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Very nice concept, Will this work on multisite for all images uploaded?

yes it will, cheers, A

looks awesome – nice job. Just some questions before I purchase:

You say: “Very important! The source images are not affected! There’s only a watermark applied on them without doing any modifications”

Can you explain this in a bit more detail. You mean the quality of the image?

Also, is what do I need enabled on my server for this to work? GD library? etc..

thanks :)


By that I mean that the original images are not modified , if you deactivate the plugin your images return to normal, and yes you need GD library.

Cheers, A

I notice that when you right-click and view the image, the watermark appears ‘baked’ into the image. Is that how it is supposed to function?

Please let me know.

Thanks, J


yes, it’s imprinted on the web image, but if you take a look at your actually images (via ftp) you’ll see that the source images are not changed

Congrulations for plugin! It’s really useful. I’ve 2 quesitons before purchase;

1- Can I use this plugin in multiple websites? 2- Will Google index images with watermark?


yes you can if you buy extended licence, and yes google will index images with watermark.

cheers, A

Can this apply the water mark to existing images?

yes it can

Hi very nice plugin you got. Just was wondering is the “image hover zoom” included with this plugin, or is it a separate plugin? Thanks


What image hover zoom?

My bad. It was a browser add-on, sorry. You can delete my comment. Thanks for the fast reply by the way.

Hi, nice plugin! just purchased and installed!

But… I have a problem… I can’t view the images… the image path retrieve me a 404 error.



Can you send us an email with a screenshot or show a link?

Cheers, A

Are you sure you saved the options in wp admin for the watermark plugin?

Can you please give me some administration credentials so I can take a look?

Great work! I suggest you to introduce a new important feature: a cache system.

Something to avoid to process images every time.

This plugin seems to be a good idea, but it really messed up my site and there is no way to reverse it.


It’s a very simple solutions.

Deactivate the plugin.

This action will “delete” .htaccess files from wp-content/uploads/ folder.

Contact US on support page or skype and we will help you.

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

Please ignore me, I just was upset over a lot of factors going on with my life. I over-reacted,

Ok, actually, it RUINED my site. It removed all the photos, header, and no matter what I do, even if I upload the theme. its messed up.


Have you try first contact us on support form or via live support chat ? Contact us if you have problem with our scripts:

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

I over reacted, Please ignore me. Seriously. It has been a bad day and posted this because, well there shouldn’t have been a reason.

No I did not, just pissed off, worked pretty hard trying to get things going and this just set me back hard.

The htaccess for our plugin it’s placed on wp-content/uploads/

(you have the path for htaccess configurable from admin panel, but default it's this folder)

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

ok… I think that might be the issue… <smacks head on keyboard>

Ok that didn’t resolve it.

andrei, I did use that and that’s what caused everything to go gaga. Then I removed that and it went weird.

I sent you a message. I know it will get resolved.

Be cool,

The image it’s still there!

This plugin only it’s only redirecting all .jp?g / .png / .gif to some PHP script.

If your image having a problem right now it’s because htaccess link to php file it’s broken. (you can have another plugin who modify the Rewrite Base).

I see you email, and i request you some admin credetials.

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

Ok, I didn’t notice in the instructions that the htaccess code should be located in the uploads folder. My mistake. Everything is working as it should. I recommend anyone to buy it, not only for the use, but for the support I received.

I m having the same issue .. the images are not showing .. I have a different did .. instead of wp-content/uploads, it’s just img/. the htaccess file it s already there. So it is the php file.


Please send me some wordpress admin credential on email.

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

I can’t get an authorization to give admin credentials for the site i m working with your plugin. Is there anyway we can solve this ? I had to disable it or no picture could be seen. Here’s a copy of one of the error lines:

Failed opening required '/home/go/public_html/img/pwfw.php/wp-load.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/go/public_html/img/pwfw.php on line 9

All the other lines look the same.

Any help, plz? I really need to solve this.

Thanks for a a nice plugin but it misses very important feature, caching. The images are loaded quiet slow if the plugin is active. When are you planning to implement this?

I also noticed it doesn’t play well with transparent *.png images.

Nice plugin. I have a couple of questions before I buy.

1. Will this work if images are hosted on a CDN ? ie Amazon S3?

2. Can I choose which images will have a watermark as I upload? rather than logging into the Exclude Files tab?


I have two suggestions to improve the plugin.

1) it would be useful to add another option: “a second watermark”.. for example I want to use a watermark to repeat x y for a light impression on the hole image.. and also I want to add a second watermark with the sitename on the footer…

2) Implement a cache system to avoid re-processing images every time. (this also helps for sites using CDN systems)

Is there no support for this anymore? helloooo….????


Please send me an email at alexandra.ipate at with some administration credentials and i’ll take a look.

Sorry for the delay, very busy period.

Cheers, Alexandra

I havent purchased the plugin. I asked some questions earlier and they havent been answered.

Hi, we LOVE this plugin…

It works great on our Woo theme, with ONE small problem.

When this plugin is enabled:

1. Add or edit a post. 2. Click “Upload/Insert” for media. 3. Click on “Gallery” tab. 4. Click “Use this Image” to insert into post. 5. Media options page goes totally blank, but does not close. 6. Image is not inserted, like it should be.

We really love your plugin but have it disabled now for the reason above, can you help us overcome this small issue?



Please resend the email

Email resent.

Still no reply… I sent TWO emails so far. :/

I’m sorry but this question is going to sound really stupid, but I have to ask it anyways. I want to put water marks in my clients photography website. She does not want anyone to be able to save the images when they go to her website. So I said I could put watermarks in all of her images, so that if someone saves the image the watermark will stay in it and be in the saved image. I am assuming that this is the purpose of all watermark plugins. Am I correct? Please don’t assume that I can understand anything. Please answer my question as though I’m a compete idiot (which may be true) and if you leave out any pertinent information I won’t be able to figure it out for myself. Thanks


Sorry for the delayed answer.

Yes, that’s the purpose of this plugin, when a user saves your client’s picture it will be watermarked with his signature.