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I was wondering if it’s possible to show watermarked images only if someone downloads any or when the images are indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..) I basically do not want to have any watermarks visible on my website till someone downloads any or see them in e.g. google images. Is it possible with your plugin? Thanks

Hi, keep in mind that in order to use this plugin you will need to use an old version of WordPress 3.3


That is compatible with WordPress 4.5.3? I want to use with WooCommerce. Products used in the picture? Thank you.

This plugin is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

It doesnt work, Useless Script

Check the software version in the right panel.

Hi there, as soon as I put this script it broke all my images! Now I deactivated it and all my image links are broken

Sorry, do you have WordPress 3.3? This plugin only works on an older version of WordPress.

really? who uses 3.3… can I get a refund please?

You will have to talk to Envato about this as they deal with this.

This plugin keep original image ? and i recall original image for preview ?

Hi, i look this plugin last update on 23 November 2012. Are compatible with latest wordpress??

I think this plugin will great if you update it… Come on update it, i want buy this plugin if compatible with latest wp… :D

Glad you like it :) We’ll see what we can do.

I’m waiting… :D

Hello, I need an automatic watermark only on a specific post category ! is it possible ? thanks

Hi, the plugin is not working, my media is not working when i upload a JPG

Hi franckpee,
Open a ticket at

Best regards

Hi, Pre-Sale question. Is this plugin compatible with wp 4.9.1 ? I need this for a new site. Thank you.

Hi, the plugin is not working, my media is not working when i upload a JPG

Hi beixiaoyi,
Open a ticket at so we can take a look at your issue.

Best regards

Hi – this question has already been asked – but no answer – I use Amazon S3 for my images. Would this plugin work with images not hosted in the uploads folder?

Hi gmorales,
No, the plugin can not see the images if they are not uploaded on your server.

Best regards

Images are uploaded on our server – and then transferred to Amazon S3. Sure it would not work?

Does this plug in have a setting to automatically ad watermark when a image is uploaded?


is this plugin work for Product image uploaded from front-end with custom form ?


Wish to add serialised text (user ID) to one image for all existing users and then either on first view or on initial user rego. Can you customise this plugin for us?

Hi gpenglase,
Unfortunately we can not take on custom work at the moment. But you might find someone to help you on the Envato Studio:

Best regards

Hi, i didnt see that this plugin not support latest version WordPress 4.9.6. How get money back? On plugin page here no mentioned that it is not support new WordPress

Hi ilyakarpov84,
You can open a ticket at and we will take a look. For a refund you will have to contact Envato as they deal with this kind of issues.

Best regards

Hi, Is it compatible with WPML ?

This is probably only one dynamic watermarking tool. Does it work with latest WP ?