I sent you a letter a week ago but I didnt get a reply. I have a problem with the plugin. Can you help me?



Please resend the email, Thx, Alexandra

Hi Alexandra,

I sent the letter.


Hi, Just to say I bought your plugin and it is very good and easy to use. One thing though it doesn’t seem to show a watermark on Featured images – have I missed a setting? Thanks


Just wanted to say that this plugin is exactly what i was looking for: the no need to regenerate the images is really awesome. I also confirm that this plugin works perfectly with woocommerce, placing the watermark on the single product page image (you should advertise this fact because on the woothemes there’s a 20$ plugin that is much more worse than yours, and yours is considerably cheaper and do a lot more things: a lot more).

Suggestions: The x and y placement of the watermark, if its technically possible it would be neat to be able to set the spacement between images. In my case, my watermark image is a rounded image with no “extra width and hight” so now i will have to create a bigger one. The second one would be sue the dude that is saying this plugin is a scam :P


I am not able to change text fonts. There is only Arial available.

any chance to reply ?

We were out on holiday for the last week.

Please send an email at aa.teamdeveloper at

Hi, great plugin .. But I had a problem after the plugin is active. Thumbnails and other images do not appear, but after the plugin is not active, the image appears again. This is my website


It seems that’s a htaccess problem.

Please send us some administration credentials.

Can you use this to ad a single image to the images ( like a small logo in the lower right on large and med images only?


Yes you can

Great plugin, everything working, apart from when now inserting an image directly into post/page it seems to stall when clicking insert into post.

getting js error on console:

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

this is because i am running a custom template, Propulsion by kresei

the actual code that is causing the above errors is:

//hijack the original uploader and replace it if a user clicks on one an avia_uploader
        hijack_uploader: function()
            window.original_send_to_editor = window.send_to_editor;
             window.send_to_editor = function(html)
Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
                    var container = avia_media.insertContainer,
                        returned = $(html),
                        img = returned.attr('src') || returned.find('img').attr('src') || returned.attr('href'),
                        visualInsert = '';


                        visualInsert = '<a href="#" class="avia_remove_image">remove</a><img src="'+img+'" alt="" />';
                        visualInsert = '<a href="#" class="avia_remove_image">remove</a><img src="'+avia_framework_globals.frameworkUrl+'images/icons/video.png" alt="" />';




Please send us an email at: and i will send you the updated file.

Thanks, Andrei D.

Hay Guys, thanks for the above!

I have now moved the site where it will be hosted and have reinstalled the plugin, gone through the process of adding the .htaccess to the uploads folder through the plugin, which i have checked is there and working.

I use a custom image for watermark, but for some reason on 123reg hosting only some images show the watermark, other images are shows to be dead-links, even though if i copy the image url, i can see that the image has been watermarked and i can access it which leads me to believe it is a htaccess problem.

can you suggest any common fixes for this, as i can see others have had a similar problem where you suggest it could be a htaccess problem?


Can you send us an email at with some credentials to make some tests?

Thx, Alexandra