Support for Premium Video Players - Mega Bundle

Support for Premium Video Players - Mega Bundle

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How to protect videos ?

On self hosted videos you can disable right click over the video to prevent “Save video” action, and hide “src” attribute. Also, to protect your videos in a way that nowbody can see your video content (even if it’s “downloaded”) is to use HTTP Live Streaming – HLS m3u8 format. This will help to understand better: link, this way nobody can view your video.

Convert your .mp4 files into .m3u8 format to protect your videos.

How do i play Google drive videos?


To play Google drive videos, set HTML5 (self-hosted) video player, and pass the Google drive video URL like described below:

Go to Disc – My drive:

right click like on screenshot:

use that video ID to create google drive video URL:

This is final URL how google drive video URL should look: – that link goes into mp4 video URL

Or, use this tool to get direct link:

METHOD 2 (for larger google drive video files):

go to your drive

right click on the video and choose to share link,

copy that URL of the video directly into browser

than see screenshots 1 and 2:

and find video src:

right click on video -> inspect element -> find div with class ‘drive-viewer-video-player’ -> open up iframe -> document -> html -> body -> player -> html5-video-player -> and you’ll see <video> tags with the ‘src’ of the video, you need copy/paste that ‘src’ into the player options.

METHOD 3 FOR LARGE FILES (if one of previous methods doesn’t work – use method 3):

Go to Disc – My drive:

right click like on screenshot:

use that GOOGLE_DRIVE_VIDEO_ID on the following link:

The link will response a JSON:

Than you can COPY/PASTE src from the JSON:

- copy the URL behind “src”: part:

METHOD 4: (only if your Google drive video expires and previous methods 1/2/3 don’t work)

Go to and select your video to play.

Press F12 to open console in Chrome.

Click on the arrow in top left corner of console (“Select an element in the page to inspect it”)

Click on the video.

Copy src from <video> tag and paste it in Elite video player as “mp4 video”.

Video tag: <video tabindex=”-1” class=”video-stream html5-main-video” controlslist=”nodownload” style=”width: 640px; height: 360px; left: 0px; top: 0px;” src=””></video>

Your mp4 url is:

Why i get error 404 when i click ‘Save’ ?

If you cant save player and gives you error 404 or similar, you probably need to enable Mod_rewrite on your server,

this can help you if previous solution doesn’t help, second solution is to contact your web hosting provider, if your site keep blocking the plugin url when trying to save – , and they can block the Mod Security rule to resolve this issue.

How to use custom Elite player with Vimeo videos?

To play Vimeo videos with custom Elite player you will need direct Vimeo video mp4 URL and use it with option “Self-hosted videos (HTML5)” in Elite video player.

For getting direct URL for Vimeo video just need to send GET Request to url:<vimeo_video_id>/config as result, you will get JSON:

- from that you can read direct video URL:

“url” : “”

and copy/paste that url into “mp4 video” input field in Elite player.

How do i play Openload videos?

To play Openload videos, set HTML5 (self-hosted) video player, and pass the Openload video URL like described below:

1. click play button and start playing video 2. open Chrome console with F12 3. click on ‘inspect element’ icon in top left corner of Chrome console, and after that click on the playing video 4. copy / paste ‘src’ (/stream/2f8k-9caROY1523538343185.98.0.0~j0KeDpMj?mime=true) 5. build your link with that ‘src’ by adding in front:

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